Friday, December 2, 2011


Hello and Assalamualaikum.

I don't feel like blogging these few days. Huh? I guess you can say "these few months". HEH!

Semester 4 has started about two weeks. As usual, lots of confidence have to be gained as soon as possible to keep me on the track. Classes have gone pretty well too. Just in case you wonder about it or not, who cares? 

PLEASE give me strength, The Almighty.

I feel so fragile and soon to be broken, indeed. 

They might say how fine I am when it comes to making any jokes and making people laugh. One thing never crosses their minds is how hard does it take to cover everything to show that I am okay? Simple. I will never ever try to show sorrows or how miserable my life is. TO THEM.

Rahmat is still Rahmat.
Mamat is still Mamat.
Kebi is still Kebi.

In and out, before and after, start till the end. I'll be forever be this person, as bad ass as I can.

Said, what's the point of sharing something if there's nobody interested to listen?. Especially, problems?. If there is any, they just want to know and listen, but help to solve? Positively zero.

Thanks to my friends who understand me.

Be back about few months. HAH! No, few days. You can count on me, at least now. Or forever not.

Salam. :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tempted To Say III

Image credit to this.
Salam and Good Evening.

First thing first, this will be a long entry and please leave if you're not willing to read. That's so simple as you don't have to waste your time. I made posts just for those who wanted to read it.

A distinctive post I might say for this time. I usually update something which does not relate to other post but this time, it does. And guess what? It relates to these posts; Semester 1 and Semester 2. You have read it, right? So, you must know how well it went before this one starts. Let's have it starting, shall we?

Semester 3 has just finished about a week ago. As usual, I will giving my thoughts about my classmates. I hope the one who requested this enjoy as his wish is granted. I have stated that this will long but as a good blogger, I will try my best to abbreviate so that it will not be too boring or whatsoever. I always questioned to myself with this " Will my post suffice readers the most? ". But, who cares about my blog, anyway?

I have been in this class for two consecutive semesters. I never thought of having it consecutively! Every moment had tickled and hurt me in many ways. I believe this is what we call the process of learning. Besides, what conceives something on my mind is I am surrounded with these smart ass people for a whole semester to work, learn, discuss or even be friend with. Well, I guess smart has its own privileges! I'm saying this because a majority of them are Dean's. How about me? I was so close to get it but it's okay because Allah wants me to put more effort for next time, perhaps.

For this semester, I had twenty two awesome classmates. Early of the semester, I was reluctantly afraid comparing I was so scared when I remember about my second semester because for the first time in my life entered the first class. I managed to survive it made me feel that it's all about the feelings. If you know how to overcome the barriers, sure you'll be survived. Nevertheless, stepping into this class has changed the landscape of my life.

Now, let's talk about my classmates, gentlemen first.

I have 7 grown men in the class but they'd never act like what they're supposed to be. Have you ever heard that men take more time to be matured? That's why we had acted like this at the first place. But they are being serious when it comes to studying. It makes me feel like how tremendous that they had magically turned to be great politicians! It just never practically ends. Not to be mentioned that all of them have tasted the Dean's except only me. It seems like my wish is unlikely to be fulfilled; my fond hope to be one. By the way, they are Saiful, Faeiz, Zaidi, Pitek, Afiq and Eizzaz.

Saiful is undoubtedly one of the best students along the way. He is smart and I preferred to ask him anything regarding to cost accounting subject. He just knows how to teach me. That's what I like about this guy. He's not just smart but he has everything. Faeiz, the stupendous guy. I wonder how he could get high carry marks. That shows something to me that he has his own secret weapon. But, he's smart too, no doubt. Next, Zaidi ( love to be called as Don ). He's the one that stuck with me like 24/7. Well, what I can say about this guy is he's too kind, I mean really really kind. If you ask him to help you, he will. He has his own personality; such a mild guy in my humble opinion. Pitek has been my friend for over two semesters now. He'd sit next to me for almost of the classes. Talking to him was never boring as I'd have never had enough topics to talk about. It just never ends. Afiq? How annoying! Sorry bo, just teasing with you. Seriously, I miss to talk to him. I do remember when we were studying for final examinations. We're always neglecting each other when we came to the point of discussing answers. Last, Eizzaz. I really want to apologize. I can't abide with disturbance which means I hate it when somebody bothers me when I'm learning. It's distracting and the reason I apologize is it's my fault sometimes. They bothered me but I didn't realize how the annoyed when I bothered them in the class. Eizzaz is one of a kind, though.


Literally 16 flowers, yeah! I love to say that like it or not, I have talked to all of them. Amazing, isn't it? No? Well, you never know how it feels. I just like finding the talkative girls because just in case I'm ashamed to start doing the talking, they will get it started. Since it's a quite big number, I have no idea how am I going to compress it. Let me put it by grouping ( if possible ), or else it will be more complicated.

Aisyah, Kak Farah, AJ and Nisha are smart and powerful girls in my class. They clearly show that girls can prove and kick ass too. They might not be slick as what we see on their appearances but if they have taken their moves, you will be stunned! Maisara and Fa are two best friends. Every time I turned, they'd be together. It was hard to meet them. I even had no time to meet them in the examination hall. The good thing about them is they always asked me whether I am doing good, how damn we miss each other and whatnot. They said that I'm so funny, I take it as compliment, girls. They're caring!

Next, Dede, Iekha, Eeka, Fiqah. Last semester, I've seen the ability of Dede ( the confidence in herself ) talking. This semester, I had fought endlessly with her. If I didn't have enough topics to talk to Pitek, I have enough energy to talk to her. She's a self-professed girl, enough said! Iekha, she helped me through out this semester. I have learned so many things with her. Every time I got caught with troubles especially regarding to examination papers, sure I called and asked questions. Fiqah? Eventhough she's a nice girl, she owes me something. She still owes me a batik cake! And I want it right after Semester 4 is about to start. Alright, Fiqah? I remember something about Eeka. She changed my perceptions when she paved the way how to study. She might not be the best among us but how she implemented to be one is what I like the most about her.

It's hard for me to see Fatin gets bored and fallen asleep. And what happened for this semester is she did it couple of time, with successful. If she bored, everybody knew there's something wrong with the class or lecturers. Nadiah, as usual loves to laugh. Even I didn't know what she's laughing at, I'd laugh too. It's something like a spirit possesses me to laugh. She's cool while Pika Azmi wasn't that cool because I was impressed to see she prepared for final exam. That's just me especially afraid of someone that puts more effort rather than what I think she/he capable of. And so does Sara. Thanks to her for freaking me out. But really, she made notes, asked questions here and there and I hate to say this but both Pika and Sara have strangled me that they put things into perspective. Finally, Zana and Nina. I believe they are best friends. They are lucky to have each other to rely on. Surely, everything will go well to them. And Zana, please stop saying "Meoww!"

Since I wasn't given the pictures, I can't upload more pictures but this one is looking good, kan? I edited it ( HAHA, no! my friend edited it ) That's all folks. The one who requested this post is in this picture. Clue? The same two faces in this picture. 

And this is Miss Hana Halim. My Law lecturer, one of the best lecturers. I want to mention about her in my blog because she's no longer a lecturer at my college. what can I tolerate with her is that she understands youth's world. As a teenager, everything that she did was acceptable. Basically ( word that she used frequently ), she was smart enough to determine and explain the cases that contain a lot of inconvenience.

My housemates and I ratified the words that frequently applied by Miss Hana like basically, by hook or by crook, thank you for attending and etc. Sorry, Miss. We're not trying to upset you but we just noticed it. And sorry for copyrighting your image too. :)

We just want to say thank you for giving us some thoughts about the principle of law. You have done such a great job at lecturing. We feel proud of your success is going to be a lawyer soon and we just hope everything will run perfectly for you. We also want to wish you the best in all future endeavors.

Lastly, I don't know how to say this but let's put it this way, IF I have no chance to be in the same class with you guys for the upcoming semester, I just want to say that this has been a great great great wheel for me. I love to study with you all and our learning environment. Everything is just perfect! Sometimes, I think Dean's class has to be shared with people who deserve it. If Allah wills it, we'll be meeting again soon.

p/s : I don't know what happens to my blog. I mean the gaps between paragraphs look pathetic!
Thanks you for your time. Wooww! I busted my ass to have this post. 
See you soon.

Friday, October 7, 2011

How About This?

Salam. Gosh! It really took me long time to update my blog. Proudly to say that I am back now. It has been about 3 months. Welcome back, Mat.

Well, I feel like writing in Malay today. How's that? HEH!

Mari kita mulakan entri ini. HAHA. *puking*

Exam baru sahaja habis. Jadi, aku baru ingat yang aku dah lama tak update blog aku ni. Nak kata sibuk sangat pun taklah sebab waktu exam tu bukannya aku tak online. Cuma rasa malas nak buka ni. Kalau kau nak aku lebih jujur pun boleh. Lepas saja aku ada Twitter akaun ni, masa aku lebih banyak dekat situ bandingkan dengan Facebook. Entahlah. Mungkin lebih seronok untuk tweet setiap masa. Siapa pun tak kisah apa kau nak merapu dekat situ.

Bila masuk topik exam, mesti semua malas nak fikir dah. Sebab apa? Takut? Kita sudah cuba yang terbaik kan? Redha sajalah sekarang ni. Aku pun dah malas nak cerita pasal benda tu lagi. Tapi, aku rasa semester ni lagi susah daripada semester-semester yang lepas. Memang susah atau aku yang main-main sampai tak sedar exam nak muncul. Aduhh, bila lah aku nak merasa kasih dan belai dekan? HAHA..

Masalahnya, kawan kawan semua dah perfect dah. Semuanya future dekan ( even some of them are ) tapi entah lah. Aku tak pandai nak gunakan diorang kot. Dahlah! Yang lepas, lepas lah kan? Nak bising pun dah tak guna lagi.

Wait! Can I stop right there? I feel strange. By the way, I will try my ass off like hell to find pictures so that they can be uploaded soon. Sorry for my friends because I had no chance to meet you guys right after the examination finished. To be honest, I did have chance but I blew it. HAHAHA. I'll be updating about our class soon. Don't worry 
( especially Zaidi who suffers to read it ) because I'll inform you.

Salam. See you on the next post.

Before I get this finished, which one do you prefer the most? English or Malay?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday Night.

Hello and Assalamualikum.

Happy 21st Ramadhan! I wanted to have a post for Ramadhan but I just could not manage to do it. I am so so sorry for not updating my blog for almost a month. Things keep me too busy around here. How does fasting treat you so far? Well, I hope you everything is going to end up well as we are almost at the climax of Ramadhan.

Sometimes, I envy my housemates because they are so excited to go back to their houses but for me, Eid Mubarak would turn exactly, totally and completely the same way like I had last year ( every year actually ). They said there are lots of differences celebrating Eid between ourselves. But I still feel lucky though for having my family.

Okay, I do have something to be told. And of course it is not about MGT215 examination. Let bygones be bygones. I accept it no matter how much I hate this has come in myself but it has. Even though I hate to say that they had trying the best to make everybody smile but what I like the most is the effort and I appreciate it. Needless to say, I am sorta satisfied with it.

I just want to say that I had a great night last night. My housemates, Mirol, Zaini and Yul and I went to Masjid India to go shopping. Well, the truth is we just accompanied Zai to buy his Baju Melayu. We started at 5 when I was busy with my sleeping moment and they woke me up and asked whether I could join them at the first place.

I didn't want to go but I was afraid to be called as "tebu". You know there's  one quote sounds like " menanam tebu di tepi bibir ". I was the one who planned and turned out, I didn't go. I have my pride and I won't be embarrassed. The word "tebu" is so popular right now in my hostel as we keep saying that to members who tend to break their promises. HAHA. Please don't copy that word because it is our legal jargon. :)

We broke our fast at Burger King and yeah, you can have it your way. Then after "we" performed our Maghrib prayer, we walked around Masjid India to find the place that offers special promotion for Eid. It took us about 45 minutes to find one. Zaini wanted to have his cream colour of it and the rest of us had been in league with him.

As the pictures go on, I will story a bit about what had happened.

This picture indicated the situation when everybody seemed like busying with shopping to celebrate Eid. It was so crowded.

 This is my new housemate, Yul. He wanted to have pictures in my blog and he'd have it. The funny thing was I took this photo without realizing that there's something wrong with that Baju Melayu where it supposed to be in a good arrangement when we took something to make it display just for good.

This kakak was there to make sure we had our own time and helped Zaini to pick his desired colour of Baju Melayu. He loves this kakak so much as she gave him profit too much that you'd never get.

But first, she told him to try the size before picking any colour he wanted. Mirol and Yul were there for nothing except just want to have pictures of their own.

I want to have pictures of my own too. HAHAHA. While he was trying his Baju Melayu, Mirol and I went for looking another promotion just wanted to feel the excitement of Eid Ul-Fitr. This was only an acting, people. We just pretended to slip over the shirts without having an intention to buy it. When a worker tried to serve us, we put that shirt back and ran away. HAHA. Epic fail.

TADAAAA.. This is our Eid boy. That baju is awesome. Serious thought.

Then we called Nadia and asked whether she's still at Sogo because we would to go there by walking. HAHA. This picture shows how much we care about each other. We held hands tight so that we can cross the road with no harm and whatnot. You guys should follow this kind of step as we are human beings cannot expect things to happen. 

Everybody was looking at us but we didn't care too much. The safeness is what we care the most. :'). It does not matter if we are labelled as (you what I'm talking about) because we are not. HAHA.

Me, Yul, Ad, Nadia aka Jessie J and Mirol.
Before we went home, we took our picture. Sadly, Zaini, Miey and Ned weren't there with us.

Before I get this entry ended, I would like to say something. You know what? Sometimes I wonder am I too arrogant?

Most of  the people said that way as I don't get along with them when I meet them. I don't know why but I used to talk a lot. When I come to meeting with new friends, that is my type not to start the conversation first. I know this will make you puke or feel corny or fishy or whatsoever, but I am shy! HAHAHAHA.

I apologize for Miey and Ad if I didn't talk last night. I have never had a conversation with you so I don't feel like talking too much. I used to talk to Nadia and Ned so I don't think I need to be quiet when I'm with them. :)

Link to straight to their blogs.

Well, that's it. See you next time. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Say What?

Hello and Assalamualaikum, people.

First thing first, I am sorry for not updating my blog like so long. What? Yes, I know I am breaking my promise. Seems like I am not good in keeping promise. It has been a week, isn't it? But who cares? HAHA.

I do not want to be over-the-hill or whatsoever but I have received lots of compliments said that I am a good person. My mouth could say " Yes, indeed! I am one of the kind " but deep down inside, only Allah knows the real me. Thing to say that I am not that good or that bad. D you want to see how bad I am? This post will show you the real me if you are talking something trash.

So, I shall be giving you the event of some people talking to me and what I would say deep down inside. Do not be touched because it is just me. See what kind of man I am.

1. Opinion
Everybody has made mistakes, right? " Mamat, you're always making mistakes! " Yes, I've made mistakes, you've made mistakes. Even your parents made mistake for not using birth control!
See, how good I am?. How sweet is that? Listen and get the idea of it. People tend to do mistakes. We all have made mistakes. So, we do not have any point to put someone on his or her place when he or she makes mistakes. Normal people do make mistakes. At least, if you've found something equally guilty then you're deserved to blame or even get that person suspended. Get the idea now, do you?

2. Act
Ohh My Goodness! I love it and I am pretty good in acting though, people. Take note of that so that  you won't get caught soon :). My best part is when I act like smiling but it is all fake! The truth is I do not even believe I can do that. You know something, man? There are times I think that something stands for its privileges! But thanks for you for making it gross, worst or even eerie. I cannot blame you because you've your own way to be on the spotlight. And you know what? There were times I said it silently to you and it sounds like this " I don't even care if you're Britney Spears or Lady Gaga, NOBODY is gonna take my spotlight. Okay? " LOL. I feel the mamatfaction ( satisfaction ) ya know? Cause I know that I joked about it.

3. Talk
Gosh! I love to lie to people especially when someone lies to me first. I do not mind if you want to lie something to my face but please lie something that makes sense or something that has its own proof. Please do not lie something which I think as hard as shit to believe or ratify. Do you clear up a little bit? No? I give an example. You lied to me that you've never taken flight. And one day without any reason you told me that you've been to Romania. Don't tell me you've taken cruise to go there ( your little lie called Romania )? And can you define something for me? That something is " epic fail "? LOL! Come on, get over yourself already and stop lying. For your information, I am quite good at lying too. How's that?

4. Self-proclaimed
This thing I like the most. I want you to profess any thing you want in front of me and I would wonder and like to see what are the reactions if you notice how bad ass I can be a self-proclaimed person. I can profess so many things! You can ask my housemates if you really want to know. They are annoyed sometimes for hearing I'd been over-the-hill and talk trash. I did it on purpose and reason because they made themselves and proclaimed how good they were. Now, they feel the mamatfaction of me! ( Even though I hate over-the-hill and a self-professed person, I can't run the fact that sometimes I'd love to be like that.). It is just me, the real me!

For me, it has several points why some people acted like that and it depends on the individuals why he or she acts such that. They must have their own points. Maybe they want to get attention or even like me who wants nobody to take my spotlights. LOL. Just kidding. I don't mind if you want to take my spotlight, I really don't. Just take it. I know some of you must be puking to hear I am saying about spotlight because who am I, right? What a self-professed person? HAH!

And about that "mamatfaction", I think it's cool because I want to have my own trademark. Can I get one, please? See, how desperate I am.

Credit image to this

Before I get this entry ended, do you feel the mamatfaction? HAHA! TMTH isn't it? Too much to handle.
See you soon before the greatest month ever, Ramadhan! <3. Salam.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Awesomeness

 Hello and Assalamualaikum there. :)

Well, there are reasons why I didn't update my blog like a month. But I don't think you guys want to hear about it or even hear me to start my nagging all over again. I'm blogging today just want to tell you guys that I've watched Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows Part 2 which came to my intention to update about it. Just read it will you do.

I've waited so long for this movie to release. And I'm pretty sure that all of you have been waiting too. For watching it once makes me feel that I don't get satisfied. I need to watch it over and over again to get the satisfaction of it. It took 2 hours and 10 minutes but I just can't get enough of it. Maybe I was looking every single part of it and by that, I didn't notice time passed by just like that.

As usual, before I came to watch this part of Harry Potter 7 ( HP7 ), I need to recall back my memory about what had happened for the first part. I did some research and surfed internet to have it back in my mind. Literally, I had it back and it made me look forward to watch the second part of HP7. It fascinated me with everything. Its story telling, actions, thrills and many more that I just couldn't describe.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 1 was a bit slow-paced story telling as Harry, Ron and Hermoine were still trying to know what friendship is all about, their lack of confidence and whatnot. The most touchable scene was when Dobby died because of Harry Potter. My family cried and bawled for it. I can't lie because I did feel the same way too. Furthermore, hilarious scenes were everywhere. But, there were also parts that showed exactly what will happen next.

Whereas HP7 part 2 is the endless battle between Harry and Voldemort. It does have a fun opening action scene where the trio attempts to steal a horcrux from the goblin bank Gringotts, but it wasn’t quite as thrilling as I expected. But they have the point to turn me on as Hermoine changed her appearance and imitated Bellatrix Lestrange! And with all the dragon inside that bank with golds started to produce itself when it get shaken was pretty good way to tell how great this story is.

This movie covers battles all over the time. The battles are paced so that you really start getting wrapped up in the action, but when matters become too heavy, someone cuts in with a joke or a beloved character can get their shining moment.  And when it's time to break away from the action entirely for serious drama, the transition is never jarring. Every place, time and scene we've gotten the chance to see actions ( the battles ). It came to my mind sometimes how much the cost? HAHA. Believe me, you'll be thinking the same but who cares? Everybody loves it and it brings profits and satisfaction.

This is one of my favorite parts as the Professor McGonagall spells something to have protection on Hogwarts and says " I have waited so long to say that spell " which makes everybody laugh inside there. Why I found it's hilarious because she was like wanting that kind of situation to happen and she says it with full of enthusiasm. Trust me. HAHA.. That spell lasts no longer when Voldemort uses his power to break the spell. Hogwarts is fulled with sorcerers at that time.

The ending part is great too. It happens 19 years ahead when Harry has a son named Albus Severus Potter. The combination between Dumbledore and Snape. His son is so worried for getting into Slytherin. No matter how, once your dad is Harry Potter, you'll be as great as he was. And I so love the 9 3/4 station. So cool.

I would choose this movie over Fast Five or anything else. I, Muhammad Rahmat, give a solid 9 out of 10 to Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. HAHA..

This movie deserves more than an A-, its an A++++++, A- is being modest. This film was spectacular, not just the best Potter film, but a brilliant film all together. Both parts complement each other, but this is indeed the rich half. I hope this movie gets its hands on some awards, it would be nice. Every performance, set piece, moment, just everything, was perfect!

Even some of you might say that " Mamat, you get it perfect because you watch it 3D kot ". I didn't watch 3D. Yeah! but seeing as the movie as also D, 3D should be nothing to bitch about, at least half the critics out there thought the 3D was alright. This movie is just awesome. Please la, how many time I should be saying 'awesome'? Gosh!

I don't read its book because my level of English is not there. I am still a naive novice who needs to learn more. I know they can't fit the whole book into the movie but on what I've watched is a bunch of greatness of the story!

I would like to mention my personal favorites in the movie. Except the three main characters Harry, Ron and Hermoine. Well, they'd always be at the top

-Bellatrix Lestrange.
(One of Voldemort’s most loyal, trusted, and fearsome followers, whom Voldemort freed from Azkaban prison. She is the sister of Narcissa Malfoy and aunt to both Draco Malfoy and Nymphadora Tonks.) I don't even know how and why I love Lestrange. I don't love her but it's just something that's cool about her maybe it's her dressed-up or even her psychotic character.

- Neville Longbottom
(A student in Harry’s class, who for most of the series has been a pathetic weakling, unable to remember his lessons or perform magic properly). Wow! There's so many that I like about this guy in the movie. I don't know he can be so brave. The bravery and toughness of Longbottom is what I like even Voldemort laughs when he hears the " Longbottom ". You know what I mean.

- Molly Weasley
(Ron Weasley’s mother, the formidable matriarch of the large Weasley family, a family of pureblood wizards). First thing, i don't know that Ron"s mother could actually fight because all I've seen in Harry Potter movies is she only knows how to cook and make clothes to her children. One more thing, when she calls Lestrange a bitch, it just turns me on, baby! HAHA..

-Luna Lovegood
(A classmate of Harry’s who belongs to Ravenclaw House. Like other Ravenclaws, Luna is highly intelligent and perceptive, but also rather dreamy and otherworldly. She is a devoted friend of Harry, Ron, and Hermione and a member of Dumbledore’s Army, the outlawed Hogwarts club of Dumbledore loyalists).Well, she is just pretty. That's it!

- Minerva McGonagall
(A professor at Hogwarts, and head of Gryffindor House. A stiff-backed, proper schoolmistress, she is loyal to Harry, Dumbledore, and Hogwarts, and possessed of great courage). I love her courage and when she gives her support to Potter, she seems like really love and protect him from any circumstances. And the way she controls Hogwarts from being attacked is perfectly amazing.

- Severus Snape
(The man who killed Dumbledore, and a professor at Hogwarts, who later becomes headmaster. Before killing Dumbledore, Snape had been both a member of Dumbledore’s Order of the Phoenix and one of Voldemort’s Death Eaters. Dumbledore steadfastly believed Snape to be spying for him against Voldemort, and Voldemort believed Snape to be his spy against Dumbledore. Though numerous members of the Order and the Death Eaters suspect Snape of being a traitor to their respective causes, Snape’s true loyalties are a mystery throughout most of the series). Snape would always be one of the best character ever. I've watched Snape in other movie but it was epic fail. The mysterious character suits him so much! I just love the flashback about what actually happened to himself and Harry's mother. Awesome!

All the images credit to deamon.

That's it. Thanks for reading and see you soon.
Bye and Salam.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

John Morrison And Melina Were In Malaysia

Hello and Assalamualaikum.

Before I get this entry started, please be informed that this is going to be a very long entry with lots of pictures. Please leave if you're not wishing to read and find out that this is not your desired post. Thanks for your cooperation. Okay, let's continue our journey by taking a deep breathe.

Soon after my sister told me that there were WWE Superstars coming to Malaysia. I got to open PGM page for getting to know who're coming. Then, they told me that John Morrison ( JoMo ) and Melina were the superstars. I felt that this opportunity was something that I could never get and yet I better go for it. My family understood me very well and they allowed me to go. Even my mom asked whether it took any cash and she wanted to provide me some. Every mother understands and treat her children awesomely.

Well, last day was one of my exciting day because I finally got the chance to meet and even better, shake hands with JoMo and the lovely WWE Diva, Melina. I went to Sunway Pyramid with my housemates Mirol, Eddie and Zaini by taking train to Kelana Jaya line and bus straight to Sunway. Eddie was so fussy because we're planned to go at 9 a.m. but he was busy with preparing his hair and believe me that he has changed the hairstyle like 5 time. He even took a long bath. I didn't know what he was doing inside! Any guess, anyone?

We reached there at the exact 1 p.m. and we went to customer service counter to ask where's the place of that event. After we're told, I was so grumpy to reach the location. HAHA.. Well, that is me if you want to know. We're so lucky at that time because the place wasn't fully crowded. We still got the chance to have the front view.Basically, I was so shocked! People, if you think that I'm so obsessed, you're wrong. Based on what I've seen, there were multiple of races. There were Malays, Indians and Chinese. Not to be mentioned about ages. I did see parents brought their children and have the opportunity to take pictures. And what the most interesting was the people. I saw there were people who wore WWE T-shirts, brought along their WWE title belts and even wore bandages on hands which has generally worn by superstars.

Then individuals who're managed audiences said that you must purchased anything at Parkson that costing at least RM70 if you wanted to take pictures and sign autograph. I was like really? I didn't have any money because I brought exactly amount that I thought I could survive for the day. Then I got one pass because there were lots of extras. Eddie must be gone crazy asking for one because he wanted to shake hand too. Then, one brother gave us another two passes because he didn't notice that I held one pass on my hand. We looked for Mirol and Zaini. Zaini let Mirol to have the pass so three of us queued for getting their autographs.

They're PGM armies! I am under PGM too but I didn't join them because I had to be with my friends and they have no idea what PGM is. Owh yeah! PGM stands for Peminat Gusti Malaysia. They were chanting " We want JoMo " and I don't find it's overrated. It's so COOL! Sorry for not joining you guys. Sorry guys because I only had one chance to take your picture.

This is the stage where the autograph session is going to be held.

The entrance for both JoMo and Melina. I was the one screamed out loud for seeing them right in front of my eyes. John Morrison looked great as always and Melina looked beautiful. The crowd was too awesome and tremendous because they gave a really huge standing ovation for both of them. I was the one who chanted " JoMo.. JoMo.. JoMo " with people there. What a good moment! It's just that the the one who introduced JoMo needs to learn more about wrestling. When we chanted JoMo, he said " He is John ". We all know it more that just " John ", perv! Learn more.

Furthermore, Melina got great a round of applause too. When they introduced Melina, she did something like dance by shaking her booty. Like she always does on her entrances on live WWE shows. She was so beautiful last day. JoMo took her pictures when she did moves like that. She's awesome and gorgeous in blue.

There were bout 5 people got their chances to ask any questions to JoMo and Melina. This was one of my favorite parts. But the questions that were asking are so lame. Someone asked to JoMo, " what is your favorite move? " What the hell? Can you give him a real question? Something like worthy to know. Somebody asked him what's your favorite Malaysian foods and he answered " Well, I haven't tried so many foods but I like Mee Goreng! " and everybody was like WOAH!

Another part was when a girl asked who're the most competitive wrestlers or something like that. Melina said " Trish Stratus, Mickie James and Beth Phoenix ". Well naturally, it has to be Trish. Annoying, right? Who cares? Trish will always be #1! And said, JoMo's biggest competitors were Sheamus, CM Punk and the one he needs to kick ass was R-Truth. When he said " R-Truth ", everybody was shouted out loud. Yeah! And again, I was one of the people who shouted.

I can't remember another questions because it didn't make any sense in my point of view. Let me tell you, if I had the chance to ask, I will ask Melina what's her thought about our new WWE Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly and I will ask JoMo what's his thought about Andy, the new WWE Tough Enough winner and what did Stone Cold, Booker T, Bill Demot and Trish Stratus see on him. That's the real questions,people. Next time please invite anyone that really loves wrestling to ask. It's just a waste!

See, how long was the queue? It took me about 45 minutes to have their autographs. These people were after me. I had a long queue too before me. It's so amazing to see that I'm not the only wrestling fan here in Malaysia. This was just for people who managed to come. Not to count from other states that wouldn't make their ways to Sunway Pyramid. See, Malays, Chinese and Indians. We are the WWE Universe. Be jealous, people!

Before we got up to the stage, we took pictures of our own. How happy those 3 passes have made Eddie me, and Mirol. Admit one only, believe me or not, it costs RM70. Luckily, I had it for free because I persuaded that sister to give me one. I chased after her to get it. See, how determine I was for getting it. HAHA.

After Eddie knew I got one pass, he asked for another from other person. Quite awhile, one man saw how desperate we were to have passes. He didn't see that I held one pass, he just gave us two more passes. We said thanks and ran to show it to Mirol and Zaini. When Zaini let it to Mirol, I grabbed his hand and ran for queuing up. What I can remember was I ran with enjoying tears dropped on the floor. HAHA..

The autograph session took place. See who's on the picture. A girl! See, even girls were taking pictures and asking for autographs. This shows how WWE has influenced people in Malaysia. Boys, girls, men, and women didn't want to miss this huge moment.

We're tired for standing just like that waiting for our turns, Eddie with his priceless attitude, borrowed the belt from PGM armies there. Thanks guys for giving the chance to take pictures. I so appreciate it. Well, the WWE Tag Team Championship belt is on his shoulder. The question mark who's his partner? HAHA.

These two photos were snapped by Eddie. He was the only one who had camera. So, for safety precautions for it, he'd taken our pictures. Melina was so beautiful and Eddie kept telling me that she looked like a Malay. I said maybe because she's mixed. Not really a white woman is what I know about her. She's bilingual for both Spanish and English. No wonder her real name is Melina Perez. I hoped I could talk to her but security won't allow you to take much time. So, I just shook her hand and went to have JoMo sign. I even couldn't manage to take a picture with her. What a waste!

Maybe my first and last shaking Morrison's hand. I asked him to sign both paper and magazine that I bought when I was in semester 2. I was so lucky bought that magazine and I had absolutely no imagination that he would be signing it. At least I have something to show how much I love him as a performer in WWE. About his hand? Woww! That hand was huge. He's shaken my hand like he's crumpling a paper and it tasted good to shake hands which had punched John Cena's face! I hate Cena. Basically, I don't hate but he'd always be in the spotlight makes me feel that I'm so not with him. And I want that hand to slap R-Truth's face after he makes his return to WWE. JoMo is out of action now due to injury. He'll be back soon.

One lucky butt head! Mirol enjoyed his moment so much. I guess so.

As the rudeness applied by the security guards, it resulted with Eddie's frustration. Eddie has to take his picture with JoMo on his own because Mirol and I already stepped down from the stage  respecting the rules made by them. I can't be mad like hell because they just followed what have been told by them. Besides, there were many people who queued and wanted to meet JoMo and Melina.

When the session has finished, they gave their thoughts and last expressions toward Malaysians. Melina said that how can she can forget this huge celebration with great fans along the time they have here in Malaysia. She said " Look at this " while wavering her hands on the air. Everybody gave Melina special applause! JoMo convinced that he will ask Vince McMahon to have the WWE World Tour in Malaysia soon. He claimed that Malaysia is a great country with special people. Lastly, they said it simultaneously " Thank you TV3 and thank you Malaysia ". I shouted out loud! What? That's me. I was being myself.

When they got escorted, everybody was chasing them to shake hands and whatsoever. I did it too. HAHAHA.. When I asked Eddie to have a video, unfortunately his camera was out. But I had a very beautiful day yesterday.

Lots of my friends asked me to blog about it. At the first place, I did think want to blog about it then I didn't feel like blogging about it. When they forced me to, I think I had no choice except blog about it. I hope you guys satisfy and ratify this post/entry because it's hard to share about something that's long. I had so very much to say but to make sure it won't be boring is the challenge for any blogger in this world. Trust to ask them if you don't believe me.

JoMo said that he didn't think that wrestling is so barbaric for kids to learn. There are plenty of games nowadays are using weapons and everything to kill. So, don't point wrestling how children can be bad or whatever. Melina said that the moves that are performed by superstars are interesting and something that WWE Universe wants to see.

I hate to say this but WWE is part of my life. I love the show, I enjoy the show and I stand the show. So, if you have a problem with it, please hold it because I never touch or even want to know about your interest. Don't insult my interest if I'm not insulting yours!

These are just another photos. Thanks for reading.
Salam and see you on the next post.

Friday, June 24, 2011

They're Coming To Malaysia


This is just another lame post for you. 

I'm so sorry for behaving like this. I am too excited because two of my personal favorites are coming to Malaysia. John Morrison and Melina are their ways coming here. Let us go to Sunway Pyramid on this Saturday at 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. to meet them. You have to go, people!

This is John Morrison. He's the former Intercontinental Champion and ECW Champion. I have one fitness magazine which he was on the cover. I want him to sign it no matter what. I want him to notice that I'm there when it takes place this Saturday. I will enjoy myself there like seriously!

And this is Melina. She's the former WWE Women's Champion and former WWE Divas Champion.She has held both Women's and Divas titles. Whoever wants to hug or kiss her, you better watch out because her fiancee is there as well. If you want your ass get kicked, try to seduce her!

This is probably the only chance you've got in your lifetime. I'm so going to meet Morrison and Melina. I will be updating about it soon after I go back.

Thanks to TV3 for making this event. What I've wished when I was in Form 2 was I want to go overseas to see the event of WWE. Maybe I can't but apart of that, this would be my first and last time to meet at least a potion of this huge company, WWE!

Just wait for another entry about this. I will take lots of pictures! I am amazed!

Salam and Goodnight.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello and Assalamualaikum.

Sorry for the late update and to be honest I have no reason for it. And again, it was Hudha's time told me it has been over three days I haven't updated my blog. Two people so far have given me cold shoulder. But that's not what I want to talk for this entry for sure. Let have this entry going, shall we?

Sometimes is defined like whenever needed ( this is my assumption, HAHA ) because I get to use sometimes whenever needed, is that make any meaning or something? And again, the definition isn't what I want to talk about. There are several things that I really want to set them straight.

You know what, guys? I am not like certain of you who're like the leaders of groups or teams that would be the perfect person to be praised and hailed. I used to see myself as a naive novice who's still learning to be the best. In case you didn't notice or in case you are not even noticed, we all are trying to be one. The chance is there, we just wait for the moves that will be taking by ourselves.

Why am I saying that way? Because I'm not the best. It's proven! I never be the best ( depends on some circumstances ) and if I'd  rather work for it, I'll get it. It's hard for somebody to be good on something. Let me give you example to look up to. See whether you can get me or not.

Anyone that is good in singing doesn't mean that he's good in acting.

So basically, the idea of it is that he might be beautiful on something but he's not all there. He'd be well-known or well-exposed in singing but he's crippled in acting. It same goes with someone who has got the natural beauty but she has such uncontrollable animosity. Understand for now?

What I try to indicate is whether how much you see perfection in Mamat, there are certain secrets ( well, not actually secrets but something you won't see or know about me even though you've known me like for your entire life ) that you will come to " disapproval behaviors of him ". We are human beings and we tend to make mistakes.

It's not so professional but I will tell you the SOMETIMES that entitled above. It makes me think what I should change it at the first place. Hey, humans tend to make mistakes! And I do believe that you mustn't have disapproved these kinds of sometimes.

There were times my friends vetoed my ideas when we were working together as group tasks.
There were times I saw my friends crying because how much they want something so badly.
There were times I want to slap the cockiness out of mouths out there for saying bad.
There were times I feel like home when I stay at my hostel with my housemates by my side.
There were times I cut the articles from library because I feel like interested to read them over again.

I know you might say that what is the relationship between " humans tend to make mistakes " and " feel like home at your hostel "? I beg you differ. Try to distinguish what's right and what's wrong.

You know, sometimes I do back stab my friends. What I meant is not that for stealing properties or losing the trust but it's more to talk back. I could simplify it and call myself as a coward. The irony is when I have put my hatred on somebody, when I come to having chit chat with that person, I feel like that one is the most coolest, understandable, distinctive person I've ever met. So, the hatred are negative thoughts are out to the inferior abyss.

I know it's kinda weird because I feel that way, it just gives me a slap in the face. I feel like holocaust about to happen and destroy all over the bad thing that I set on my mind to one. Sometimes even you've paid enough, been pulled apart or been held up, no matter how hard things are happened for you, there must be ways to overcome it.

Trish Stratus is on the picture! Naturally, it has to be Trish!

I need to satisfy whatever that I've done for my own good. For building up my confidence and trying to get a life. I used to say to everybody and asked them to find themselves a life. I think this time is my time now to find one life. Just be satisfied! Because Satisfaction ( or I like to say Stratusfaction ) is the surest way for me to become one of the best.

I think it's enough for me to talk. I could rather change everything that is not satisfied me.  Before I end up this post, I want to say that people tend to do mistakes. No regrets!

Good Night and Salam.
See you on the next post!

I think the countdown and the facts shouldn't be the matters. Just stay tuned for any information about that.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Okay and Not That Crippled


Sorry because I haven't updated my blog. Don, who's my classmate told me that it has been over three days and I didn't get this updated. I never thought time has passed so fast. I'm really sorry. I mean it.Lately, I was busy with my studies and life are reasons for this.

I just watched a very own Dr Rozmey's movie so-called Dua Alam. Well, despite I heard lots of criticisms, honestly, it wasn't that bad. It's so informative for teenagers in this era as I'd see there were times, I want to slap the cockiness out of their mouths for saying vulgarities and acting like complete idiots. It helps you because when we hate something without no purpose, it actually brings us into perfection.

The Islamic messages are there, which something that you'd never regret watching. To be honest, it made me performed my Isya' prayer right away after the movie had just finished. See, how it gave me the real impact because I used to postpone my prayers. HAHA. Please don't follow my step. It's not something that can be followed.

Even my housemates didn't like it that much and that makes me feel like kinda excited to watch this attempt by Dr. Rozmey. For those people, if you have ample time or leisure day, I beg you to watch it. Take it as an amulet for your own good. Even the messages are not for the certain people, it includes all.

Confess? When I'd loved something, there were certain things that I hated too. The porn scenes are just too much. Please excuse me for a moment. Yea! I couldn't believe it. It's too much makes me feel like it shouldn't be watching by children. There are about 8-9 sex scenes and it's shown like real. I mean REAL!

Just because of the scenes, it flawed everything that has overcome the benefits of the story. In other hand I think, the last part when it said that this was based from the true story, I felt a little bit awesomeness of the movie and the rest were quite puzzled, anxious and sad. 

What I learn is that life is short. Once I seen the part where the dead body was being buried, prayed, or even brought to the yard, it made me think for a second. When my day comes, will I be ready? I think I'd gone too far. Yea! When your day comes, will you be ready? What? Just asking. Takut la tu.

Everybody's afraid of death! 

This is so true because that would probably be one of the reasons why we cry our asses off like hell. But, there are plenty of reasons next to this one. Just figure it, I don't want to because I don't ready to lose my relatives. I'm afraid how I'm going to embrace it without having that person forever.

But Allah gives something that He knows we can survive and embrace it at the first place. So, no matter how Allah still knows what's the best for our lives. When He's not approved that we asked for. It doesn't mean that our wishes are not granted. He plans the best for us in the future.

Amboii! That's enough. You might think how much of annoying I am.


The Countdown : 47 Days away.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Movies Are Sick!

Hello and Assalamualaikum.

I don't know how to make an introduction for every post that I've posted. So does this post because I don't know what I want to have on it. But why I'm still writing when I don't even know how to make one? It is obviously because I love blogging so much that you can ever imagine. I'll try to improve and standardize my level to anyone out there who has fancy blogs.

I just watched a movie Diary of A Wimpy Kid at cinema. This movie has opened my eyes and taught me how better as brothers to keep staying and helping each other in any type of situations. First, I laughed every time I came to the funny scenes especially on those silly attitudes applied by them. Greg's funny and so does his brother, his mum and dad. I beg you to watch it because it's worthy to watch.

His mother would always be one of the funniest characters in this movie. I really enjoyed her skills and techniques. I was always looking to watch her scenes. I don't know which part of this picture because her mother danced twice. Once on the new registration of Greg scene and the other one on the last part of the movie which I think will bawl your eyes. HAHA

When her mother was dancing, the pop was just awesome. We laughed our asses out like hell. You have to watch it if you want to feel the satisfaction of it.

This part was when their family went to Holiday and left them at home so that they could be bond like really in a good relationship. His father forbade them to invite anyone especially on the weekend but his brother has planned something which I think a party or a college party. He locked Greg to the basement area and had it with his friends. " Rodrick Rules " on the door and the expression of his face stated the scene when their family has to go home a bit early because the other brother suffocated with fever.

These are my favorite scenes and trust me, there are lots of scenes that you will be amused just in case you want to watch it. Sometimes we as the younger brothers need to abide and tolerate with our brothers and doesn't matter how hard it is, they'll still be ours. There's nothing we could do to change or make the disappear in our lives.

I had fought with my brothers like a gazillion time. Sometimes when I came to the point of arguing  made me think that I should have known how to handle my own animosity and everything that will cause the relationship to be broken or scattered.

I even have made a status on Facebook like " My brother is a hypocrite, parasite and pathetic human being in this earth " I wrote it when I just had my broken leg and he was trying to make me upset. Well, I think I need to know to play up with my emotions. I still remember this status because I had planned to get it published before than ever.

That's it. See you soon.
It's enough for the facts. I can't think of it now.

The Countdown : 54 Days away.