Friday, December 31, 2010

My Name is Muhammad Rahmat Bin Mohd Hanaffi and You Are?

"It is so awesome to know you".
"Nice to meet you".

Well, a very good day to you and may you be in Allah's guidance.

As you see, those sentences are using by most of people. First one is used when we are about to know our idol or people that we look up to. Or easier way to indicate it when you had admired them for almost a decade and now you get the only chance to talk to them. Second one when you meet anybody than makes no benefit to you. For example, your friend's friend which you never wanted to meet actually.

Next Monday will be the first time for me entering semester 2. I feel so anxious because of certain reasons. It's obviously a big deal for me to tell you about it. It's only because of a thing which really makes no sense. Of course for me, it makes sense.

First, I'm afraid to introduce myself to everyone else in my new class, soon-to-be. Well to be honest, I'm lacking my confidence when do the talking. I don't know why because it's typical of me and it just can not be explained.

Second, surely I am a quite naive novice to make new friends. I really have no clue how to get the conversation started. This thing I wanted to overcome like years ago but I didn't.

Third, I don't want to mention because somebody would mad at me so I keep it silence. HAHA.

It's not a sarcasm for me if you hate me or put me in an inferior people's group who do not deserve to have your intentions. Seriously, I do not like or even wanted any of your intentions. Instead I'm always looking for somebody which is beneficial to be friend with.

Just hate me if you want, ignore me if you think that is the best. I don't give any damn about it. Sometimes, hatred and ignorance provide a good feedback. Try to have it on your way and see the feedback. It's awesome and satisfying. HEH.

Several GETs that should be mentioned.

I must be getting on for next week for the 2nd Semester. I need to know how the subject lessons get about so that I can conquer each and every point on what I've learned. I'm not going to get along with new people fast which is something rarely get across to the new friends

I have to get after geeks if I really want to get ahead and get a move on or I'll be in dread. My temptations tricked me, but I'll get even them. I really need to get into study mood. Besides, I will get nowhere if I follow them.

I hope my new plan gets off to a flying start. Serious thought, I mean I got the wind up when I have realized how close I am for the next Monday to come. Just to get it clear, just apply my best for this semester and I will never ever get into hot water.

I am not looking for to this pathetic lame story telling but let I get it over with.


Lastly, I just want to wish Happy New Year for everybody. I apologize if I have made your life miserable. It's never my intention to hurt you in and out. I hope you will accept my apology. I just can't take back on what I've done but the only thing the best I can do is asking for your apology. I AM SO SORRY.

And for those who had done their best to make this year for me a living hell and I do appreciate that. And that makes me believe no word that's coming from your mouth. I never reach to the point of forgiving you. Take that. No.. Just kidding. I forgive you. In fact, I have forgiven you since you were born. :)

I made no resolutions for the New Year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life, is too much of a daily event for me.

Well, I'm a little bit older, a little bit wiser, a little bit rounder, but still none the wiser.
The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul.

Happy New Year 2011, guys. Hope you will enjoy and have a blast!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So That You Will Know Me

Sometimes one might wonders why I'm acting like such a complete idiot that deserves to be slapped. I have heard some people said to me that I'm not good to be friend with. Ohh! Please, I heard it all. I seem don't bother with it since I knew that I'm not that type of human beings.


See, the thing is you have absolutely nothing to do with me and that's why you keep making up stories and taking me as a subject like 24/7.

On the other side, most people have their own jealousy. Jealousy can be divided in 2 as in good ways or bad ways. I don't think I really want to explain it consider that we already grown up and know how to shave! Jealousy in bad ways such unpleasant at certain people's accomplishments otherwise it's you who never made an effort for achieving the gold.

I'm not the type of person who wants something badly and comes to the point of fighting or arguing. It's not me at all. But, if I apply that in my life, that means something's bothering me. Everybody that closes to me knows who is exactly I am.

What I do not like the most is when I had to fight against me, inside of me. My gizzard apparently threatening me with crap things. I really need the old me.

It's very barbaric for me to keep using vulgarities to say to myself.

But, I know that as a human, we need to face the tests that has been written for us.

And one more thing, we shouldn't be annoyed with the surroundings that surrounded us because we actually need to be thankful on what we have still seen, heard and talked about. It makes us feel more alive.

Dwelling in the past just makes you dream for anything that won't be sure will come to you.

Laughing so hard.

For knowing someone is really easy if you have a lot of commons with. You make a good joke and laugh together is one of it. That's the good combination though. Considering that laugh is the best thing to cure one's heart.

The other way round is the way not a very well combination when someone makes jokes to you and yet you didn't laugh.

" In case you did not notice, I'm not laughing ".
" You did notice I'm laughing is all the matters ".

The intonation goes like this.

" Kau ada nampak aku gelak ke? "
" Kau nampak aku gelak dah lah "

What the heck? I beg you to differ them.

Is that a real combination or just a plain sad really? For me, I see no combination. It happens when one of you had been so unreal. Even you have known each other for quite sometimes. But hey, it didn't work and it's so loser.

I'm here not just to share but what I told you is the reality in it. You invite your gf/bf to your house, introduce to your mom and plan to make a chocolate cake. It's so boringgg.

The head of this entry is if you're making jokes and I'm not laughing it means you're insulting me in what kind of ways I don't know. You have to know the different between make joke and make fun of people. It's a thin line between them.

If I'm laughing or always asking for you opinions,helps or whatsoever, it means I'm comfortable with you. Stay by my side so that you will know me.

P/S : I was so close to visit Din's grave but I didn't make it. But insyaAllah I'll go there if I have time.

Din, I forgive on everything that you've done. But, I don't think you have made any mistake towards me. You're a great guy, you know that. Adi and you always made people's laugh. I've heard the way you embraced sakaratul maut. Aku pun akan lalui juga ,Din. Aku akan doakan kau.

Al- Fatihah.
Muhammad Saifuddin Malik ( 1992 - 2010 ).

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I have got my result for last semester and I was not expected to get a such like that. Do I need to tell you how my result is? Sure I won't. :)

To be honest, I could not sleep waiting for the result. I have tried by but I failed. I don't know how to describe my feeling. My friends from Polytechnic and IIC have got 3.0 and above. So, I kept telling myself that I have ruined my entire life. And so told myself "biar pointer rendah, jangan kena repeat!".

I opened my email before I went to mosque for Subuh prayer and yet did not receive any mail from UiTM. As you know that Subuh prayer on Fridays is quite different compared to any day. My heart was beating so fast. I do not know why because it seems like something is bothering me.

I walked home then opened my email again. Owh! The result was in. I was expecting to get at least 2.7 for CGPA but then I scrolled mouse and found that my CGPA was 3.0++ . My mom looked at me then I told her about this. She smiled and asked me to keep up the good work and maintain like this. HEH.

Everybody asked me what subjects did I score and get As but they had given me the answers. HAHA.

" Owh. Must be this and this right? ".
" Don't tell me because I knew it ".
" I know already! ".

So, I think you can guess too. ;P


Okay! I just want to share with you what I did before found out my result.

I kept telling myself I was in an eerie moment. So, maybe I need to do the good things and leave the bad ones. Was that a good tactic to follow so that my result will be blessed by Allah? NO it's not. We must leave that not only for here but hereafter. That's more important.

It's so TRUE to pray as much as we can. Not only when we're dread then we need to pray. That's totally a piece of crap! Alhamdulillah. I never stopped to convey my wishes to Allah. It's worthy and satisfying.

I also sang Maher Zain's song called Insya Allah like a gazillion time. Especially these two verses really make me feel so free.

Don't despair and never loose hope.
Cause Allah is always by your side.


Turn to Allah
He's never far away.
Put your trust in Him
Raise your hand and pray.

Nice, right?

Alhamdulillah and I can't wait for next semester.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life Changing

December 2010 would be the most unforgettable year for my family as we had our first brother's wedding. I love to have any kind of ceremony but I do not want to complain about the negatives. For sure big ceremonies like this really took me crazy. It was so hard to be described as I had waded a lot kind of mood. I just want to share with you one thing that took me nuts!

On the ceremony eve, everything went wrong. Every each and everyone in my house got their own temper. And of course I had too. I went to shop to buy something then my other brother called me and asked me to buy this, to buy that. I said I did not have enough money and he said som
ething which is really makes no sense. " Ahh! Kau ni apa pun tak boleh". To make you not confuse, he was saying like I am lazy. Then I yelled. " Kepala otak kau!". Everybody was looking at me at that moment. Omg! HAHA. Nice to be remembered. =D

The best part was when there was a very fat guy who'd laid his fat over his stomach came to my house and asked for a letter from MPS to look at its permission and gave us the right to block the road. He said he is our neighbor who stayed nearby but I swear to God that I have never ever seen his stomach before. I mean face. HAHA. So, everybody in my house went crazy and taught him a lesson.

My sister said " Kawasan ni under DBKL bukannye MPS. Tu lah tak pernah nak ambil tahu".
My brother-in-law said " Bagi surat kat si PRIHATIN ni supaya dia lebih PRIHATIN lain kali".
and so much more. HAHA.
Maybe he was driving over and did not want to make a U-turn. I do not know.

Let us have a look at this tremendous moment.

Attending to bride's house.

Woah! Look at their flowergirls. They're cute. Emm NOT! Hey, they're fantast
ic you know. Emm NOT! HAHAHA.

First time ever I did the menabur bunga rampai. I don't know the name. I'm guessing. HAHA. It's not really
necessary for me did that because I am not married yet. It's proverbial for those who are married. But it was fun! Heh.

My first time on VIP's table. Yea. I looked fat so shut the hell up! Foods were amazing. I ate so MUCH. Shut up again.

My big happy family.

Sunday, December 5th 2010.

My house or supposed to say the bridegroom's house.

Pelamin Pengantin. I said "pelamin" not "kelamin". Excuse me. HAHA.

And this time was their arrival to Selayang. Look at the flowergirls. AWESOME! HAHA.

Once again.. My family. :)

May Allah bless these two young people and give His guidance. Amin.

Sorry for the less talk. I do not feel like blogging as I always do.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Charming Lah Sangat!

Woah! It seems like I really don't have much time to update this very lame blog. HAHA.. It is just another silly excuse because anyone who owns a blog knows that sometimes we are losing ideas what we want to share. So, we will talk crap!

It is so hard to find our own self-confident. Even teenagers nowadays or better way to say is NOW really blow me up. You really think that you are charming, aren't you? What a pathetic human beings you are and stop being horrible applying shit into your life.

For boys, please stop acting cool because you are killing me and making me puke. Stop be proud on what you have got. Just stop telling people how cool you are or how much you can be so that cool. If you are honest by convincing your weaknesses are way better and get very huge credits rather than be the most unprofessional super duper dumb donkey LIAR.

For girls, please do not be too moron. There are 3 situations. Let I show you.

1. When I smile at her then she says " Ouh! He is nice smiling to everyone ".
2. When I smile at her then she says " Ouh! He thinks he is too hot to smile at me ".
3. When I smile at her then she says " Ouh! He tries to seduce me ".

What the hell is wrong with you? Tell me now and I want your answer right in my face. You think that you are too hot to look? I smile at you because I do the same to every single person and it does not mean that I am falling in love with you. Only a retard would think that way and if you do think as well, that means you are RETARD!

This post shows me angry right? Seriously I am not. I do not like the way of thinking from them. But not all of them thought like this. Only for certain people which is wanker for boys and fake for girls. If you think that you are not wanker or fake, it takes you no pain.

Yes sometimes I did say to my friends like I am the most good looking boy but not in a serious way like you have done it to a girl. Yes, you have done it to A GIRL ( I mean a real girl ). I hate too girlish girls. I just want to slap her face when she's looking at boys. Something like her ass has been on fire.

I am not saying that I am perfect but for God's sake please! It is for your own good. You may think that you've done it to make others laugh but no because you are just humiliating yourself. So, I will forever and ever and ever and ever say no to over-the-hill people. Go get a life and grow up!

Most people fail in life because they major in minor things.
- Anthony Robbins


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Might Be...

Last few weeks, my friend ( not literally mine but my friend's ) had lost both of his mom and dad. Emotionally he did not lose in the nick of time for both of them but in a week time. That was so tragic for me because if there is only one who passes away, I might not be bothered but if there are two, I may be sucked up! But, I am impressed with his taking about this.

Last night I had a conversation with him. It was never my intention to hurt or make him feel bad. I was asking how did he take when his father passed away then two days later his mom also had passed away. He stated to me that he did not want to show his sympathetic to others but he could feel the lost. So whatever it is, life goes on.

You know what? If I were him, I am going to be sickened and stricken for my entire life. I just can not take it. Sure it is really hard feeling to see my parents are buried on the same day or the same week. This is not really a hope but I do not want it happens like that. Considered that I am quite fragile thing that can be broken anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

But sometimes I think, even when you have paid enough, been pulled apart or been held up, a very single memory faces of luck. We can not expect anything because the one who triggers it is Allah and we can not change the fates with our lost. For some reasons, Allah tests us in many ways and it depends on our faith and strength.

And yeah! Maybe he gave me the ideas how am I going to embrace it if it might happen to me. But I am too naive to apply them when that day comes. In generally, we need to accept it though as a storyline and continue our journey of life. Life is too short to have regrets so it needs to yearn for an end to the pains for this tragedy.

Whether you are a naive novice or seasoned expert, you must be strong for a raise opportunity to explore, learn and grow. However, some people see taking this as hard work. A quest for explore, learn and grow are not an easy task.

It is super duper fine to see excitements or amusements sparkle from his face after what he has been through. Even sometimes he may think about that but I do not think that he needs to show to other people what he thinks or what he feels. So, the pains should be covered by sincere smiles. He imitates his friends so that everybody knows that he is in a well good condition.

And for you my new friend, after all while there may well be many fish in the proverbial sea, only some of them are worth catching and others should be thrown back in immediately. Just take good memories along with you and leave the bad ones. Hope you understand and just be strong in way you are now.

" Death is just another path, one that we all must take " - Gandalf.

May your parents are always in Allah's blessed.
Al- Fatihah.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Leaving With Joy

This is going to be a long post. If you do not wish to continue, please click the close button on your top right side. Thank you.

It seems to me that I have a little unfinished business here. Ijaz which is one of my housemates asked me to blog about our home and I am about to fulfill it. So Jaz, your wish is grant
ed. HAHA..

Before I had arrived here, I was completely excited and thought how
I will be going to kick some asses. Then, I entered my college and my first impression was "Oh My! This is SO small..". It screwed everything. I bet you guys that my school was 5-6 bigger that this college. I thought I will be lost in this rather huge college but NO I did not and thank God for that.

After that, time to look for my hostel and YES I lost for finding it. It was so far far away and the best part was I had to stay in an old apartment! I said to my mum " Can I get more worst than t
his? I am paying RM160 per month for this?" You guys must thought exactly like myself, weren't you my 702 housemates? HAHA..

Enough for some babbling, Before I introduce to you my freaking damn hot housemates, I just want to convince my honest and real thoughts when I first stepped to Cheras. I prefer this as my memories entering the college.

1. A very first day, everybody sat together and it was quite bloody hell silence. What you guys did was AWKWARD. You wanted to pee? Awkward. You wanted to eat?
Awkward. You wanted to fart? Awkward. Hold it on until your anus fully covered by shit. HAHA..

2. On the same day at night, everybody was standing outside to view the highways which our hostel on the 7th floor. It was so funny to get everybody tried to space the
place like a complete idiot. Then, I went to my room, took a pillow, covered my face, laid on bed and laughed out loud. Considered that 8 people wanted to space it. Idiot Idiot. HAHAHA..

3. I was afraid to poops. This was so tragic when I had to hold it until late at night when everybody's sleeping. Hey! Of course you will be ashamed when you entered the toilet and came out about
15-20 minutes with some awesome shit scents.

4. Came to Ramadhan, the best part I think which all of us woke up and had our sahur together. This was my first time and I had a good feeling about it of course.

5. Learned and studied were my favorite time. I can ask questions, opinions, a
nd so much more. We did study dude! And moved to another hostel. Thank God!

Okay I think that is enough before you might get bored for reading too much. Here we go as I have 7 members in my house. They are just awesome in my humble opinion because every moment had tickled me. I abstained not to get amuse by this people but I could not. So here I will be introducing one
by one alphabetically.

1. Abdul Muim Mohamed.

You can call him as Muim. He is from Mersing, Johor.

1. He is a good person in and out.
2. Quite humble happens sometimes only.
3. He loves BSB same with myself.

In my opinion, I can get with him because he has something which can get through myself and I like that. He annoys me with his blur attitudes sometimes. Hi Muim? What's up? Do not get mad okay! HAHAHA..

2. Mohammad Firdaus Mohd Rozi.

Can be called as Daus and coming from Desa Petaling, Selangor.

1. A person who will always busy answering account's questions.
2. I can say that he is one of the funniest members in my house.
3. Saving people.

For me, I like when he used to say this to me. " Kau buat la lawak kau, Mat!". HAHAHA.. Sometimes he makes fun of me but I do not care because that makes me laugh actually.

3. Mohammad Sufyan Akif Mohd Salehin.

Can him as Pian will do. He is coming from Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

1. A really kind member with loud-no-voice.
2. Up to date with fashions. Look at the picture.
3. He looks serious but actually he does not.

All in all, what I like about him is that he provides us internet by his broadband. In fact, I am updating this post by using his laptop. Once, he made us laughed badly. Only we knew what had happened. Soooorry Yan. Just joke!. It is good to have one kelantanese in here.

4. Muhammad Amirul Faliq Ibrahim.

Just call him Mirol. He is all away from Kuching, Sarawak.

1. The funniest member in my house.
2. He loves to make everybody sicked and tired.
3. Never been serious when do the talking.

Well, I said he loves to make everybody sickened because of point no. 3. I am the one and only will always get caught with his stuff. Somebody help me please. I might get paranoia with this guy but we all know that he is a good person though.

5. Muhammad Eizzaz Sharif.

Simply been called as Ijaz. Live near to Giant Bt. Caves. Ouh! Come on. Who does not know there? HAHAHA..

1. He attempts to make everybody laughs.
2. Kinda like hot stuff but he does not actually. HAHAHA..
3. Fond to animal as he took care of a couple of hamster.

Basically, he is the one does his job by waking all of us up each and every day. Even th
ough my phone rings loudly, I am dead but he could hear it. That is what I like about him. It is so hard for finding a person which is boy can wake up early. Keep it up Jaz for 2nd semester. HAHAHA.

6. Muhammad Ruzaini Mohd Rosni.

With said we called him as Zaini. Another Johorian from Johor Bahru, Johor.

1. Got to see when he says " whatever!" HAHAHA..
2. As I see, he is one of kind somehow.
3. He has a very flexible face where he can change his face anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Yes, he is funny only in this picture. Ouh! By the way, he is not what this picture views to you. He has been dared by a girl to do so and he took it and finally looked crazy. HAHAHA.

That is all. Sometimes you might wonder which one of them that I closed to? But I t
ell you what, I do not own the answer because let us see here and I put you into a situation. You and your best friend together and I will provide you choices. Would you rather be the one who will be shot or the one who does the shooting? Do you find the answer? No? Same goes with me here.

As long as I can get through them, it does not matter what happens. What I know about 8-4-A HOUSE does not have owned any problem. No controversy, no crippled and no abusive matters. I just love the way they are and hope our friendship last forever.

8-4-A Members are :
- Muim.
- Daus.
- Pian.
- Mirol.
- Ijaz.
- Zaini.
- Mamat.
-Trish Stratus.

Love lots.