Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Want To Know Me More?

I think I forgot something. About 2 months ago, Hudha told me to write some random things about myself. Isn't Hudha? WOAH.. Seriously I did want to update about that but I didn't have much time for this. What a lame excuse? HAHAHA. Okay, first thing first. I may not active to keep my blog updated like usual but if I have time I will be updating my blog. That is my promise. Who wants to know more about me? Owh.. I can see your hands. Thanks for raising yours. HAHAHA. =D

About Me..

1. My name is Muhammad Rahmat Bin Mohd Hanaffi.

2. I am currently study at Kolej Polytech MARA course Diploma in Accountancy ( AC11o ).

3. My Bday on April 12th '92 and I was born at my granny's house.

4. I live in Taman Wilayah Selayang.

5. My height is 168 cm and my weight is 58kg.

6. I preferred to listen new songs depends on my mood. So, you do not need to introduce to me what song recently played on radio or whatever electronics.

7. The most I look forward is a friendship that won't be discriminated. Not like my friends nowadays ( not everyone ) who pretends for just want to make me jealous. Pathetic!

8. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I have an ability withstand abusive language but sometimes I have not.

9. I am obsessed with WWE shows. If you feel sorry for me, keep it to yourself.

10. I would rather choose Adam Lambert over Kris Allen. * I am straight *.

11. I used to hate Justin Bieber but I can not because I will always listen and sing his song.

12. Do not make any promises to me if you think you would not fulfill it otherwise you will regret it.

13. It has been a year I am turning skinny. Yay! I am proud of myself.

14. I do not like catfish at all. Not because there is connection between us.

15. I had broken my left hand and right leg. Something I do not want it to happen ever again.

16. I had a lot of nicknames. For example, Mamat, Kebi, Trish Stratus, Chowalit, Tangela, Torek and many more. I can not describe how many I had owned.

17. I love to laugh and make people laugh especially my closest friends. Try to ask them if you do not believe.

18. I love Glee, Wipeout, So You Think You Can Dance and America's Got Talent. I am not watching Malaysia's game show.

19. If you are just know me I am quite serious but it takes time for me to get myself comfortable with new things and new friends. So, please do not say I am not friendly because I am.

20. To be honest, I do hate my neighbor. Just because they insulted my family and blamed us when their house got robbed. I am wondering how my family got link with that robbers? Silly!

21. I do feel kinda homesick when I am in my hostel. SOMETIMES.

22. Usually talk nonsense rather than talk makes sense.

23. I prefer to find a friend who will always be with me when I am facing any difficulties no matter that person is a boy or a girl.

24. I can not stop talking until you say so. HAHAHA..

25. I will defend myself if you ask me to do whatever stuff that I do not like. Especially when anyone pushes me to do so.

26. I hate sepageti ( sorry. I don't even know how to spell it ). HAHAHA. Because it looks like ewwww. I can not describe that. I only HAD to eat it whenever there is no other food to be eaten.

27. I love Jazz because it sounds so beautiful. Seriously! I heard it for the first time and guess what? I am fallen asleep. How sweet is that?

28. I usually look at a person and try to figure what type of person he/she is but when I know her, all my thought were completely wrong.

29. I hate when anybody tries to knock me out. Trust me. I will bite you. Muahahaha. That is awful la you take advantage from others.

30. I had released my beloved one and it was heart-breaking for me. We all have to one day. Just wait for the day to come.

31. I want to go to Toronto, Canada. I want to take a picture and behind me has a view of Niagara Falls. That is what I have been dreaming of.

32. I do not like Sean Kingston and Akon. Kingston's MV always show that he is kinda like hot stuff. Akon because his voice irritates my ears.

33. I always order Milo Ice at Mamak store. For food Mee Mamak for sure.

34. I had watched 3 movies in this year. Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, The Karate Kid and Toy Story 3.

35. To be honest I do not really care about other people personal problems but they always think that I act like I might care. I DO NOT PEOPLE!

36. Whatever it is, Beyonce and Trish Stratus will always be in my heart. You guys should know them.

37. I like to kiss my cats. The more I kiss them,more I love them. Seriously.

38. I like to present myself in a simple way. Not to be too famous or show off what I have got.

39. I would choose SMK over university.

40. I love Islam, my family, my friends and all things in this world.

41. Recently, my college had orientation days and I was " papa " in my group ( leader were called papa and assistant were called mama )

42. We played "Chinese Whisper" where I had to memorize a sentence and whisper it to the first person and they also need to whisper until to the last person. The last person had to go front and tell what they heard. Want to know my sentence?
" No nose knows like a gnome's nose knows". We as a Papa had to memorize it within 30secs I think.

43. I used to see non-muslim graveyard and my family said "Hey, you can do that otherwise your memory will be loss" I was like " 1+1=2, 2+2=4". Then I got one word " STUPID"! HAHAHA..

44. I love pretend to sleep when my family is home. HAHAHA.. Who does not love it?

45. I NEVER completed my history notes since I was in form 1. This is so true. =D

46. I would choose sleep over hanging out with friends at any place and at any time.

47. I am not smoking and that makes me feel awesome. HAHAHA.. Because my brothers are.

48. My chosen one for FIFA World Cup is Spain and EPL is Liverpool because both of it has my favorite player, Fernando Torres.

49. Do not insulting my favorites if I am not insulting yours. I do not like that. Talk behind me if you dislike my favorites.

50. If you ask me what I want to do or what I want to be in the next 5 years, I would say fitness trainer. Come on. Every guy wants that. To open up our own gym.

51. Last I cried on last Sunday. God! That was awful.

52. I have 2 nephews and 4 nieces. The eldest is 12 years old and the youngest is 4 years old.

53. I am easily fall on nice views and great creatures made by Allah. Does not matter what it is. HAHAHA. Please do not get me wrong.

54. I am currently reading " She Woke Up Married ". HAHAHA.. What? I know it's a girl novel but who cares? I want to improve my language. Nothing is wrong with that. I guess!

55. I have no interest to run. Basically. Or it depends on situation. Ahmad Irfan knows better. MUAHAHAHA..

56. Subject makes me interest on Science Class is one and only Biology. I did not say I dislike Physics and Chemistry. Take note!

57. Literally, I won't suitable hanging with a person who is bigger than me. What I meant is that a person which is older than me.

58. I do NOT like to couple AT ALL. But I can not expect anything 'cause human can change. What Imma saying is right now ( currently ).

59. I want to make friends all over the globe. I already have friends all away from Singapore, Venezuela, Phillipines, Bangladesh and US.

60. I love to dance and I wish next year I want to join Pak Ngah Production. If we are good in dancing, they will let us dancing outstation. How cool is that? =p

61. I am not like to use abusive words. But if you want to hear, please give me a try. Seriously.

62.I had repeated this like a gazillion time. I am NOT turned skinny because of a girl. That was funny because I do not even have one. Kelakar la you guys.

63. Persons I THINK know better about myself is Man, Irfan, Hudha, Put and Mus. I just thinking about it. I do not know what they feel.

64. When I am boring, I used to listen all the jokes made by arwah Din Beramboi. That made my day. =)

65. The best host I ever seen is Aznil Hj Nawawi. He has his own charisma. He knows how to make people laugh without hurting people's feeling. That is good and the best he does. Pak Nil, I love you la.

66. I change the word sh*t to shoot whenever I get angry. HAHAHA.

67. I searched a friend who has the same name as myself and I found one. His name is Muhammad Hanafi bin Rahmat. Something like my name was being twisted.

68. I had to bear when my dad watches 36o or Aduan Rakyat.

69. I do not like to eat prawns. If you ask me to eat that, I will it with its skin as well. This ain't joke.

70. Everytime I am trying to be serious, must be somebody laughing at me. Then of course I will laugh too. Let say there is no word " serious " in my life. Depends on some circumstances.

71. Currently, I miss my classmate and friends who with me along the way. I really miss you guys. I wish I could turn back time.

72. I never thought of getting skinny but I am now. I am grateful because there are billion people who want this but they did not get.

73. I hate faker. Pretends like does not know what is going on at that time.

74. I hate people call me sombong. If you say it AGAIN, I will slap the heck out of you.

75. When I come to some exciting events. I really need to pee. HAHAHA. I think everybody does that. Not myself only.

76. Like I said before. I have friends, Good friends and Baik Punye friends. If you are one of my Baik Punye friends, you are automatically included yourself in tab " friends" and " Good Friends". HAHAHA.. How silly is that?

77. So far, I had took care of cats,fishes, tortoises, hamsters, and birds.

78. I had met 3 tragic accidents so far and I am not wishing for more.

79. I was nearly got kidnapped by an Indian guy when I was 4 years old. I do not remember that but my family does!

80. I will forgive who ever had done any mistakes towards myself but forget what they did, Nahh.. NEVER!

81. I am the fairest among my brothers. HAHAHA. Do not be jealous. No. You should be jealous. HAHAHA..

82. Usually I take about 20 minutes finishing nature calling. HAHAHA..

83. I am easy to be cried when anyone cries in front of me. That is sad. Seriously.

84. I love Tom N Jerry, Doraemon, Pokemon during my childhood days. Miss them. :'(

85. I had tried to watch Korean and Japanese dramas or cartoons which has been watched by teenagers nowadays and yet I did not see something special inside it. At least I tried. And I even heard their songs too but BOOO..

86. There is one word that can make me laugh. Who knows? I will give you a hundred bugs.

87. I hate cockroaches. I will scream like a girl if it walks through myself. HAHAHA. I really hate its legs. Not actually hate but I am scared of it.

88. I just can take it if you say bad things about my family. For me, family comes first. Do not mess up.

89. I always imagine to be part of WWE superstars. With my bizarre entrance and awesome titan tron. But that will never had happened for sure.

90. I am getting sick when anybody repeats his words again and again and again to me. I just want to say "Shut the hell up" on their ears.

91. I hate two things. If person is cheating and situation is waiting.

92. If I was about to sleep, I used to listen songs on my phone and I will be okay again.

93. I also hope of getting friends who has funny character like myself. If a weird person wants to feel normal, he needs to be matched with weird person also. I guess. HAHAHA..

94. I am going to kick my own ass if I had thrown out any chances.

95. I will be mad if I have not pray especially for Subuh prayer.

96. It takes 29 seconds for me to ooze my tears.

97. I had stated I do not like to wait but when it comes fishing with my family, I just like it.

98. I want my weight to reach 65kg by next year.

99. I love my mum so much. And my dad too. LOL. Who does not? But we do have children who do not love their parents.

100. I love who spends time read this. Thank you so much!

That's it. I wanna write more but do not have much time. Okay. Bye2 and Salam 1 blog.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm Back and Exhausted

Sunday, June 19th. I went to Putrajaya completing some points before going to college. I am not satisfied being there because a lot of places haven't explored yet. Putrajaya is one of the most outstanding cities in Malaysia. While my father went to make his new Sijil Kelahiran, I walked to somewhere, took some pictures and trust me no one I saw. I just love the unique buildings, beautiful mosques, lovely roads and empty streets. I bet you can even sleep on the roads because it looks like a haunted city exactly the movie House Of Wax ( you need to watch them) no one there. The only sound you can hear is that Azan during prayers time.

About 4 mosques I had noticed but I only went for one. I don't know what it's name but somebody call it as "Masjid Besi". Yeah, maybe cause I didn't see any window but I did see some pools inside of it. Plus, I had my jemaah Zohor Prayer with them and it WAS awesome! Wait and see these pictures.

I walked from this point. Can you see the path? Of course you do. HAHAHA

First time I saw an escalator in mosque. Pity la.

Place to take Wudu'

See how it works. Amazing!

Pools inside it. I am amazed!

Prayer Hall. It was bigger than what you have seen here. In front it has a view of Putrajaya Lakes. So, our Kiblah is right away to lake. It was cool!

HAHAHA.. I started at the beginning and now I was inside it breathed hardly. Cute! HAHAHA..

The best part was when I took this picture and left my watch. HAHAHA.. I wasn't sad at all but I was happy for at least I have something to remember this hilarious incident! Semoga orang yang dapat jam aku tu gunekan dia dengan baik. Aku halalkan. HAHAHA.. It was FUN..

I arrived home about 2p.m. and really exhausted. Then 9.30p.m. , My family and I went to JJ Kepong to watch Toy Story 3. Interesting movie and I really wanted to watch this because my first cinema debut was Toy Story 1. I almost cried watching this and this is serious.Andy is going to college and they need to separate at the end of the story. I think this one will be the finale. I reached home about 1.15a.m. and updated this post. That's it. I am tired and my mee sedap waits for me.

My nieces ( Sasha, Shamin, Nana ).


Monday, June 7, 2010

June ( Friends )

Last post was something good to take it as a motivation in our life. Not tried to show-off what I've got but that helps us. I'm sure some of you remembered at least one of the quotes I've posted last 3 weeks I think but if you didn't, HAHAHA is the thing that I can say. Just don't take my precious quote will do. Hmm.. JUNE.. I'm trying to figure out what is the best about this month or just simply 6. There's nothing special for now but I have no idea what comes next. So, instead of nothing I would like to look around me and find out what is exactly to indicate the word of friends. No. I can't figure it out. I admit it I don't really care what type of friends I've got. Just to be honest I can't stereotype people or I don't even know how to. But I think that doesn't matter as long as I've stepped my foot far away from their bad stuffs or attitudes.

About a week I will be stepping into college world. Last night, I've sipped my drink and thought how excited am I to be a student once again. For now it is but I can't expect what will happen next. I'll try my best to get whatever spaces need to be completed. As a matter of fact, my sister said that she couldn't describe how much she wanted me to get out from this house. Maybe she was messing around or joking with myself because I know that she's the one who misses me when I'm going after all. HAHAHA. Here is the thing(s), I don't know anyone(that freaks me out) in my college. How am i going to embrace in the first day? It's hard and funny
though. I can tell you it's going to be HILARIOUS.

Somehow, I'd asked my friends how hard accountancy could be and rated it for me. It was 6. Yepp. He said '6' because he doesn't have any interest in account. That calmed me for just a second then he said if I don't get it right(for example 1 little mistake) everything goes wrong. WOOHOO.. I will definitely try my best then. I didn't know why I'd chose accountancy in the first place. Then I came up for 1 reason to prove how I am so with accountancy. Because my Math result were better than science subjects. Proven! But Account and Math are still completely different between each other though. Arghhh.. I will still learn accountancy no matter what. Like I said I will try to complete any spaces. I hope so.

Just moment ago, I'd watched a video on youtube. Clip from Creed (My Sacrifice) and confused a bit. Here are some of the lyrics "Hello my friends we meet again" and " It feels so good to reunite". Owh.. I'm so in love with this and thought how good to reunite with my friends. I take it as a FRIENDSHIP song but Hey! Guess what? It's about God and Religious thingy. I read out all comments in that video. So, what does "Hello my friends we meet again" or "It feels so good to reunite" mean? For all these years I never knew about it at all. More than 7 years in running and I still love this song. Don't know why because I have no specific answer for it. Yeahh! Creed rocks.. HAHAHA.

Friends again? Let's finish this one. I have a lot of friends and good friends and some "best punye" friends. I won't tell you where is your place. Because sometimes we think that he/she is the best on what he/she does.
Then when it comes to jealousy, you won't be able forget it. Like my teacher stated that we can forgive anybody but forget what they'd done? Nahhh.. Never. Pain/jealous/mad/heart-breaking will always be itself. No one will forget unless he/she has no heart. I've been hurt by someone which has no heart or heartless in generally and I'd accepted that and forgive that person but I will never forget it. That was so not about love for sure. HAHAHA. Considered I've a little wild gossip with Nurul Hudha. We are just friend after all. Nothing much. Say no for "in a relationship" status. Take note, Irfan. HAHAHA. I'm sorry, Eimei for including you. This is our(includes Hudha) secret forever. =p

I decide to do something new after this. Let us try our best to be "the best there was, the best there is, the best there will ever be". Just hope we all are still contacting. Maybe quite complicated to meet after this. My pray goes to you. I'm done for this post and will be updating soon.Tuned!

-Off to Masjid for Maghrib prayer. Salam. ( I'd debuted to Masjid last Friday for Jumaat prayer and it was awesome).