Sunday, April 24, 2011

This is My Blog

Good Evening everyone. How are you doing today? Well, for this very evening I just want to let you guys know about my haters. So, let us have this entry going, shall we?

Make a blog is not an easy job. Thanks to my brother, Irfan for making this blog for me. Making a blog means you have so many problems to face or look up to. For me, I really don't mind if I face problems or whatsoever. As long as I know that I'm not irritating them in generally.

Problems that I face for having are;

1. Mat, kau taknak ke tambah duit gune blog kau?
   ( Mat, do you ever wanted to make money by blogging? ).

No, let it be like this. I made a blog just to satisfy myself. I am not going to critic or blame anyone that puts whatthehell commercials on their blog but seriously it takes much time for loading the page. Besides, I don't think it's so PROVERBIAL to put them. Sorry if I hesitated you for adding them into your blog.

2. Your blog is not cool at all!

HAHAHA.. This is the most over-the-hill statement I have ever heard. Let me get one thing straight haters! Are you feeling that 'hot' when you read my blog? Am I asking you to read my blog? I guess not. So, you are the one who had a big problem on me. Instead, lots of my friends love to read my thoughts and ask me any idea how to make a blog like myself. And that's the fact and COOL. 

3. Your English is likely but not perfect.

I know my English is not very good. That's why I keep writing in English and I know I have to write for enhancing it. I guess you never heard the phrase " practice makes perfect " aren't you?. To keep things clear, ever since I used to write in English, I became more expert in it. I never had to score A in my UPSR, PMR and SPM but when I come to this level. I owned an A for this language. I am not trying to show off but I just want to say that I am proud of myself.

4. What is your point for writing in English. To show off?

Let me put it this way. I DO NOT talk in English in real life. If you don't believe me, you can stick with me. I am totally different in my real world. I only had the chance to write ( not talk ) when I'm blogging. And if I have been asked to talk, yes I will but my life is 99% Malay. Learn English is so hard for me. For someone like me who has wasted my school life by not learning it properly. I don't know about you because I'm indicating to myself.

5. I don't like your blog because it's in English. Sorry!

Am I asking you to read my blog? Am I asking you to like my blog? No! So shut the hell up and get a hell life, retard! Everybody seems to like my blog so go to the left, perv!

6. Do you forget our mother-tongue language?

Kau ingat aku tak tau ke macam mana nak tulis dalam bahasa Melayu? Aduh! Takkan la aku dah lupakan bahasa Kebangsaan. Aku berbahasa asing pun untuk memperoleh sesuatu. Kau ingat tak sakit hati ke bila tengok budak-budak yang lagi muda dalam LRT, bas awam, shopping mall fasih berbahasa Inggeris daripada kita. Malu tahu tak? Orang lain semua suka belajar bahasa-bahasa yang pelik. Tapi takkan la bahasa Inggeris yang lagi perlu untuk masa hadapan kau taknak belajar. Aku pun tak faham lah! Tu takpe lagi, ini sampai orang lain belajar pun kau tak suka. Pelik!

Where I did get all these problems and when did I get? Well, in my account. But luckily I didn't answer those because I don't think I have to get the questions up. I don't even care about it. 

And I do have some of my friends who wanted myself publishing about them so that they get mentioned. This is so true. See, that shows how best when I'm posting in my blog. I'm not bullshitting you about this. They are Aiman, Aina, Shiraz and so many more.

The thing is, you are the only one who hates my blog. So, better to say like you have absolutely nothing to do with this blog here. And then you realize how much of jackass you wanted to hate my blog. And better to say ( again ) leave and get your ass out of this blog.

Well, like everyone says, HATERS GONNA HATE!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thanks To You and Happy Bday To Me

Hello and a very good evening to everyone there. Yes, I am pointing at you. And you. And you. How can I forget you. You too. Yeah! Back there. You and you. Why are you hiding your face? It's you as well. And you too, girl. Not forget about chaps there. Thanks for reading my blog. I know this is not one of your favorite blogs. Isn't it?

Is that title sarcastic you the most? Well, I think it is because there is nobody wishes his or her on birthday in their blog. Maybe I'm the first one, I don't know. I am officially 19 years old now. I am free and I can do whatever I want. You can't stop me! Wait, is 19 old enough to have my own way to live?  I guess so.

For this very post, I just want to talk about 3 things. I don't know if you guys might like it because all I want to give to you is a satisfaction, ;-). Yes, you can count on it. Okay, let us have this entry starting, shall we?

I just want to thank everyone who wished a birthday to myself. Praised it so much you guys still remember me now and then. I enjoyed myself today as I got lots of wishes from my family and friends. It's such a good thing to be remembered. Now, I am officially 19 so I guess I know how to make my own decisions. So, I am so glad how it turns me to be matured now ( although I know that it's not ). Of course I will take all the wishes and prayers you have given me. I'll try my best to apply them in my life. 

Instead of saying thank you like 24/7, I just hope this year will be huge and tremendous for me. There are things that I need to solve. For example, I'm planning to lose some weights as my friends complaining about my body figure now. HAHAHA.. Maybe by losing 5-7 kg will do. All it takes is determination. So, for those of you, I beg you to wait my transformation but you will be 100% shocked. It ain't joke! We'll see who's going on top. HAHAHA..

 I think this year is the most wishes I have received from the friends all over the globe. I'm not joking okay. There are some people who are not living here in Malaysia wished to me via famous social-networking, Facebook. Last year I got about 60 friends wished to me. ( look here ). For this year, there are over 150 friends to pop up my FB wall and cell phone wishing me a Happy Birthday. It's a good feeling. Yes, IT IS! Thanks to all of you.

I have made no resolutions for this turning 19 years old because I had noticed all my resolutions no matter during new year or whatsoever, it doesn't work. I don't know why and I have no specific idea about it. Maybe the resolutions were there but I didn't show up to give my everything to put in it. The main factor is maybe the confidence level. If you just think you can make the resolutions turn to be blast and fulfilled and yet your confidence are not there, it's a futile though.

It's not that I don't have any confident to own one resolution. I think I just keep it to myself what I really want in my life and not to tell anybody about it. It might not happen. I took a step ahead so that I don't feel any frustrating moment. The resolution is in me, inside of me but I won't let anyone knows about it. Like I said, I keep it to myself. In spite of letting anyone knows about it, I think most of you know what my resolution is. (Y)

It's so funny to get this part started. HAHAHA. I made something weird which I think it has not been done before. I called EVERYONE in my phone list and ASKED them to sing a Happy Birthday song to me. There is no exclusive for my friends. I called Malays, Chinese and Indians because I'm not racist  =D. 

They're so sporting and awesome. Even though there are bunches of them who are ashamed to sing, I just forced them to. I mean, come on. This is once in a life time maybe. So, I took this time to ask them to do so. Besides, it's not that hard to sing a song which any 4 years old kid can sing it well. I heard lots of voices just now. SOME are AWESOME and MOST are AWFUL! You need to work hard on your pitching. HAHAHA. Just kidding.

I think individuals who weren't picked up my call should have noticed I was going to ask them sing or some other reasons. I wonder or they knew about it before I called them.

Even I'm not keeping in touch with them like I used to but I could feel the pain and suffer when they sang a song. But, I don't even care. I just love it and I enjoyed every single lyric pronounced by them. Lots of voices means lots of accents. Accents equal to AWESOMENESS! Nothing much to say. I had enjoyed every little thing today.

I don't know why about 4-5 friends of mine stated that how sweet I did like that. For example, message sent by Eimie.
" Mat, comel gila kau td.. haha " ( Mat, how sweet you were just now.. haha ).
I'm laughing so hard because I never thought I'm that cute. HAHA. I spent about 3 hours to call everybody ( not exactly all ) to have their singing to me. What tickled me was they made a group choir back there as to support the main singer. It's a blast!

A special thanks to all the Facebooker especially non-Malaysian friends and to all the talented singers, you're great and please join reality shows. Such an enthusiasm voice! =D

Last but not least, I AM SATISFIED and IT IS SATISFYING. This is real deep inside of me.

Thank You very much. It's such a blast!

Credit image to : zazzle

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WWE Wrestlemania 27 : Trish Stratus, John Morrison and Snooki Updated

They won the match!. See, how much I wanted them to win and they made it. To be honest, I was very sure that they will win the match because I know WWE and I know everything about the superstars or the storyline that will be happening. It's all about following the show and you'll get it.

I rather skipped classes to watch this. Someone might ask me about it I think.
" Mamat, if you know that your team is going to win, then why you watch it? "

Well, the answer is simple. Because you have no idea how much I wanted Trish Stratus to compete in WWE. And I have my opportunity to watch her again at Wrestlemania which is the biggest stage in the world sport entertainment history. Google it! :)

Sorry for the readers because I'm putting Trish like a subject like 24/7. That's my interest and if you have a problem with it. Well, I guess you just leave this page. I'm posting this entry because just want to get this match updated.

I have posted about they're going to have a match. So, it's just incomplete task if I'm not posting which team has won it. So, here I'm going to have a moving pictures just to make things perfect and clear so that you don't have to read my long babbling session.

Okay, let's start with the entrance of my team. :)

 Trish Stratus looks great as always.

All of them looked stunning and fabulous. I can see the energy and momentum are there to capitalize the match.

Trish performed a matrix where WWE Universe ( fans ) called that move as Ma-Trish. Is that cool?

John Morrison performed a Drop Kick to Ziggler. One of the best moves in the match.

A devastating Chick Kick performed by Trish is one of her finishing moves. It's awesome and ouchhh!

I never thought that Snooki can perform that Handspring Elbow very well. I shocked and said WOWW!

All the things have been explained on those pictures. I don't have to write more since it's good enough to get the match explained. One of the best match of the night. With the fans for over 71,000 are there to enjoy themselves at Wrestlemania to give the impact all the night and get astonished by the show.

By the way, Snooki got the third pinned for the winning. This is for sure my best match of the year. I hope Trish will stay at WWE for more matches. To see Trish competes in the ring makes me remember all the old stuff about her when I was in primary school. It's awesome.

Before I get this post ended, I just hope that you guys love this and enjoy every single think that I wrote. After this, no more Trish Stratus ( you CAN'T count on it ). HAHA. Well, I am not obsessed okay. I am just TOO obsessed!. Just kidding and you know I like to make jokes kan?

Well, I think that's it. I am enjoying myself. How do you think about that? Must be pretty cool and great. Isn't it? Goodbye and see you on the next post.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hello and Assalamualaikum. Before I get any comment such " Mat, don't you want to update your blog? " or something else that I might don't like to hear, I have to post a new entry and it will be now.

There are a lot of things happened lately. Maybe you are wading the same situation like myself too because I don't know how's going on with you and what's more about your problems. Ahh, don't think too much as all you need to do is by knowing how to overcome that kind of situations.

I had waded one of my toughest week in semester 2. This is for sure the most challenging week as assignments, quizzes and examinations are all my way. Even though it's tough, now I know how to manage and appreciate my life even more than what I have applied before.

First thing I want to share is about this amateur girl, Jasmine Slalu Hepi. It has been spread like very fast on social-networking, Facebook. If you want to further your knowledge about her ( I guess you don't ), you can have a peek in my friend's blog, Irfan and Faz.

I was pissed for a while but when I read through the comments, lots of facebookers stated that we should have ignored this pathetic girl. It has no good reasons why we should piss. She's for sure looking for some publicity or anything else to put herself into the spotlight. Hey girl, it's not WORTHY if you want to know. You are the one who' looking for trouble. That's not even funny to post controversial issues such this.

How ashamed, how humiliating when everyone knows that you are just a sad bitch that needs attentions! And congrats because you have done your best to be popular ( which is exactly a tragic shit ). But, lucky for you I have posted something on your wall. You want to see it? Oh please, I'm begging ya.

TAADAAA. Surprise present for you. Learn more, okay?
For Muslims, just ignore this girl. Let Allah do His job. Sorry for vulgarities. I think you deserved it.

About two days ago, I have my new friend. Yea! It was the best feeling ever to have something that I will always look up to and play when I'm getting bored.

This is a surprise too for all the readers.

TAADAAA, A female guinea-pig named Piggy was born. Costed RM 100.

I bought it on last Friday. She's so cute and adorable. Well, to be honest I kissed her quite times when I feel like want to. She's so big. As big as my palm and sometimes, I have to hold her by using both my hands. And she smells awesome. Not like the other rats that crossed the road like 24/7.

I named her as Piggy and sometimes Gemok! When I called her Gemok, then there must be someone else saying " It's just the same with the owner ". I was like " okay, I get it ". HAHAHA.
Most of my members called her Ginny ( took from the word " guinea "). No matter what it is, I will be calling her piggy. Is that so much better? HUHAHA..

Another snapped pictures. :) No wonder this kind of animals is called guinea-PIG. Look at her ears. XD

 I will be taking care of her as good as I can. InsyaAllah. That's it for this time. I will be back on Monday after Trish's match and update about it. I know you will be puking. Thank you very mucho! Goodnight and Salam.