Saturday, May 28, 2011

Be Hesitated

Salam people. Praised be to Allah we could still meet for this entry.

Do you ever feel hesitate? Of course you do because when any time we come of deciding something, there must be hesitation inside of us. Let us just face the fact that no matter how confident you want to have a try on something, we need to consider the problems that we'll face first. And when you are ready to go for it, the hesitation will block you. Then you will have to rethink back to make a move. Am I right?

I don't know how to advice or give my thoughts to someone so that the changes can be made by them. I'm always noticed it because I know who I am. I am not a good person or someone that you can look up to. I am just an ordinary person because I have mistakes and there are lots of problems I had in my pocket. So, if you ask me to help you, I will help depends on my will.

Look at my blog. I used to blog about myself. It includes about my life, my experiences, my world that I haven't finished exploring, my stories, my thoughts and it's obviously not giving advices. Have you ever seen me posting something to advice you guys? I guess I haven't posted it because I suck in giving it.

I know who I am. I don't want anybody comes to the point of judging me because of giving advices instead I am not perfect in their eyes. It's so plastic and hypocrite because you have to change yourself and your appearances first before you want to judge someone. Look at yourself first and if you find out that you are great enough to give advice or change anyone else, you'll have to do it. If you are just talking trash, please trash yourself first.

If you feel that cool in giving it, you are way over your head. It's not cool at all because you are imperfect and yet you want to get anyone perfect. It shows how pathetic and fake people you are. Please stop it because the only reason people will get sick of you just because how bad you have applied shit into your life. You look stupid and unreal. Stop it.

It seems like I am giving an advice, right? Please don't get me wrong. I am giving my thought and not advice. Am I mentioning the ways to overwhelm the problems? Am I asking you to change your life or appearances? Not at all. So, don't blame me.

I am saying this because I don't like it when you're giving me the advices instead I don't find any good role inside of you. You're just making me puke. Seriously I don't like it or better way to confess it, I HATE IT. Please stop it. See, how many time I have asked for your apology. It means so to me and yeah, please stop it. I hate it.

Salam and see you soon.
Trish Stratus' Fact #5 : Trish was born in Toronto, Ontario Canada.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Result #2

Assalamualikum and Hello there. Well, you have just placed your filthy eyes here to read my blog and I so like it. Without you guys, Mamat-Trish would be nothing and not to forget to my non-Malaysian viewers. Thank you so much.

It has been 3 days, right? Before I get this entry started, let us have a sneak peak of my last post entitled Result. That post was my previous semester result. For this post, the same subject is what I'm gonna to be sharing. As if you find this is not your desired post or what you're not willing to read, please leave it. Thanks!

Come to your imagination first. People, if you really want to feel it, close your eyes while you're reading. Hah! Okay, let me begin my post. I slept right after I performed my Maghrib prayer ( Well, not actually right after but soon I've taken my dinner. HAHA ). Then, I realized that the result might be revealed considered it's one in the morning.

When my Facebook was ajar, an IM was popping out from my page came from a friend of mine asked for my result. I didn't know the results can be showing at that time. It can be viewed at Student Portal UiTM is what I've been told. I was so nervous and my hand was shivering like really damn shivering. What am I saying? HAHA.

Once I opened the result, it's clearly stated that I've got 3.** and I was crying like a baby. I lied about that, seriously. HAHA. I told myself and promised not to scream, jump, laugh and whatthehell rules. But unfortunately I've broken all the rules and set myself free like a bird flying in the sky bla bla bla bla even though I was that close to dean list bla bla bla bla...... I think the ADRENALINE will definitely drag us when we are happy, don't you think? HAHA.

I went to Mak's room. Once I switched on the light, Mak opened her eyes and I kissed her cheek so hard. She was asking why and I dragged her out to see my result. At last, I got a kiss from her too. What I think so made me happy was a smile on her face, a big smile on my face. You must know right how it feels like when your Mak smiles for your achievements.

I praised to Allah because once again He gave me the opportunity to feel the satisfaction of what I've done. Some of my friends told me that the successful is from Allah. No matter how hard or even smart you have studied and Allah doesn't approve it, you still can't get it. So, I am still one of those lucky persons to feel satisfied by Allah's gift and I am afraid if Allah takes back this golden goose from me. I still have to learn more and pray so that I can keep on or improve my result for the upcoming semesters.

And by the way, everyone asked me the grades for all  the subjects I've taken for semester 2. I have got 4A's 3B's. Again, I owned English and scored an A for it. I think all the novels, journals, movies, MTV songs and everything helped me improving English. It helps me forever! And friends who will always say I'm good in English, you're my inspirations actually. It makes me more love to learn and put the confidence inside of me. Thank You!

For all my friends, your achievements whether it's bad or good are not yours because it's Allah's. Just be proud of yourself and try your best for the next time. Let us share together the enjoyments and satisfactions for our results. May we be blessed by Allah forever in this world and Hereafter.

Apa yang aku dah buat? Pertama, Nazar. Kita kalau nak kan sesuatu janganlah lupa nak bernazar. Cuba jangan kedekut sangat dan rasa payah nak lakukan kebaikan yang akan menghasilkan sesuatu yang bermakna dalam hidup kita. Allah itu tuhan kita, yang menciptakan kita. Jangan sombong, sembahyang mesti kena cukup. Kalau kita tak sembahyang, bila kita akan ada kesempatan nak berdoa? Dan bila kita ada kesempatan nak bernazar? Kedua, hati kena ikhlas kawan-kawan. Tawakal itu amat penting. Berserah saja kepada Allah dan biarkan Dia yang memutuskan segalanya.

I wish there are ways of showing my gratitude for all You've done for me, Ya Allah.
Alhamdulillah and see you on next entry. Salam

Trish Stratus' Fact #4 : Film Bail Enforces starring Trish as main character will be showing in June.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Can't Get Enough

Hello and Assalamualaikum.

I want to laugh out loud right now because someone sent me a message and said that I am not good in keeping any promises. Well dude, have a look at my very own post first. What did it say? So, I rest my case! It's clearly stated that for at least before the fifth day.

This is gonna be a short update. I love Vlog. The sad of me is that I don't know how to pronounce it right whether it is V-log or vlog. I preferred it as V-log. I watched lots of people vlog in youtube which I think it's so super duper fantastic. How easy you can be well-known just by V-logging?

Let me take one of my personal favorites, Anwar Hadi. He knows very well how to make such an impact video which gives thousands of people the inspirations. I really want to salute him if he's here in Malaysia. He's so popular and if you don't have any idea who he is, it's just a shame on you.

For me, he inspires me with his accent, the way he talks and everything. Watching his video like a gazillion time makes me feel like I have just lost a minute. I never get bored of watching his videos and I watched it over again by times. You have to watch it for your own sake. I bet you will like it as I do.

There are lots of Malaysian V-loggers in youtube. What makes me so heart-broken is when there's a young boy aged around 15-17 years old can V-log so damn well. It get me more pissed when he speaks English very well. I forgot what was the name of his account but you have to search for it and see how amazed you are. To get rid of my jealousy I put on him, I'd been a detective and found out all the details about him. He's from a rich family and even his brother aged 9 years old can speak even better. I need to change!

And I also found out another funny Malaysian V-logger which is a girl. Guess what? She's so cool and awesome. Once again, I forgot what was her account name. She made my life with her jokes. It's so hard to laugh when I come to hearing the English jokes but she made it. One of the comments that I remember is "Dato',you have a such crazy gf". Owh yeah, forgot to mention that she calls her boyfriend as Dato'. They're a cute couple.

There is also a V-logger who gets lots of negative thoughts from the people. When I mean negative, it really is. People will always boo us for not giving the best. And it makes me think do they even have the guts to make a video such them? Nahh, NO! So, you better to have a high rated video before even try to comment and unrated others' videos. See, I'm afraid to V-log now.


Thanks for reading my entry. See you soon. Salam.


Trish Stratus's Fact #3 : Trish has her own song entitled I Just Want You.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 2011 Teacher's Day Wishing

Hello and Assalamualikum. Praise be to Allah we could meet for this entry.
First. See, I update my blog after 3 days clearly shows how good I am in keeping promises. What a big achievement so far done by me here in my blog. It keeps going on afterward, InsyaAllah. Let us have our entry going, shall we?
I know last day was a Teacher’s Day. As I down with nothing then I decided to send them a wishing message. Yeah, I wrote like usual I did. There’re formals, with no short-forms, and real talk. You know what I mean, right? And I got quite response from them.
For this entry, I would like to share what were the response as I ended my wishing with Entah ingat lagi ke tak siapa saya ni. HAHA. I will tell the response and to make it more rejoice, I will recall back and discuss a little bit my experiences or unforgettable moments with them during my school days.
What I’m going to write is 100% unchanged. I don’t add or cut any letters or punctuations or whatever. Exactly the same in my phone.
Madam Aida said “ Ingatla Mat. Hehe. 10q2”. When she taught me Biology, she was a miss and now she is a madam. Time flies, huh? I remembered Puan Aida told few friends of mine when we were sitting for Bahasa Inggeris paper. The directed writing is related to something about relationship or whatsoever and we were like “ Wei, mengeratkan silaturrahim apa dalam BI?”. Then we came to the point of asking her. She had given us the answer “Strengthen the bond”. And yeah, the paper had gone well. Thanks Madam Aida.
Puan Hasniza said “Mekasih.. Mestila ingat, mamat ensem la hehe.. Rakan blogger :-P”. She was my chemistry teacher. She was so kind and smart and funny and everything when she taught me. Even though I didn’t like chemistry, she was the reason I went to classes every time. I remembered one day when she got pissed off with us for playing too much and getting bad results. Owh, yeah! She loves to talk about foods with us especially with me. So, when she mad, everyone was quiet and shaken off because how drastically the situation when a kind turns to temper. After a nag, she said “ Tengok, dah lapar balik, baru je makan mee goreng dengan ayam” and we didn’t aspect that and laugh so hard. She’s funny. I love that moment, I really do.
Cik Raudah said “Ingtlh mamat. Semestinya u r 1 of my stdnt that I still remember. Tq mamat. How’s ur study?”. The conversations went pretty well after that. She was my former PSK teacher. My class would love to have her in the class. She wasn’t going to teach us civic but we asked her to teach us Additional Mathematics considered that she taught Add Math as well. For me who didn’t want to study both subjects. So, I talked to her about topics related to IPT. She had lots of experiences sharing with me though. All of us loved her because she’s in herself and she’s still young so it’s like easy going for her to understand her students.
Puan Raeshah said “ Tqvm mat. Ucapan je? Adiah mana?”. I know her since I was in form 1 because I was qualified and involved to be a librarian. She taught me exactly what supposed to be done in the library. You guys might think that taking care of library is an easy job but trust me. It’s a lot of hard compared to a normal prefect. Sometimes, you need to present on Saturdays to clean up library, arrange the books and etc. She understood me to say the least and everything I did, I got approved from her. She bought me a cake for my 18th Birthday. A chocolate cake and she sent it by herself to my home because I had a broken leg during that time. I celebrated it with my chocolate cake and a broken leg. How sweet?
Ustazah Sharifah Zuraihan said “terima kasih. Ingat lg sbb ada sorg je anak murid nama Rahmat setakat ni. Hehe”. She taught me PAI for my SPM years form 4 and form 5. She’s so cute and determined. Once she asked you to pass up the notes, you have to otherwise you will definitely get something from her. I remembered in her class when Irfan did…….. Opsss, It supposed to be another thing which I was just finished my diet and she asked somebody to rub the board. I was the one who sat in front ( I was always sat in front because I loved it ) and another Mamat ( We had two MAMATs during PAI classes ) said “Perghh.. Mamat dah kuruslah”. And Ustazah at the back looked front and said “Yelah. Patutlah Nampak hensem”. I was like so ashamed at that time. After the class had just finished, everyone asked me what I’ve done. Well, I guess I can proclaim myself as a hot stuff at that time. HAHA.
Puan Rasidah said “ Amboi.. Takkanlah cikgu dah lupa.. Tkasih atas ucapan.. Kan cikgu dah janji nak pegi wedding Rahmat nanti jika diizinkan Allah”. I totally forgot that we have made a promise that I will invite her in the first place during my wedding ceremony. And she couldn’t agree more and both of us agreed to have a VVIP place for her. For your little information, she is the Penolong Kanan in SMKIH and she was my BM teacher. Sometimes, it’s kinda funny when I think I was messaging with a ‘strong politician’ here in my former school. We kept in touch last year so frequently because she wasn’t that health. I kept messaging and reminding her to keep healthy and take the medicines so that she can attend to my wedding ceremony. She thanked me a lot and sometimes she informed me after had the medical check-up what the results were.
That’s it.  I think this is long enough for this entry. These response and tremendous moment I had are the unpredictable and unforgettable storylines. I won’t forget it because I know how much they meant to me. They had effected my whole life and changed me a lot as I’m standing here for who am I now. It’s such a mockery laugh in my face now.

There she is in the middle. Puan Aida was also my class teacher in 2009. ( Pn Syahida, Pn Nurfida, Pn Aida, Pn Azirah and Pn Khalizah ). See, I still remember their names. :')

And I took these pictures from Pn Syahida's album on FB. Thanks cikgu sebab bagi saya ambil. Thanks you so mucho.

The best Mathematics teacher I have ever had, Pn Wong. She's awesome with her skills and techniques. And my English teacher, Pn Yong. (Pn Wong Yen Peng, Pn Tan Pek Luan, Cik Siah Bee Fong, Pn Kwok Sau Yoon, Pn Yong Lai Chang, *cough*don't know*cough* and Miss Looi).

And don't forget my best history teacher for form 4 and form 5, Pn Sathia Subbarau. The yellow in saree. (Pn Gurcharan Kaur, Pn Sathia, *cough*don't know*cough*, and Pn Sathiavathi).

Happy Teacher’s Day and Thanks for being my teachers. I love you from the bottom of my heart. 

See you within 3 days and Salam. 

Trish Stratus’ Fact #2 : Trish has made more money compared to ALL THE DIVAS combined. 

The Countdown : 74 Days.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Gonna Live My Life

Hey and Assalamualaikum.

Do you know this song?

I'm tired of rumors starting
I'm sick of being followed
I'm tired of people lying
Say what they want about me.

Try to guess this song and I'll give you something. I'm serious and not bluffing about this.Shut up Mamat! Let us have this entry starting, shall we?

This is a thing that I need to mention so that you know a little bit about myself as Muhammad Rahmat Bin Mohd Hanaffi. Should I mention my name for this? Yes and it's awesome. Okay, first. I won't be singing if I go karaoke with my family. It's weird, isn't it? I hate when anyone gets to the point of judging me. I know that I am not that good in singing and that's why I don't go with them. Just follow will do.

The lyrics up there will represent the life that I'm applying now. I just put it so that you guys can guess it and it relates the way I provide informations about my transformations. What ' transformations ', Mamat? Well, I will tell you now.

Entry I'm Gonna Live My Life is about the transformations I will make in blog starting now. This is not going to take your time long, okay?

First, I will show the countdown every time I post something in my blog. You can see the countdown at the end of any entries. This countdown represents the date of AN EVENT I will be posting soon. I won't tell you now because it's not going to be a surprise then. Just wait and see for that day to come. Not trying to scare you or making you wonder. Just be patient and when that day comes, will you be ready? HAHA. I know you don't shake off.

Second, I will update my blog for every 3 consecutive days. I have promised to myself that I will do it. If you open my blog and yet there's no an updated post, it can be sure of these situations :-

1) I don't have any internet provider to update.
2) I have promised another thing that stated I will update before the fifth day.
3) HAHAHAHA.. =D ( Number 3 is non-existed ).

Last one, I will tell you the facts of Trish Stratus.It's gonna be the shortest facts you've ever seen in your life. And you're gonna love them. Woah, Mamat is being self-professed! And again! Why Mamat is getting boring? Well, I don't have any specific ideas about it.

I think the hatreds don't happen because I am the one who's going to write or type or even think about something to be told with all of my readers. All you guys have to do is read it. It might be matter for you if you can't read or you don't know how to read. So, please! Do not hate my blog.

Goodnight and Salam.

Trish Stratus' Fact #1 : Trish's real name is Patricia Anne Stratigias.
The countdown : 77 Days away.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Trying To Love

Hello and Assalamualaikum

What's been up? Must be pretty well since I'm doing good here. I am currently listening to my songs by putting the earphone and of course in my ears. Where it'll be then? In your ears? You have to go here and sit next to me so that we can share the ideas what topics should I be sharing with in my blog.

Hudha asked me to update about my holiday. I don't think I have anything to share about it. So, I have decided to make a entry entitled trying to love. So, without further do, let us have this entry starting, shall we? Nevertheless, this won't take long because I'll make it short. Okay?

I have faced two eras. These eras have been my best friends since I was in primary school. I loved it when everyone knew about me and what's more about my eras. So, I just want to share with you guys about it. Well, since this is my blog. I can write or share whatever I want and write how long or short however I want.

Let I bring you to the eras.

The first era was happened when I was in primary school.

 OMG! I love Sarah Raisuddin. Her songs are awesome! Mus, I want to share something to you about Sarah. Did you know? Her song Saat Hilang Cintamu won the Carta Era this week. Yeay! I heard Sarah is going to meet her fans at Selayang Mall. I am SO going to meet her. By the way, have you heard her new song Jangan Kau Mimpi? No? Taik! Look at my wallet. Come on, open it. -2004-

My friends knew that how much I loved Sarah Raisuddin at that time. I think Mus knows better about it because I was sharing a lot about Sarah with him. And the stupid thing was I put her pictures on my wallet. Wahh! So puking people I was at that time. It got even best when I came to watch Sarah's videos on television, my family said " Ouh! Mat, awek kau ek? ". For just letting you know, Sarah has just married with one of the members of Sepah  and my sister was like poor mamat, he wanted to marry Sarah. HAHAHA.

The second era is happening until NOW.

I gotta love that laugh. OMG! Trish Stratus is coming down to the ring. Pehh! Trish Stratus is smoking hot. Come on Trish, kick Mickie's ass. Here we go, Trish delivers Stratusfaction on Monday Night Raw. I want to meet her no matter what. Let me go to Cyber Cafe and learn more about her. " Trish has comfirmed her retirement " on WWE website. What does retirement mean? Mak, what is retire? Are you kidding? How am I going to do without her. It's hard to know anything about her after this. -2006-

It started when I just finished my UPSR. I watched my first WWE then I saw Trish Stratus but I wasn't that fanatic to look at her. But, it has attracted me slowly. Everywhere I turned, they'll say wei, Trish belongs to Mamat laa or even Mat, is Trish doing okay?. I cried on her final match where she won the title for the seventh time. But I know that I am not the only one who loves Trish like hell. There are billions out there who love her even though she is married. Yea! She's married. Are you happy now? HAHAHA.

Okay, get out! I said get out from my eras. Is that so hard to do? Come back here to the year of 2011. Now you know the eras, right? I know it's such an amazing story to share. Being called as Sarah's or even Trish Stratus' lover was like feeling good. I don't know why but it's satisfying. Heh! I can have it in my dream.

The confession of the year is I never had the chance to face the real love. By the way, I don't think for having a lover will make me feel damn well. Love is not all the matters for achieving something in your life. For me, I am happy in the way I am now. We can live without love and for our level now, it's more important to focus in our studies rather than have love.

Credit image to Pooh

“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.” 
-Winnie The Pooh.

Confuse? You = 100 days, Me = 99 days. So I never have to live without you. It's so seductive and touched. HEH!

And 1 more quote I think the best and funny.

“Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. "Pooh," he whispered. 
"Yes, Piglet?" 
"Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw, "I just wanted to be sure of you."

See you next time. Salam.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Trust Yourself

Hello and Assalamualaikum.

First thing first, my blog has set a new record setting 189 views for only a day for this entry. Thanks for anyone out there for viewing it. It makes me more confidence to share anything with you guys and whatnot. So, without further do, let us get this entry starting, shall we?

There's something needs to be enlightened for all of us. That's why I came to decision to have an entry entitled trust yourself. This entry has nothing to do with you guys at all. It's just for our own realization and something that we have to look after in our lives.

We act as human beings in this world to be the best among the best. But unfortunately some of us are not that lucky. But hey, it's not our fault because our lives have been destined by Allah SWT. The way to overwhelm it is by praying and asking for our lives' sake. Believe me that He will always be there for us no matter what, anyhow or anywhere.

Confusion makes us chaos. If you are confused how you have got into a trouble or whatsoever, bear in mind that the confusions made by yourself can't be solved by anyone except you. If you decide to let anyone to solve it, it makes a lot of confusions come to him. Let me put it this way, if you ask me to solve it, there are things I need to face first. Examples, I need to listen what you stories are, I need to find the solutions and etc.

Besides it, never try to get involved in anybody's personal life. It's so unprofessional for someone to get involved which basically not a good thing at all. For me, as a viewer or much as a stalker, I hate to see anyone does this unprofessional thingy. If someone chooses to be bad, let it be. And why are you playing your role as a chump to get involved with it? It would be much appreciated if you let them know how to have the right way back and not to criticize or badmouth them. Is that professional for your point of origin?

I'd prefer if you're a hypocrite. All of us are hypocrite. Mark my words people " All Of Us ", so you don't have to attack me for saying that myself claiming you as a hypocrite. To profess, I am a hypocrite because i like to pretend or lie about something to my friends where I came to realize that not all of my business have to be shared or complaining with them. Yes, it makes me to be a hypocrite. I beg you differ it. Do you?

It's so hard to have narrow minded people around us. Please be informed that these people have their own way to ruin our lives. They had own specialties like tongued-twisted and etc. I mean look at yourself, around you. Did you feel you are that safe enough to pursue whatever you wanted in your life? They can take anything from you just like a nick of time. As result, you'll be regretting. And you're regretting for what?

To be with somebody which you think she/he is so bonded with you. This is a special case because TRUST is not just can be explained by spelling or pronouncing. I have learned a lesson and it took me time to think about it. Most of us must be thinking to have a bond with anyone that we can trust so that stories or problems can be shared with. But when secrets start getting broken, you start questioning your trust. Remember one thing, trust is like a paper. Once it's crumpled, you can't fix it to be exact again. Don't you think the same way too?

This is the first time I had the chance to confess what stuck in my life. It's hard to make a confession if you're not prepaid well and had no points to support your facts. If you don't satisfy with this post. Let me know. I will provide you with more points.

See you on the next entry. Salam.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tempted To Say II

Hello and Assalamualaikum to everyone who's reading my not-so-hot blog. Well, I guess you can say that because I have no idea how to make an introduction this is a lame blog. Wait, you think my blog is awesome? Thank you very much. Lots of pleasure to hear that.

Before I get this entry started, I would like you to click on this to view Tempted To Say. And to make things clear, this is going to be a long post. If you don't wish to continue, well I guess leave this blog is the best thing you can do. (Y)

For this very entry, I am so fascinated to talk about my class for this semester. There are so many rants I want to share with you guys ( not only my classmates but also my friends who're there always supporting my blog ) about my Section 6.

First thing first, I want my classmates to ratify what I'm going to write.I have decided to make about 3 parts. It may be turned to be a sarcasm but who knows if you get tickled by them. It depends on you because all I wanted to give to you is a satisfaction. ;-)

1st Part - My thoughts.
2nd Part - My freaking-damn-hot classmates.
3nd Part - Appreciation segment.

So, let us have the first part going, shall we?

My first thought getting to this Section 6.

1. For at the beginning, I was SO okay to be in Section 6. Then, I came to realize that I'd be placing with superb students made me a little bit nauseous. To be honest, I was afraid like hell and thought if I couldn't do my best, I will ruin my life.

2. Yes, I did think about submitting for other sections. When I met someone who supposed to be met, that someone gave me a tedious nagging. I just wanted to change my section and not to hear her grandmother's stories.

3. I got into the first class and it was a bloody hell quiet class I have entered in my entire life. I was so lucky to have at least 6 former classmates to back up my scariness. I bare in my mind that everything takes time so I was like okay, maybe it's our first day and literally it will happen like this. The whole week classes slaughtered me.

4. Then, everything turned to be like usual. Yes, that's what it supposed to be happening.


Okay, before you get yawned, let us have our second part and it's long. Yes, it is but I will let you know my thought about you guys. So, enjoy it. I'll be introducing to you boys and follows by girls.

Shiraz ( I will keep it until my Part 3 ). Afiq is likely funny and sarcastic. He's so unstable when I had any discussion with him. He used to call me Mamat Bieber quite sometimes and I'm not proud of it. But all of us noticed that he's kind. Faiz, the funniest classmate for Section 6. Do you guys agree? Although sometimes it didn't make sense but he kept trying to make us laugh. I have to admit because sometimes I laughed my ass out. Saiful is one of my former classmates. He's so smart for my point of origin but the good thing about him is he is so humble and down to earth. He never has any intention to show off and I like that. Nabil is a quiet person. He will talk if you talk to him first. It's just me or you guys think the same way too?

The other boys are Amad, Aiman, Pitek and Mirol. Amad, the most superb Kelantanese I've ever seen. His accent is so AWESOME especially when he speaks English.You guys have to hear it. Aiman is the one who would sit next to me in all classes. He professed that he is from UK. That's so funny when I know and we all know that he's not. What a self-professed person! Pitek seems to be a nice guy but he is not. Lately, he became weird and scolded me for good. Oh God, can I slap your face for good? He's kind though. Mirol is my classmate and housemate. I'm getting bored to see his face like 24/7. I love the way he woke up and looked frantic in the class. So enthusiastic!

They're my former classmates. Aisyah, AJ, Kak Farah and Nisha. Aisya is the one I look up to when I get caught with troubles or whatsoever. Not everything but she knows lots of my problems. AJ is also my former classmate. It's super nice to have her because it would be easy for me preferring any questions regarding to accountancy subject. And she's closed to me. Kak Farah is a smart girl. She's even matured so she has to take care of us. You want her number? Sadly I didn't have it. Nisha is a die-hard Kpop fan. She is so in love with it. I don't have any good reason for it. As usual, she would always keep silence in the class.

Next are Dede, Eikha and Afiqah Akhir. Afiqah Akhir is a girl with her smile like 24/7. Sometimes, I can't get the idea what she's smiling for. But she's kind and no one can't doubt about it. Dede Farahin is a confident girl. It's hard for me to applause anyone which is good in English but she has it. She has what it takes and I am not surprised to see her as a well-exposed speaker one day. Eikha is a lively talkative person. All you could her in classes as she made lively situation. Well, lively talkative person equals to lively situation. It's good actually for me as I'm not the first one who needed to start the conversation.

Other girls are Faa, Rizana, Fiqa and Sara. Faa is one of the members that helped me a lot. I'm so thankful to have her for this semester. We studied and learned together. I hope it pays off. Rizana is also one of the members too. If she wants something, she will go for it. I like her determination because she knows what she wants and chases after it. And thanks to Nina ( Zana's friend ) who helped a bit for account. Fiqa Azmi is quite funny when she took my past years questions and went nowhere. She has her own way for achieving something. What I saw if she studied, she would give a 100%. Her passion to learn is what I think the best. Sara is a distinctive girl. I laughed with her so hard when we made a joke about something related and based on accountancy. For example, " Ouh, I think this building should be revalued ". It's fun.

Fatin is accompanied by Nadiah and Nadiah is accompanied by Fatin. Both of them have played as well-laughter in our class. You have to meet them for only one day. I beg you guys will throw up and lick it back. I don't know what's wrong with both of them. Can anyone explain to me? * Oh really? They've got extra adrenaline? No wonder! HAHA *

Last are Pujah, Nurul and Fyrah. Three of them is mute girls. They didn't even open their mouths in the class. Pujah is a silent person. But one thing you never know is she's so talkative which anyone could ever imagine. Yes, you should give a try. Never hear she laughs because it will blow you up. Nurul is also a silent girl. Sometimes in the class, we heard someone's laughing and she was Nurul. I was like " Ouh! The rattle of her. ". Fyrah, she seems to be a nice girl because she doesn't talk much. If she could talk like usual, it will be unusual I think.


Shiraz has wished to be in my blog. Well, like I said, you wanted to be in the spotlight and I promised you'll have it. That's why I have this part just for you. So Shiraz, your wish is granted.

He's our leader for this whole semester. He helped all of his friends especially someone like me who needed help for subjects that I afraid to embrace in the first place. He has a very good combination of kind and smart. He has an aura and he's charismatic too ( Okay, I lied about this ).

No, but seriously he has done his best to help anyone. What I like about him is that he knows how to make friend and tickle anyone with everything. He's so determined to get anything that he wants in his life. What else? Determination, supportive, charismatic, down to earth, and etc.

And one more thing, you will be amazed if you hear he speaks in English. He's so freaking darn awesome as he could imitate Britain's, USA's and Australia's accents. YOU ARE SO GOING TO AMAZE! When the first time I heard it, I was like ohh God, he's awesome.

Shiraz, after all while there may well be many fish in the proverbial sea, only some of them are worth catching and others should be thrown back in immediately. Just take good experiences along with you and leave the bad ones. Hope you understand and just be strong in way you are now. We all will be praying for you. Anything that happens, remember that Allah has a good reason for it.

And I had your photo copyrighted because afraid someone might take it and do negative things. Yeah! Gay, over-the-hill girls that take your picture and do whatever they want. So, I get it copyrighted.

That's. Please do not hesitate to inform me whether you like it or not. And sorry if this entry is not your desired post.