Thursday, October 25, 2012

I am back and hmmmm..

Salam to all of you.

I have no idea why I am posting this entry. It has been awhile since the day I posted my last entry in March, well 9 months to be exact.

I have nothing to do for now, I want to give my thought about English. Yeah! Puke people, puke all over right now! " Look at him! He tries to show off about something he rather does not competent. Let's cover our ears" Laugh people, LAUGH! Sorry, that's the only thing I wonder whether these people would do when they read my blog.

About last week, Kemahiran Insaniah programme. I adore when the students were participated for the mocking interview held by the facilitators. No, I hate the interview part but I loved listening to their comments especially when they were required to state their comments in English. This really caught my eyes for sure. I'd kill to see how competent they're to ever compare with me   when it comes to speaking in front of the audience.

No offense but hmm.. How am I going to say? I am not saying that I am the best but ahhhh I should give it a rest. I am not trying to condemn or bury you alive but the persons that did a great job were Kak Farah and Raidah. The rest were trying to ...... AHHHHHH! You know what, I really want to slap them across the face and say "Hey you! Wake up! It's not that hard to learn English or even communicate." 

I am going to stop here. I believe whoever reads this will get mad.