Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tempted To Say

Try to spot me.. =D and Irfan too.

I used to make friends with Chinese in my secondary school. I had good communication with them. Look at that picture. See. HAHAHA.. Chinese friends were awesome for me. That is what I am thinking because they had NEVER insulted me. Take note!Those are my good Chinese friends. :')

I am not going to satisfy myself, of course. I am so happy. I could not think I reached any better place to study. I have been learned new things, met the most amazing people along the way. This is sure one of the best moments in my life. Assuming I had enjoyed every single second of being a student here in my college. Plus, I have friends that always assure class lessons will be amazing.

I need to mention two things here. I think you guys might like or the other way round. First thing first, I like during class lessons because at least someone will make me laugh. That person is Eddie for sure. He attempts to make everybody laughs. He knows perfectly how to turn ah-so-boring class to oh-so-hot class. HAHAHA. I am the one who will always laugh out loud when he makes stupid jokes. Well to be honest, I am obsessed with his jokes sometimes! HAHAHA.. No la! Just messing around.

Like I have said before, I am friendly with anyone who has exactly attitude like myself. Not to indicate that I will never bother to anybody which has not but that is the fact
. But I will be trying again and again improving or better way to say, change this such a thing. If you ever had talked to me, that means we are the same but if I never had talked to you, it can be two things, I am not suitable and comfortable to chat with you or I am not ready to talk to you. Literally, at the beginning like this, not ready is the main reason why I am not talking to you in the first place. Everything takes time so chill okay! =D


I really hate over-the-hill girls. But let us just face the fact that guys love that kind of girls. What did they see in those over-the-hill ones? It just made me want to puke. Again. Assignment woes, moment woes, sleep woes, friend woes. But to like that kind of person? No way. I would have never said that, drunk or sober. I am not lying about this. A lie is a lie but my lie is the truth!. If I said I do not like you, bear with it.

HAHAHA.. " Nape x bole ni Mat?" Eddie screwed it up. Never mind. Once again.


Imma introduce to you ( From left to right ).

1st row : Nina, Nana, Jane, Yayah, Ummu.
2nd row : Nisha, AJ, Aisyah, Fiza.
3rd row : Zura, Kak Farah, Nabila, Faz.
4th row : Syafiq, Izdrin, Acap, Saiful.
Standing : Syahmi, Helmi, Aiman, Fizzie.

Where in the world Eddie and Irfan?They have got served. HAHAHA..

I love some of them. For example Ummu. HAHAHA.. I will be laughing when she says something which is make sense to everybody but not for me. HAHAHA. And nothing much to say. I had enjoyed every single moment.