Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday Night.

Hello and Assalamualikum.

Happy 21st Ramadhan! I wanted to have a post for Ramadhan but I just could not manage to do it. I am so so sorry for not updating my blog for almost a month. Things keep me too busy around here. How does fasting treat you so far? Well, I hope you everything is going to end up well as we are almost at the climax of Ramadhan.

Sometimes, I envy my housemates because they are so excited to go back to their houses but for me, Eid Mubarak would turn exactly, totally and completely the same way like I had last year ( every year actually ). They said there are lots of differences celebrating Eid between ourselves. But I still feel lucky though for having my family.

Okay, I do have something to be told. And of course it is not about MGT215 examination. Let bygones be bygones. I accept it no matter how much I hate this has come in myself but it has. Even though I hate to say that they had trying the best to make everybody smile but what I like the most is the effort and I appreciate it. Needless to say, I am sorta satisfied with it.

I just want to say that I had a great night last night. My housemates, Mirol, Zaini and Yul and I went to Masjid India to go shopping. Well, the truth is we just accompanied Zai to buy his Baju Melayu. We started at 5 when I was busy with my sleeping moment and they woke me up and asked whether I could join them at the first place.

I didn't want to go but I was afraid to be called as "tebu". You know there's  one quote sounds like " menanam tebu di tepi bibir ". I was the one who planned and turned out, I didn't go. I have my pride and I won't be embarrassed. The word "tebu" is so popular right now in my hostel as we keep saying that to members who tend to break their promises. HAHA. Please don't copy that word because it is our legal jargon. :)

We broke our fast at Burger King and yeah, you can have it your way. Then after "we" performed our Maghrib prayer, we walked around Masjid India to find the place that offers special promotion for Eid. It took us about 45 minutes to find one. Zaini wanted to have his cream colour of it and the rest of us had been in league with him.

As the pictures go on, I will story a bit about what had happened.

This picture indicated the situation when everybody seemed like busying with shopping to celebrate Eid. It was so crowded.

 This is my new housemate, Yul. He wanted to have pictures in my blog and he'd have it. The funny thing was I took this photo without realizing that there's something wrong with that Baju Melayu where it supposed to be in a good arrangement when we took something to make it display just for good.

This kakak was there to make sure we had our own time and helped Zaini to pick his desired colour of Baju Melayu. He loves this kakak so much as she gave him profit too much that you'd never get.

But first, she told him to try the size before picking any colour he wanted. Mirol and Yul were there for nothing except just want to have pictures of their own.

I want to have pictures of my own too. HAHAHA. While he was trying his Baju Melayu, Mirol and I went for looking another promotion just wanted to feel the excitement of Eid Ul-Fitr. This was only an acting, people. We just pretended to slip over the shirts without having an intention to buy it. When a worker tried to serve us, we put that shirt back and ran away. HAHA. Epic fail.

TADAAAA.. This is our Eid boy. That baju is awesome. Serious thought.

Then we called Nadia and asked whether she's still at Sogo because we would to go there by walking. HAHA. This picture shows how much we care about each other. We held hands tight so that we can cross the road with no harm and whatnot. You guys should follow this kind of step as we are human beings cannot expect things to happen. 

Everybody was looking at us but we didn't care too much. The safeness is what we care the most. :'). It does not matter if we are labelled as (you what I'm talking about) because we are not. HAHA.

Me, Yul, Ad, Nadia aka Jessie J and Mirol.
Before we went home, we took our picture. Sadly, Zaini, Miey and Ned weren't there with us.

Before I get this entry ended, I would like to say something. You know what? Sometimes I wonder am I too arrogant?

Most of  the people said that way as I don't get along with them when I meet them. I don't know why but I used to talk a lot. When I come to meeting with new friends, that is my type not to start the conversation first. I know this will make you puke or feel corny or fishy or whatsoever, but I am shy! HAHAHAHA.

I apologize for Miey and Ad if I didn't talk last night. I have never had a conversation with you so I don't feel like talking too much. I used to talk to Nadia and Ned so I don't think I need to be quiet when I'm with them. :)

Link to straight to their blogs.

Well, that's it. See you next time. :)