Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I absolutely have no idea and speechless Russell won
So You Think You Can Dance.
He's good.. I wanna be just like him.
Knowing that you can move is the best feeling ever.
I'm glad he won that.. He deserved it btw.

Then somehow, I've subscribed WWE pay-per-view.
WWE Extreme Rules.
Another victory when Beth Phoenix ( The Glamazon)
won the WWE Women's Champion title.
Owhhh.. I jumped like an idiot and screamed like crazy

when she got 3rd pinned..
At least for 4 months I wanted her to regain the title
from that annoying diva.
The type of match was Extreme Makeover.
Anything goes.. Something like Street Fight..
Beth hold the title last January '09.
It has been over a year to recapture back that precious moments.
Well, at Extreme Rules, Beth Phoenix faced Michelle McCool
in the first-ever Extreme Makeover match and defeated
the arrogant diva with a devastating Glam Slam to capture the gold.

Three times WWE Women's Champion...


Beth performs a devastating Glam Slam on Maryse and takes the count of 3..


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All Grown Up..

Backstreet Boys are an American vocal group..
The band consisted of AJ, Howie D, Brian, Nick and Kevin.
But Kevin left the group in 2006 to pursue other interests.
Okay.. I grown up with all of their songs.
I mean who doesn't know BSB?
And all songs are awesome.
Tell me about it.

*Larger Than Life
*Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

Fuhh.. I started to hear their songs when I was in standard 3.
Until now I still scream out loud when sing their songs..
Hehehe.. And of course after that I'll get something from
my mother la..
I've got many songs of BSB..
In my phone, laptop..
Not to include all the video clips ( Music & Live Concert)
A thousand of it.

I love the lyrics.
Extremely fantastic.

"Now 2 years gone, nothing's been won. I can't take it back.
What done is done". ( The Call )

-Reminds me about SPM result.. =D

"Am I original?. Am I the Only One?. Am I sexual?.
Am I everything you need?. You better rock your body now".
( Everybody )

-Hmm.. Just Nice! haha..

"There's nowhere to run. I have no place to go.
Surrender my heart,body and soul.
How can it be you're asking me to feel the things you never show".
( Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely )

-Outstanding.. ;(

"Go on and pull me under. Cover me with dreams, yeah.
Love me mouth to mouth now. You know I can't resist.
Cause you're the air that I breathe". ( Drowning )

- Love me mouth to mouth now? *confused*

"I tried to go on like I never knew you. I'm awake but my
world is half asleep. I prayed for this heart to be unbroken.
But without you all I'm going to be is incomplete".
( Incomplete )

-It's about love but I considered it about friendship. :)

A. J. McLean, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough

Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely ( LIVE )

Interesting in this video.

-Spectacle woman " to make a cornflake "? ( 0:58 )
- Red shirt girl " will be DAWN " LOL.. ( 1:56)
-Was that mom and daughter hugging? (2:14)
-Hands move.. ( 2:32-2:40)
-Over-rated girls (3:06)
- This was nice.. Long sleeve girl.. hehehe (3:16)
-More over-rated girls.. (3:25)
-Kinda 18sx Old Women.. PORNO. (3:29)

=) Tell me what do you feel.. hahaha

p.s. I'm straight.. :))

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Celebrating My Bday..

Today is the best day I think for this week..
Celebrating my Bday for 18th..
Thanks for Irfan, Syed, Azeera, Wan, Haiqal, Mus, Hudha,
Man and E-bal, Pn Raeshah, and Pn Zarinah..

And don't forgot Pn Raeshah who gave me a Bday cake..
Thank you so much..

I wasn't expecting for any cake actually..
We had fun.. Chit-chatting, laughing and 'lepaking'..

Sorry guys.. Only Mihun Sup..
That was awesome.
Look at the pictures
*for more,go to my wall on facebook*

Gay3.. Azeera controls cute.. jejejejeje.. XDSo kind.. She washed everything.. 'gud' girl..=)Tongkat yg mahal tuh.. =)

Everything was FINE..
Yay!.. I'm happy..
Thanks for those who made this party..

I wanna tell you guys there is no heart feeling inside of me..
I just hope you give me a time to rest a while..
I won't disturb or bother you guys for several weeks in the 1st place..
And I do hope you understand my situation..
Just give me a time in a short while I'll change.
That's my promise..

But please don't blame me on this..
I'll contact you maybe in the middle of May.
I know you guys mad at me for did this.
You don't want it to happen.. So do I..
I don't want it to happen in the 1st place too!

Aku kalau da benci sseorg tu sampai bile2 la aku benci die..
Aku tak tuju kan note ni kt sape2..
And aku tak salah kn sape2..
Aku tak aibkan sape2..
Like I said, Aku xnk aibkan sape2..

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me.. And Thanks To You

Hi.. Just wanna wish Happy 18th Bday 4 me..
I've got a lot of wishes from friends,family and teachers..
Through my cell phone and Facebook..
I really really really love you guys..
For giving me some spirit and confidence to
continue my journey in this universe..
You will always be my LOVER..


Wishes from cell phone..

1. Angah
- happy bday to you. Semoga tabah dalam menempuh
kehidupan yg penuh mencabar ini..

- Amin..

2. Alin
- Rahmat, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Semoga kau cepat sembuh,
dpt sambung belajar n cita2 kau t'capai. Aku doakan terbaik utk kau!
*bday aku jgn lupe tau.. hahaha

- InsyaAllah Lin, aku akn ingat jasa kau..

3. Puvethra
- Happy bufday my dear sweet fwen + my husband. hehe..
hope u enjoy in this wonderful day.. hope u get well soon..
anyway, thanks for being my fwen tat i trust n always remember
luv n miss u very much.. friendship 4eva..

- Thanks la wei.. Semoge kite bahagia..
Agak2 ank kite tahun nie bpe org lak?
hahhaha.. XD

4. Hudha
- Salam, Oh Rahmat.. Kau da 18 tahun.. Tahniah2.. Bak kata *****,
" ley tgk movie yg 18 tahun ke atas punye".. hahaha..
Anyway happy 18th Bday.. Hope u enjoy ur bday n get well soon..
Semoga panjang umo n dberkati Allah

- Haihh.. Aku slalu je tgk cite 18SG.. Amin.:)

5. Eu Jinn
- Happy Bday ~ wish u happy always ya..:)

- thanks Eu Jinn..:)

6. Achik ( My Sis)
-*picture message*

- Nice pic..:)

7. Irfan
- Epi besday. Semoga kaki cepat sembuh, pnjang umo,
dpt awek.. hahaha

- Thanks,ipan. Amin. Awek? Da ade kott =)

8. Ida ( Zurida)
- Happy Bday, Mamat.. Moge sihat2 n ceria selalu..
Success je dlm pe yg Mamat wat n dmurahkan rezeki hndaknye..
Amin.. Mamat da tue.. hahaha

- Thanks.. Tue2 pun suami Ida gak.. =p

9. Kak Mala ( Parkson's Supervisor)
- Happy Bday! Aging got nothing to do with our brain functioning.
So, let ur brain functions to the fullest as ur age.
May God bless u now n 4ever.

- Thanks, Kak.. U are like mother to me..:)

10. Pn Hasniza
- Selamat hari jadi , Mamat yg ke 18. Semoga pnjang umur dan
murah rezeki.. Bahagia selalu.

- Thanks, cikgu.. Mne kek? =)

11. Hadiatul Ain
- Mat! Epi Burfday ya! Sweet 18th! =p

- Thanks wei.. 4ever 18.. XD

12. Kak Parvin ( Parkson's Supervisor)
- Many more happy returns of de day. May God bless u. Happy Bday.
Hope u will get well soon,yang!

- 12/5 ni blanje KFC.. Thanks btw..:)

13. Syed
- Hepi Bday to u.. Hepi Bday to u.. Hepi Bday to Mamat..
Hepi Bday to u.. haha..

- Nice old song.. Thanks..:)

14. Abah
- Salam. Mat, selamat ari lahir. Moga dlm sihat selamat hendaknya..
Dan dimurahkan rezeki. Amin.

- Amin, bah.. Doa2kan la org b'jaye..:)

15. Man
- Mamiuuuuuu.. Epi Bday tok ko.. Da 18 thn da umo ko skng..
Dulu kone* pown kecik tp skng da brhutan da pown.. Hak3..
Aku doakan BFF aku ny smoge pnjang umo, murah rezeki,
dpt IPTA.. hehehe.. Amin.

- PORNO pnye budak.. Thanks wei..
Diam x diam da 15 tahun kite kawin..
Ehhh, Silap.. Kawan mksud aku..:)

Wishes from Facebook

-Just simple wishes la.. You can look on my wall..
BUT, I will tell you all the wishers..

1. Dewaraj
2. Ameera Aynie
3. Michelle ( Wong Menn Ying )
4. Papa ( My Bro )
5. My Mom
6. My Nephew
7. Rahmat ( Amat )
8. Nellysa Nur Shafira Ghazali
9. Mustaain
10. Derren Lee Gwo Huei
11. Thinesh
12. Even Lim Chong Liang
13. Aqil Azam
14. Aniq Airyl
15. Kak Feeyra
16. Azeera
17. Hadiatul Ain
18. Ainul Fathiah
19. Farisya
20. Akmal
21. Kak " Sarah "
22. Sonel
23. Mukesh
24. Joyce
25. Joevy Yap Hwee Cheng
26. Aishah Ramlee
27. Kak Anum
28. Pn Raeshah
29. Nabila
30. Riduan @ Wan
31. Zareth
32. Haiqal
33. Chan Weng Kien
34. Chan Weng Choong
35. Sharifah Nadiah
36. Atiqah Razak
37. Syaheeran a.k.a Veer Vera
38. Pn Rasidah ( Penolong Kanan SMKIH)
39. Heng Kuan Chong
40. Derric Lee Gwo Hwang
41. Abu Haziq

Thanks to all of you..
Especially for those who prays so that my leg will
be healing on the right time..
Thank you very much..
This is such a good wish to me for this year..
I'll definitely proud to have you as my friends.