Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yes, Trish Stratus Returns

Trish Stratus
Ohh Please! She is soooo beautiful!

I have looked up on my blog which post has been viewed the highest for this month and it was this.

John Morrison and Trish Stratus
Yes, Trish Stratus has returned for over a month. Just in case you want to know why she is back because she is going to be one of the trainers for WWE Tough Enough. She will be training the new breeds who are going to be a pro wrestler in the future and this show is probably looking for the best superstars or divas.

And just in case you don't have any idea who Trish Stratus is, let I tell you some. She is my former girlfriend ( she has a crush on me, =D ). LOL. I am kidding! She is obviously my favorite diva of all time.

Okay. she is the greatest woman wrestler in world history ( this is not a joke ). Anyone ( WWE fans ) knows that she has done amazingly in her career and made the divas division to be at the top along with other great divas like Lita, Victoria and Molly Holly. My thought is as Trish spent more time in the ring, her wrestling skills and popularity strengthened. This proves when she retired after winning her seventh time WWE Women's Championship ( the most in WWE history ).

You must be vomiting to see why I am so over with her. HAHA. I'll admit that I get a little bit obsessed. Trish has her own charisma. No wonder I will be over-the-top when I watch her matches. Trish has changed my life ( puking ).
No, I am kidding but real talk is when the first time I knew her, I felt something on her. Well, probably she is charismatic and she has a real personality. Her brawn and beauty took my breath away. PUKING!

I want to share something, Trish is one of the main reasons why I learned English at the first place. It was like something needs to be followed about her when she wasn't yet retired. Of course about her wrestling career, life and so much more. She's simply good and flawless for me that I could not describe more.

" I will make sure that every time I go out there, I am making an impact " - Trish Stratus

And this proves why she reigned most for the Women's title and achieved a lot of achievements that supposed to be proud of for WWE fans. She is not only pretty but she is also a smoking hot brawler.

Click for bigger view ( proves that Trish won PWI for 4 years ).

Trish had 2 matches and lost for both of it. But, she is guaranteed to have a match at the biggest stage ever,Wrestlemania 27 that will be held at Atlanta, Georgia on April 4 2011. She with her partners, John Morrison and Jersey Shore's Nicole ' Snooki " Polizzi ( reality TV icon and New York best-selling author ) will be competing against Dolph Ziggler and LayCool.

I am looking for this match because I know it's going to be blast and awesome. Even though I have classes on that day, I won't come just to watch it.

It is so freaking darn fantastic to see my savior along with my heroin to team up together and kick ass. I can give you a promise that they will win this no matter what and no matter how. I become a WWE fan now for almost a decade and I am 100% sure for their victory over opponents.

Trish has said once then " Stratusfaction is the surest way for me to win " I think I will get stratusfied by her.

Last thing to finish this post, I will not going to college attending classes. If anybody notices I am not there, this is the reason and count me watching WWE Wrestlemania 27 live event at home. I hope miracle happens again.

Goodnight and Salam.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Hello and a very good evening for all the readers. Nice thing to happen is that we still could meet for my new entry. I don't care if you're reading this or not but for me, greeting you is a must. And by the way, please read my blog. I really mean it. Just kidding. No, read it!

I will always imitate someone for enhancing my English language. This attitude so worthy for me because by imitating someone, I will know how to use a proper ones. But it's very narrowly to find those people consider that lots of people now are not using them when they're talking.
But, I don't want to talk about how I used to talk or whatsoever related to it. For this moment, I would like to share with you guys certain people that I love to hear when they're imitating celebrities or other accents.

I have one boy in my class ( currently in my class ) that loves to imitate accents. He loves to imitate or it's just me like to hear he imitates accents. He can imitate very well for real Britain, Australian and American accents which I think really good and blast. I want to imitate but I just can't.

Sometimes, imitation can lead us to be more confident when we are going to overseas. But for me, when I am traveling to anywhere ( if it happens la kan ), I just want they could understand what I am trying to say. Besides, my accent is superb. It really does, okay. You better say yes and you should, people.

I have read my friend's blog how not-so-clever people just use " I YOU I YOU " in their talk and apply them. Can you stop this stupid attitude. From my experience, people who use this way are not good in English but just have an intention to show how great and cool they are.

Do they think that they are like the hot stuff that need to be looked up for? Ohh, there is no in ways I will say that. It really makes me feel like puking. Let I put it this way so that you know how much I hate it.

1. They're not so good in English.
2. Generally, they have lots of grammatically errors.
3. Obviously, when it comes to formal speaking, they talk trash.
4. They make people to get nauseous.

As you see. I am totally different when you see me face to face. I talk in English when I have to. And I know that my vocab and grammar are not very good either. That's why I still learn and never try to show off.

I'm writing English in my blog because it's the only way for me to have my confidence to write when I come writing on examinations. But I do believe I had made mistakes in my blog but at least I have tried my best. People tend to do mistakes but I think what I know is that I never used " I YOU I YOU " in my life. I used it maybe for imitating or making fun of somebody.

My suggestions are first, you HAVE to stop this thing. Second, go get a real English book and learn. Third, find a teacher to guide you and make sure the teacher does not using language like yours. Fourth, try your best to talk formal and never have any intention to show off. I hope you apply them.

I also read novels to learn English because I know that I am still drowning when everybody tries to use bombastic words. So, I have my own way to learn it and it's not just like using " I YOU I YOU ".

I am not making up a fight or trying to intimidate you but I just don't like it.

So, have the right way to talk. Get rid off that attitude because this is the new era. You have to know English so that you can communicate with others.

I am not saying that English is the number one language. Malay language is the surest for us and it remains at the top. But English is important though. I still talk Malay. Go and ask my friends because I talk in Malay like 24/7. I know it's my own language but I never combined English and Malay together like certain people did.

Lastly, Faz I love your blog. Go and update. I will try to give my opinions on what you've been updated. You go girl! Go and update more please.

Credits to : anc-tech

Salam. =D

Friday, March 18, 2011

I Can't Be Tamed

Hello peeps! How are you doing today? Is it nice to be remembered or it's just a typical day that you will be facing all over again? I guess you have the answer since you're the one who faced it ( what a good introduction and where is your thesis statement, Mamat? ). =D

As you see, I'm getting my mood here. To start back my life since I have embraced a lot of problems and not to mention about the examinations and the quizzes along by my side. It's definitely one of the busiest semesters I have ever had. Ehh, this is my second semester so why do I say 'semesters' like I am in the last semester? Huh. Don't care much about it.

I can't be tamed
is actually my friend's blog ( you can click on the link given ), Faz. I like her new post that stated that we don't really need to close to friends because someday, they will betray us. Not actually betray but it can be like frustrate, insult and disloyal.

With the title ' I can't be tamed ', well I guess it's like kinda catchy. When I try to translate it in Malay, it will be like " Aku tak boleh dijinakkan ". So, like I said it's catchy. Something I prefer to withstand if any trouble chases behind us. Yes, you need to stand up for yourself. So, needless to say, I like her blog. Go and have a look, people!

Besides, to be on the lost side like myself now, I need to stand up on my feet and tiptoe for some fresh air. For me, it doesn't matter if we really know exactly what is meant by friends.

I am so lucky enough to have friends that will always help me when I get caught with troubles or whatsoever. I do believe that a lot of my friends have waded the same troubles too which are frustrated, insulted, gained weights and etc. For knowing how to overcome those is all the matters. You just need to know the techniques and how to apply them in this very life.

I would have wanted to find a friend who has exactly attitudes, interests and similarities with myself. But yet, I have found a little of them. I still be thankful to Allah for giving them to me because at least when I had my bad time, they are guaranteed to make me smile in any kind of ways. That made my day actually.

If I am not giving one, I would have been gone for years. I still need friends and whatever that is, I will be forever need friends. Even though I know that I am not good enough to be friend with and always get you guys caught with my problems.

And if you want to be my friend, I have never said or put a statement that you need to follow my rules or my regulations. Just tend to not get me wrong will do. Is it very hard? I don't think so. It's easy to understand and apply.

And ( once again ) I have never made a statement if you don't want to be my friend, you need to badmouth me and leave me with suffers.

One more thing I need you to know, I have a big ego. That's it. Agree or disagree is the answer you need to find out.

Goodnight, Salam.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Shouldn't Be That Way

I am sorry for keeping my blog not updated. As usual, I was busy with my college stuff and what's more about my life. Okay, here's the thing. I do not want to spend lots of my time to this entry. I considered that I have a speaking test for tomorrow and need to prepare for it. I'll be reading whatever sources regarding to any topic so that I can get the ideas what and how I'm going to speak for tomorrow.

I have gone a lot of things for this week which I don't want to touch about it. I just want to get something straight. I only have my blog to share with you which I think can release my tension a bit. I still need friends though but now I keep it to myself.

I don't to share what the problem was but I just want anybody, mark my word ANYBODY. Which means I am not talking to you ( I know you will read this ) because you will always try to find my guilty so that you can spread it away. That is what EVERYBODY's thoughts.

What I try to make it clear is that I don't like you to make up stories if I don't ever touch about yours. It's just there are no stories to be made about me. Plus, I don't even care about it or should I say, I don't give a damn about it. It is a futile for you. YES IT IS!

I am sorry if I have done something bad to you. But hey, at least I have guts to try back it up what I have done. You? I didn't see anything. Yea! I didn't see anything. Is that the way you want to back up your mistakes? I guess not.

I'm not mad but I just don't like the way you treated me. You have said that how much of jackass you want to be back like usual but what effort have you applied? Asked for apology? No. Tried to talk like usual? No. Picked up phone when I called? No. IT'S NOTHING!

Can you see the differences between you and myself? All you wanted to have is for me begging with sweet words so that we'll be back like usual? I would have never said that. Drunk or sober.

I called you and what you have said? "I don't want to talk to you again"? Is this the way you want to ask for an apology? Are you fucking kidding me? Is this I supposed to have when I tried my hardest to get things normal? Haha.. I feel like I am fooling myself. SERIOUSLY.

Well, you can have whatever ways that you wanted to have. As long as I don't want to hear you badmouth about me again. If I heard something, I will definitely slap your face. This ain't joke because I think there is no thing to laugh at. You have chosen this shit so lets have it.

I tried my best to get rid of my anger but this is unacceptable.

Let us end this entry now. I have got life to live here. So, I don't have any of my time to be wasted with someone like you.

I'm sorry for using vulgarities in this post. I think this is the best way you to learn a lesson. It's not just for me. It's for everyone that has put their hatred on you. Just change yourself and that's better.

Sorry again for publishing it in my blog. You are the one who posted it on FB first. I AM SO SORRY. And to all readers also, just imagine how suffer myself put my effort and hardest to have things on the right track. Yes, I should be ashamed of myself also but like I said, I have backed up what my mistakes were.