Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tempted To Say III

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Salam and Good Evening.

First thing first, this will be a long entry and please leave if you're not willing to read. That's so simple as you don't have to waste your time. I made posts just for those who wanted to read it.

A distinctive post I might say for this time. I usually update something which does not relate to other post but this time, it does. And guess what? It relates to these posts; Semester 1 and Semester 2. You have read it, right? So, you must know how well it went before this one starts. Let's have it starting, shall we?

Semester 3 has just finished about a week ago. As usual, I will giving my thoughts about my classmates. I hope the one who requested this enjoy as his wish is granted. I have stated that this will long but as a good blogger, I will try my best to abbreviate so that it will not be too boring or whatsoever. I always questioned to myself with this " Will my post suffice readers the most? ". But, who cares about my blog, anyway?

I have been in this class for two consecutive semesters. I never thought of having it consecutively! Every moment had tickled and hurt me in many ways. I believe this is what we call the process of learning. Besides, what conceives something on my mind is I am surrounded with these smart ass people for a whole semester to work, learn, discuss or even be friend with. Well, I guess smart has its own privileges! I'm saying this because a majority of them are Dean's. How about me? I was so close to get it but it's okay because Allah wants me to put more effort for next time, perhaps.

For this semester, I had twenty two awesome classmates. Early of the semester, I was reluctantly afraid comparing I was so scared when I remember about my second semester because for the first time in my life entered the first class. I managed to survive it made me feel that it's all about the feelings. If you know how to overcome the barriers, sure you'll be survived. Nevertheless, stepping into this class has changed the landscape of my life.

Now, let's talk about my classmates, gentlemen first.

I have 7 grown men in the class but they'd never act like what they're supposed to be. Have you ever heard that men take more time to be matured? That's why we had acted like this at the first place. But they are being serious when it comes to studying. It makes me feel like how tremendous that they had magically turned to be great politicians! It just never practically ends. Not to be mentioned that all of them have tasted the Dean's except only me. It seems like my wish is unlikely to be fulfilled; my fond hope to be one. By the way, they are Saiful, Faeiz, Zaidi, Pitek, Afiq and Eizzaz.

Saiful is undoubtedly one of the best students along the way. He is smart and I preferred to ask him anything regarding to cost accounting subject. He just knows how to teach me. That's what I like about this guy. He's not just smart but he has everything. Faeiz, the stupendous guy. I wonder how he could get high carry marks. That shows something to me that he has his own secret weapon. But, he's smart too, no doubt. Next, Zaidi ( love to be called as Don ). He's the one that stuck with me like 24/7. Well, what I can say about this guy is he's too kind, I mean really really kind. If you ask him to help you, he will. He has his own personality; such a mild guy in my humble opinion. Pitek has been my friend for over two semesters now. He'd sit next to me for almost of the classes. Talking to him was never boring as I'd have never had enough topics to talk about. It just never ends. Afiq? How annoying! Sorry bo, just teasing with you. Seriously, I miss to talk to him. I do remember when we were studying for final examinations. We're always neglecting each other when we came to the point of discussing answers. Last, Eizzaz. I really want to apologize. I can't abide with disturbance which means I hate it when somebody bothers me when I'm learning. It's distracting and the reason I apologize is it's my fault sometimes. They bothered me but I didn't realize how the annoyed when I bothered them in the class. Eizzaz is one of a kind, though.


Literally 16 flowers, yeah! I love to say that like it or not, I have talked to all of them. Amazing, isn't it? No? Well, you never know how it feels. I just like finding the talkative girls because just in case I'm ashamed to start doing the talking, they will get it started. Since it's a quite big number, I have no idea how am I going to compress it. Let me put it by grouping ( if possible ), or else it will be more complicated.

Aisyah, Kak Farah, AJ and Nisha are smart and powerful girls in my class. They clearly show that girls can prove and kick ass too. They might not be slick as what we see on their appearances but if they have taken their moves, you will be stunned! Maisara and Fa are two best friends. Every time I turned, they'd be together. It was hard to meet them. I even had no time to meet them in the examination hall. The good thing about them is they always asked me whether I am doing good, how damn we miss each other and whatnot. They said that I'm so funny, I take it as compliment, girls. They're caring!

Next, Dede, Iekha, Eeka, Fiqah. Last semester, I've seen the ability of Dede ( the confidence in herself ) talking. This semester, I had fought endlessly with her. If I didn't have enough topics to talk to Pitek, I have enough energy to talk to her. She's a self-professed girl, enough said! Iekha, she helped me through out this semester. I have learned so many things with her. Every time I got caught with troubles especially regarding to examination papers, sure I called and asked questions. Fiqah? Eventhough she's a nice girl, she owes me something. She still owes me a batik cake! And I want it right after Semester 4 is about to start. Alright, Fiqah? I remember something about Eeka. She changed my perceptions when she paved the way how to study. She might not be the best among us but how she implemented to be one is what I like the most about her.

It's hard for me to see Fatin gets bored and fallen asleep. And what happened for this semester is she did it couple of time, with successful. If she bored, everybody knew there's something wrong with the class or lecturers. Nadiah, as usual loves to laugh. Even I didn't know what she's laughing at, I'd laugh too. It's something like a spirit possesses me to laugh. She's cool while Pika Azmi wasn't that cool because I was impressed to see she prepared for final exam. That's just me especially afraid of someone that puts more effort rather than what I think she/he capable of. And so does Sara. Thanks to her for freaking me out. But really, she made notes, asked questions here and there and I hate to say this but both Pika and Sara have strangled me that they put things into perspective. Finally, Zana and Nina. I believe they are best friends. They are lucky to have each other to rely on. Surely, everything will go well to them. And Zana, please stop saying "Meoww!"

Since I wasn't given the pictures, I can't upload more pictures but this one is looking good, kan? I edited it ( HAHA, no! my friend edited it ) That's all folks. The one who requested this post is in this picture. Clue? The same two faces in this picture. 

And this is Miss Hana Halim. My Law lecturer, one of the best lecturers. I want to mention about her in my blog because she's no longer a lecturer at my college. what can I tolerate with her is that she understands youth's world. As a teenager, everything that she did was acceptable. Basically ( word that she used frequently ), she was smart enough to determine and explain the cases that contain a lot of inconvenience.

My housemates and I ratified the words that frequently applied by Miss Hana like basically, by hook or by crook, thank you for attending and etc. Sorry, Miss. We're not trying to upset you but we just noticed it. And sorry for copyrighting your image too. :)

We just want to say thank you for giving us some thoughts about the principle of law. You have done such a great job at lecturing. We feel proud of your success is going to be a lawyer soon and we just hope everything will run perfectly for you. We also want to wish you the best in all future endeavors.

Lastly, I don't know how to say this but let's put it this way, IF I have no chance to be in the same class with you guys for the upcoming semester, I just want to say that this has been a great great great wheel for me. I love to study with you all and our learning environment. Everything is just perfect! Sometimes, I think Dean's class has to be shared with people who deserve it. If Allah wills it, we'll be meeting again soon.

p/s : I don't know what happens to my blog. I mean the gaps between paragraphs look pathetic!
Thanks you for your time. Wooww! I busted my ass to have this post. 
See you soon.

Friday, October 7, 2011

How About This?

Salam. Gosh! It really took me long time to update my blog. Proudly to say that I am back now. It has been about 3 months. Welcome back, Mat.

Well, I feel like writing in Malay today. How's that? HEH!

Mari kita mulakan entri ini. HAHA. *puking*

Exam baru sahaja habis. Jadi, aku baru ingat yang aku dah lama tak update blog aku ni. Nak kata sibuk sangat pun taklah sebab waktu exam tu bukannya aku tak online. Cuma rasa malas nak buka ni. Kalau kau nak aku lebih jujur pun boleh. Lepas saja aku ada Twitter akaun ni, masa aku lebih banyak dekat situ bandingkan dengan Facebook. Entahlah. Mungkin lebih seronok untuk tweet setiap masa. Siapa pun tak kisah apa kau nak merapu dekat situ.

Bila masuk topik exam, mesti semua malas nak fikir dah. Sebab apa? Takut? Kita sudah cuba yang terbaik kan? Redha sajalah sekarang ni. Aku pun dah malas nak cerita pasal benda tu lagi. Tapi, aku rasa semester ni lagi susah daripada semester-semester yang lepas. Memang susah atau aku yang main-main sampai tak sedar exam nak muncul. Aduhh, bila lah aku nak merasa kasih dan belai dekan? HAHA..

Masalahnya, kawan kawan semua dah perfect dah. Semuanya future dekan ( even some of them are ) tapi entah lah. Aku tak pandai nak gunakan diorang kot. Dahlah! Yang lepas, lepas lah kan? Nak bising pun dah tak guna lagi.

Wait! Can I stop right there? I feel strange. By the way, I will try my ass off like hell to find pictures so that they can be uploaded soon. Sorry for my friends because I had no chance to meet you guys right after the examination finished. To be honest, I did have chance but I blew it. HAHAHA. I'll be updating about our class soon. Don't worry 
( especially Zaidi who suffers to read it ) because I'll inform you.

Salam. See you on the next post.

Before I get this finished, which one do you prefer the most? English or Malay?