Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Leg News..

Nothing much to say..
I was in pain..

That's it..
Have a look at pics below..

Finally finished phase 1..
On 10/5/2010, I will take out that thing on my leg!
If it recovers nicely! Otherwise [ :( ]..


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kaki Aku Patah

Last Monday around 8 a.m. I met accident.
I was about to send my mom to her office.
Before that, my mom asked

Mom : Adik, minyak moto ade tak?
Aku : Hmm.. Meh la orang gi isi dulu..

Right after filled the fuel, I drove back my house to
take my mom and send her..
Suddenly, 1 old car got into my lane and smacked me out..
Woww.. I feel flying..
Just can't imagine the way I fell down..
I was so lucky my brother's friend saw what had happened..
He scolded that Chinese old man which I think 55-60 years of age..
Then he went to my house to call my brother..
My brother came and helped me..
Same goes with my mother..

Mom : Ya Allah , adik..

I was in pain.. I couldn't think anything..
Except felt all the pains all over my body..
That old man wanna take me to the side of the road..

I said to him

Aku : No! Don't touch me!
Old Man : Ala.. Cikit aje..
Aku : wtf?

My mom asked him to bring me to the clinic..
I can't walk at all..
Yeah.. Scars for sure.. Bruises and all that things..
Got injection also on my butt..
What's so funny?

I said to my mom

Aku : I thought my leg broke..
Mom : No la.. Just a little bit..
Aku : Yes, it is..

I told my mother that my leg's broken and she said it's not. I knew it right away because it felt exactly the same when I had a broken hand in standard 1. So, we decided to go to Hospital Selayang. This was fun because this one medical assistant wanted me to take off my shirt and I said to her. "Yang patah kaki, kenapa nak kena bukak baju?" Hahaha..

Then, went to Hospital Selayang..
Please! Move away.. Emergency case.. Haha..
I have to take out my shirt and pants.. ;)
Doctor wanna check la..
Hmm.. Actually shirt only..
He checked all my bones..
What? Radius, Pelvic Girdle, Humerus, and many more..
Once again, X-ray-ing.. haha..

My leg covered with bandages and cements..
But only for several days..
Next monday I need to go to Klinik Tulang for a fully coverage..
It takes 2 months to heal..
I will be updating my blog soon for latest news of my leg..
Stay tuned..


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dizzy Dizzy and Dizzy...

Now I know how hard it is to get an offer for further study.
Really exhausted. Have to apply this and that.
Search, online and look up for education fair.
I'm applying for UPU and Polytechnic.
Hope can get one of it.

And about 2 or 3 days before, I've been thinking
to get in back to Parkson.
I really hope for part timer only.
If there is no part timer, I have to take a full timer which means
would I be back at Parkson? No, thank you..
But I am desperate for money right now.
I've got a lot of plan in my mind.
Kinda cool huh?!..

Plus, I thought it will be just ashamed if I'm working there.
What would people says?
"Owh, look at that boy.. Extremely desperate.."

Well.. Excuse me!!..
My executive wanted and offered me to continue working there.
I just thinking about that only.
I'm not sure whether wanna take it or not.
But yeah badly desperate..

I haven't decide yet.
Just asking and trying to get my responds on Facebook.
Full timer ke? 12 hours of working..
Wasting my time.. I have many things to look after.
My cats, nephews, niece, and many more..
My Farmville also don't forget.

We will see how it goes..
Am I going to accept this?
Just pray for an empty space for part timer.

I need paracetamols.. Damn dizzy..



Saturday, March 13, 2010

Redha... Alhamdulillah

Result da dapat. Ya, memang mengecewakan..
Walaupun keputusan bertambah baik tapi terkejut dengan
gred subjek Bahasa Malaysia..

Sejujurnya aku sangka yang BM aku boleh skor A..
Tetapi mungkin nasib aku kali ini memperoleh B+..
Aku tetap bersyukur walaupun aku letak 100% kepercayaan aku
untuk mendapat A..

Waktu dapat result je bila noticed BM aku B+, aku dah tak nampak orang lain..
Serius.. Cuma aku dan slip periksa je waktu tu.. Memang down gila..
Kecewa,sedih,duka,hiba semua bercampur aduk..
Pedih terasa bila fikir balik time trial aku skor A1 for BM..

Lepas tu Pn Raeshah datang.. Bila dia tgk result BM aku, aku terus nak nangis..
Selamat dia cuba kawal perasaan aku.. Dia cakap yang B+ pun dah cukup bagus..
Balik rumah je memang sampai ke malam aku buat muka..
Mak aku tak kisah sebab dia tau perasaan aku macam mana..
Mak aku pun malas nak scold aku lebih lebih..

Semua family aku pun tak marah..
Semua support..

"Mungkin tu saje rezeki kau, dik.. Jangan risau, Allah tak pernah memberi hamba-hambaNya
sesuatu yg mengecewakan.. Malah, dia sentiasa memberikan yg terbaik untuk hambaNya.. Sabar je.. Mungkin rezeki kau waktu belajar kat U nanti.."

Aku mula sedar.. Walaupun hati aku ni sukar untuk menerima keputusan
tu.. Tipu la korang tak rase ape yang aku rase apabile UPSR n PMR korang
dapat a untuk BM.. Suddenly, SPM dapat B lak..

Then bila tengok slip SPM aku sedar.. Aku mungkin dapat 2A..
Tetapi kesemua subjek teras yg lain aku memperoleh B+..
Juge hampir nak ke A.. Jadi, walaupun kite tak puas hati tetapi
Allah tetap memberi kita yg terbaik.. Alhamdulillah..
Aku bersyukur sangat.. Mungkin rase kesal ni akan hilang within 3 months..
Something like that..

So, kepada semua yg mendapat result yg kurang memuaskan..
Jgn la sedih-sedih.. Mungkin ade hikmah disebalik tragedi ni..
If we did our best for SPM and the result went bad, doesn't mean that
we are stupid.. Unless kalau kite just nak pass je.. Then the result goes to the
wrong way la..
So, just be happy.. I know its hard to believe when your target went masuk lombong..
But, Allah wants us to be strong and belief toNya..
Hahahaha.. Keep it up with prays.. Never giving up on prayers..

Allah Maha Adil lagi Maha Pengasih.. :)