Monday, March 19, 2018

Struggling Muslim?

How do you make yourself a better Muslim?

I have read a tweet from this fellow friend of mine, saying that one of his friends pointed out that he’s doing great in life and so. With all of the things that he has, how is his relationship with Allah? That’s kind of a slap in his face because he knew that this whole thing about relationship with Allah is the one that seems to be lacking.

It took me a moment to read the replies to his tweet. I was quite befuddled. 

But, sure thing that there are ways for us to fix our relationship with God. What if I say that I’m feeling my faith is extremely tested right now? I’m not like Rahmat I was a few years ago.

As this fellow’s current state, I would like to foreground that friends play an important role in shaping faith and strengthen our bond with Allah.

I’m 26 now, and I apologise if my friends ever read this but I don’t have any friends at all that ever come to me and exhort, point out all the wrongs that I did on daily basis. 

I have become recklessly thoughtless. I did and said things without thinking like a Muslim. To be honest, I have had enough of using this whole “I’m a struggling Muslim” as an excuse, trying to get some of green lights as a pass for me to still commit sins. 

Listen, guys. If you have friends in your life that remind you to get close to Allah, consider yourself lucky. Very lucky..

Because I fought alone, and I may have failed. 

But, I won’t stop, because Allah says in the Quran..

“My mercy is bigger than your sins”

19/03, 2:30 am.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Biarlah Jadi Rahsia Aku dan Allah

 What I can tell you guys is there are a few of my good friends were approaching me last week asking for prayers on behalf. I have always liked the idea how you really want something out of life and find your closest friends to help you out. You believe in the power of Allah, you know He is going to make it easy and provide a way out for you. But, you need other individuals to make a doa for you as well. People that you can trust and that you know will try their best to help you out. I call it double effort! :D

I was approached by 2 of my buddies a couple of days ago. One, asking for doa and advises on relationship. Another one, asking for doa in need to strengthen his iman.

I never failed to make doas for many of my closest friends to the extent I realise that I forgot about my own family. If they came to the point in a conversation where they said “Mat, nanti kau solat. Doakan pasal aku jugak”

I was like, “Wallahi, nama kau selalu aku sebut dalam doa aku”

Boys, in the name of Allah. You don’t have to ask me to make a doa for you. If you had shared you problems with me, I feel obligated to make one for you. That’s just me. 

I wish I could just tell you guys “Bro, chill. I had and will always pray for you”

And don’t tell me prayers didn’t work. Let me share with you a story. One of the mentioned boys above texted me and asked about Solat Dhuha and I shared everything that I know about the prayer. I started to ask him what is it about this that you really wanted to know about Dhuha? Then, we got to discuss our shortcomings about the importance of Salah.

I know him so well! We grew up together, we literally spent most of our youth time hanging out, playing together. We did come to a point when things were difficult for us to grasp. We had our own easy and hard time to embrace life, we didn’t even cross paths for years to be completely honest.

We decided to meet after almost 3 years. Alhamdulillah, there’s nothing bigger than His blessing. The crazy thing about it is we clicked! It felt like it was yesterday since the last time we ever bumped into each other. 

Since it’s been awhile, of course some changes of the way he reacted I started to notice. You know, what he used to do, what he never did, or what he did when I was away from his life. 

But, I don’t want to make a big deal out of it. We’re all adults now. 

Honest to Allah, aku berdoa. And I’d always pray to Allah so that you would perform your prayers. When he asked me “Kau nanti solat, doakan untuk aku sekali, Mat”. 

It took me a few minutes to reply. I wanted to say to him that “Yes, I mention your name whenever I make a doa after salah so that you perform your prayers”

But, I don’t want to. I’m afraid it will lose its meaning. Allah listens to my prayers and for that, it has become one of the biggest blessings I have ever gotten in mu life.  

I thank Allah for this. Don’t tell me prayers didn’t work. It’s just a matter of time that He sends His revelation and mercy to His servants. 

Biarlah jadi rahsia aku dengan Allah.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Seoul, South Korea (03/09/17-09/09/17) - Full Itinerary & Bajet

Many have requested full itinerary untuk travel solo aku ke Seoul. If you guys have questions about the accomodation, total expenses etc, I will just include everything here. Aku stay in Itaewon and for Muslims, this is a decent place because it's located near to the Seoul Central Mosque it’s easy and convenient to find halal food. Since, I was going alone so aku rasa it’s better to just share a room with another 8 guys. I chose Itaewon Inn as my stay because it’s quite near to the mosque so that easy untuk perform prayers and it’s cheap too! :P

Kat bawah ni, aku share main attractions/places dengan bajet that I spent for the whole week.

Ahad – 03 September 2017
Check in @ Itaewon Inn for 7d6n - 74,000 Won (~RM275)
T Money Card (Subway) – 30,000 Won
Dinner – 18,000 Won
Indo Mee (10 packets) – 5,000 Won

Isnin – 04 September 2017
1. Gyeongbokgung Palace:
Entrance: 3,000 Won
Hours: 9 am – 6 pm from Wednesday – Monday, closed on Tuesdays
How to get there: Take the Subway to Gyeongbokgung Station and Exit #5.
2. Bukchon Hanok Village
Entrance: Free
Hours: Anywhere from 10 am until about 6 pm
How to get there: You can either walk from the palace or take the subway to Anguk Station and Exit #1 or #2 – then walk 5 minutes north.
Other expenses:
Sebiji epal merah – 1,200 Won
Turkish Kebab – 7,900 Won

Selasa – 05 September 2017
Korea Everland Theme Park (the largest theme park in Korea with over 40 rides and attractions)
Entrance: 34,000 Won (~RM130)
Hours: 10 am – 9 pm
How to get there: Take the Subway to Gangnam Station and Exit #6 or #7. Walk straight and find the bus station in the middle of the road that has number 5002, take the bus 5002 to Jondae Everland Station and take a free shuttle bus to Everland.
I’d suggest that you buy the ticket online as it’s cheaper because if you decide to buy it at Everland Theme Park, it will cost you around 54,000 Won (~RM200)
Here’s the link to buy it online
One of the most popular rides at Everland is T Express, the third tallest roller coaster in the world with speed 104km/h. Kena cuba yang ni, sumpah best! Haha
Other Expense:
Turkish Kebab – 8,900 Won

Rabu – 06 September 2017
1. N Seoul Tower, Namsan Mountain (Famous to go to the tower and lock a padlock from the fence as a symbol of love)
Hours: 10 am – 10:30 pm
How to get there: Take the Subway to Myeongdong Station and Exit #1, walk straight up the hill around 10 minutes and find the cable car station.
2. Myeongdong Street
It’s a perfect time to spend your day in the evening after a trip to Namsan Tour because these two places are close to one another. If you love to shop, spending time in Myeongdong will be one of one of your favourite things to do in Seoul.
Entrance: Free
Hours: Many of the businesses are open from 11 am – 10 pm but things are most busy in the later afternoon and evening
How to get there: Take the Subway to Myeongdong Station.
Other Expenses:
Namsan Cable Car for return: 8,500 Won
Padlock & pen: 5,500 Won
Socks: 5,000 Won
Dinner: 11,000 Won
Turkish Icecream: 3,500 Won

Khamis – 07 September 2017
1. Nami Island (Winter Sonata, the 2002 Korean drama was filmed on Nami Island)
Hours: 7.30 am – 9.45 pm
How to get there: Take the Subway to Gapyeong Station, take the shuttle bus to Nami Island.
2. Ewha Womans University
Entrance: Free
Hours: Anytime
How to get there: Take the Subway to Ewha Womans University Station and Exit #3.
3. Hongdae Street Performance
Hongdae is brimming with the young, artistic, and creative who flock there because of the local art focused university, Hongik University. And what happens when a large concentration of talents get together? Well obviously street performances!
Entrance: Free, donations accepted!
Hours: Preferably in evening, Almost every night (year round), But Friday-Saturday nights are best!
How to get there: Take the Subway to Hongik University Station and Exit #8 or #9.
Other expenses:
Shuttle Bus to Nami Island – return: 6,000 Won (keep the ticket)
Ice-cream: 2,000 Won
Drink – milk: 1,300 Won
Dinner: 15,000 Won

Jumaat - 08 September 2017
1. Han/Hangang River
The Han River is one of Korea’s largest, and it goes right through the center of Seoul. You can walk along the river or rent a bike for 3,000 Won per hour (optional)
2. Cheonggyecheon Stream
Entrance: Free
Hours: Throughout the day
How to get there: You can walk there form a number of subway stations, it starts at City Hall Station
Other expenses:
Lunch: 10,000 Won
Dinner: 10,000 Won

Sabtu - 09 September 2017
Check out, take the Subway to Incheon Airport Station and go back home, Malaysia.

Overall budget: 
Around 255,000 Won – 260,000 Won
Malaysian Ringgit equals to RM950.00 (without return flight tickets)

I didn’t include the flight tickets because the price varies. If you could secure best price during promotion, it would be great. I bought the ticket on November 2016, it’s RM668 Air Asia return ticket which was quite a good deal! You can get cheaper than that, for sure!
I saved a lot jugak actually sebab masak je kat sana. Itaewon Inn tu ada tempat untuk masak so tak masak untuk breakfast, aku masak for dinner. Indo Mee jela pun sebab nak jimat kan? Hahaha. 

Here's the link to my facebook post for the video I made during my stay in Seoul.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Not Like Everyone Else

I regret the things that I'm not used to.

I don't know the reason why I'm not like everyone else. But, that's me. I don't feel sorry for the past incidents that have occured in my life. I did feel sort of regretting because they happened but there's nothing I can do now to back them up. 

Things I have missed out, things I have done, things I should have said  and things that I should have done.

I'm afraid to express my love for someone. I know I should have said it if the feelings are real. But, that's not me. And my heart keeps saying...

"...I wish you were not leaving because I love you.."

Funny how things work out now.

And I'm sorry if anyone ever wanted me to express things that they thought of deserving to hear. I never told anyone about this but there were times when I tried to be expressive about feelings and it turned me down real good. I got escalated very quickly and made a promise to never or be wary of what I'm about to tell how I'm feeling about them. You know, just to protect my heart as well as theirs.

I'm only highlighting about love because I know this is my greatest fear when it comes to involving feelings. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

It'd Kill

Have you ever felt like every thing that you do will never be enough to get recognition but when someone else does it, they get it just the way you do as well?

I know it's a long question but well. We all have gone through a phase when we wanted to be recognized, to be mentioned. Because we believe we deserved it more than any one else. 

Two important things, folks! Maybe what we did is never enough. We should penetrate situations and conditions deeper to be seen by the respective parties. You know boss, friends, lovers or whatever you want to get recognition or attention from. Or maybe, (just maybe) they never care about you. You are like disposal tissues, wipe and need to be thrown away immediately hahahaha. You need to evaluate where you stand.

Second, just don't think about pleasing people at all. You know if you have had it enough before this, why should you try even harder? You will end up feel the way you felt before. So, just stop. You're hurting yourself. You don't deserve that, no one in the world deserves that. You shouldn't feel sad for not getting recognition, you know. I can guarantee you that there are people out there who love you even if you're not pleasing them. 

Just stop! Stop hurting yourself, stop feeling bad for not trying hard. Stop pleasing people. Appreciate them, not please. They are two different things, bringing almost the same meaning. But, different. 

Talking from my experience? Yes, and it's still something that I'm struggling with. 

"Dah tu apa pasal nak nasihat orang?" Eh sebok la kaw! Blog aku, suka aku lah.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Blessed Life

There are many things that I should be grateful to have these days. I keep looking up to my friends and say that they are so blessed with everything that Allah has showered, you know. But, one thing I failed to realize is that what I have gotten in life. I failed to realize what I have been through, what I have been given and what I have been blessed with.

One thing that I'm so grateful is that now I'm living a good life. I have always loved listening to working people saying " Mewah la gaji aku untuk orang bujang" when I was still a student. You know, how great it would be to have money. It's not only about the money that we have but the stability is what we need. I still remember it clearly, I once asked my lecturer about his pay and he said it is more than enough for a single to live a life.

Well, now I'm living it! And, it's totally worth the time I spent working as an accounts assistant and a part-time tutor that I could save hundreds per month.


Monday, May 16, 2016

Lost Soul

May peace be upon you.

This is going to be a short update. Well, life is good, Alhamdulillah. I am so busy with life subhanallah, I can't complain, you know, with everything Allah has decreed for me.

First of all, I would like to say a few things so that you guys can get something from of what I am going to say. I have been pondering with many aspects of life these days. Some that gave me a real slap of reality I needed. I don't really know how to say this without trying to sound like I am judging our ummah but this is something that I learnt and thought of sharing with the people that I love the most and that's our ummah. I am not a good muslim, please don't judge me because if you really wanna know the beauty of Islam, learn the holy scripture, Quran and not its believers.

I really don't know how to say this but here we go. I am just a human who constantly makes mistakes eventho I sought refuge and forgiveness from Allah over and over again. Coming to the important part of this post, we don't have much power and hold to say that we are practicing Muslims if we get inspired by others but not Allah and our Prophet Muhammad SAW. I am not criticizing anyone as I clearly talk about myself, for me to realize and for you to think.

How many times do we get inspired by songs when Allah sends us the Quran? How many times do we thank our idols for showing the best of manners when Allah sends Prophet Muhammad as the best example for ummah and all humanity? How many times do we sing any songs in a day but we tend to forget to recite the Quran to save us from Jahannam? How many times do we thank the creation than its Creator? How many times do we text our friends to say hello but we forget to even remember our late relatives who had passed away, waiting for our "hello" by reciting Al-Fatihah.

Allahu, I can continue because I am currently contemplating with these sorts of things. We tend to overlook things which are far more important. I could say that we, Muslims always believe that people who don't have faith are programmed. Look at ourselves, and yes, we pray five-time a day but are we really satisfied with our prayers? Are you satisfied enough to make salah as the only entertainment in your life? Do you thank Allah for blessing you with a great state of mind?

Now, I will say a few things about me. Don't worry! I will talk about myself but please reflect if these are closely related with your life.

I pray 5-time a day. No intention to be riak or whatsoever, please get my point. Please.. But, I still listen to musics and get motivated and inspired by them. I still watch wrestling to entertain myself.

What entertains you more? Music or salah? What takes most of your time? Watching wrestling or salah? You see, this may sound harsh but whether you want to believe it or not, this is the system of Dajjal.

So, are we programmed too? I know you have the answer within yourself.

Sometimes, you feel like you want to return to your deen, you want to have the mercy of Allah, you just want to have faith in Allah for everything. But, you gotta try!

We are mukmins, we are believers, we believe in Allah and the messanger, Prophet Muhammad SAW. And Allah has put that fire inside of your heart that you wanna leave sin, you wanna return to Allah. Especially, when you are so depressed and you feel like you are gonna have no way out of your problems, you need to search deep within yourself and find that fire and light it. You need to understand that Allah blesses us with every single faculty that we need to endure pain, to succeed, to go away from shaytan and gives us guidance for strategy to live the way that pleases Him. Light that fire!

This world is not a game.

لَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا الْإِنسَانَ فِي أَحْسَنِ تَقْوِيمٍ
(We have created humans in the best of forms)