Monday, August 23, 2010


HAHAHAHA.. Now I can laugh out loud. Wanna hear? LOLLLLLLLLLL.. I do not know why I am laughing now in the first place. It is not about a funny thing. It's all about so much more. I have been through a lot. SERIOUSLY. A lot of crises. But how in the hell I can laughing without thinking the woes one. It is my secret anyway. Somebody in my college knew about it. Well, I do not know how to keep anybody's secret ( this statement has stated by one of my friends ). The thing is, do I care on what you have stated? Talk to the hand, pathetic.

Soulmate? Now I REALIZE what friendship is all about. Like I said, it is not about friendship only BUT it is all about so much more. And what does it mean? It means life comes for a circle. Yeah, today maybe is my day but I can not wait for yours. I do not even know how to say. Enough of this. There are too many to share with you guys instead of this crap friend's concept. Yea.

Regarding to the title, I have found my soul mates. HAHA.. Do guys think really soul mates? No la. It is just an impression to catch your tempted of reading. What I meant was I have got my new BEST friends. So, old ones, good bye! HAHA.. One might wonders why I am writing friend with an S. Let me show you. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The main reason is I was meeting with not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5. HAHAHAHAHA..

You guys : Laa Mamat, meeting new friends also got happy like crazy ke?
Mamat : Like I said dude. It is not about friendship. It is all about so much more.

Well to be honest, I never expected of getting friends like them. They HAVE exactly interests or same opinions like myself. That is why I like making friend with them. I love their point of views which are fantastic. I did not get it first either but when I started to know them, it was the best feeling ever. When I am with them,I feel something that I never been felt for my entire life which are SAFE, HAPPY
, BLESS, and GREAT. And do not forget the word J.U.S.T.I.C.E.. Do you jealous? No you should not to. Oppss you should be. HAHAHA.

So, the point is you guys want to know who they are?

Imma introduce to you;
-Eddie, Ummu and Aiman.
( there are two girls more not in this picture.)

For the first time in my life, I feel extremely fantastic. With those guys by my side, I will definitely unstressed. I am not trying to show off, but as u guys know me before this, my life more relying on rules of Islam and so do them. So, we keep remembering each other on what we must do and what must not. That is why I am comfortable with them like 100%.

I hope this " Its all about so much more" will be forever lasting no matter what happens though. I love this relationship and you guys, my new soul mates! :')