Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Like The Way It Goes

Assalamualaikum and praise be to Allah we could meet for this entry. (Y)

I have finished read The Night Of The Solstice novel. Woah! It took me about 3 months for finishing that novel. I am glad I have done now. It was a long long story to understand. What to expect? Fantasy novels are always like that.

What I did was open my heart, my mind and my everything just wanted to follow the story-telling. I need to open my eyes widely so that I can imagine how the story goes. And sometimes, I did think how ridiculous the story is just because the imagination is too over-the-hill. HAHA.

Let I give you a bit story line for this novel ( Synopsis ).

Morgana Shee is a sorceress and sole guardian of the secret of the mirrors, the gateways to the parallel universe of the Wildworld, where legends come to life. But Morgana has been betrayed and imprisoned, while the evil sorcerer, Cadel Forge, threatens to escape from the Wildworld and conquer Earth.

Morgana’s familiar, a magical fox, embarks on a rescue mission, seeking out four special children to help save her mistress. Armed only with courage and determination, the four siblings – Claudia, Alys, Charles and Janie – must find their way through the last surviving paasageway to the Wildworld. But the crossing is only open for a single night during the Winter Solstice and time is running out...

As soon as I read the synopsis of this book, it fascinated me and I immediately wanted to read it. I love fantasy love or magical love and I didn't find myself disappointed by this attempt from L.J. Smith which is obviously she is one of the best writers ever.

The only part of the story I didn’t enjoy so much was the big battle scene near the end. There’s usually a big battle near the end in these sorts of stories so it wasn’t a big surprise when the confrontation began. What bothers me though is my lack of concentration whenever a battle arises and suddenly I find myself skipping paragraphs, reading the words but not actually taking in the story. It meant that I didn’t fully understand what had happened to all the characters but luckily Smith put in enough references to the battle for me to pick up all the important details later in the story.

And the only part that I did think brilliant was when the youngest sister, Claudia found out that they had been cheated by Thia Pendrial. They thought Morgana was asking them to go home instead of being there at WorldWild but it wasn't Morgana. This part located at Alys' class when Claudia whispered to call Alys but everyone could hear it.

"Alys, her feet were too big. Remember when we saw the footprints in the secret room? And they were so little? But the lady we met was as tall as Daddy. How could she have feet that small? "

She's actually not Morgana but appeared like her. She's Thia Pendriel. So, I was like are you kidding me? ( with abusive words ).

And for me, what I enjoyed and thought how good was the serpent in the novel. Usually serpent is like very fierce and big like a monster but not in this. It was so small and had wings ( correct me if I was wrong ). Oh my! I love this book.

Sometime I just read the words without knowing where the story happened. For example in Morgana's room, in WorldWild, in castle and even their own house. I'm completely not like reading it until the end. My mistakes were read it without noticing where did I stop. Then, when I was about to read it, I lost the page and get confused whether I have read it or not.

I did learn new words in this novel which I am going to apply them in
my life. Now I know how long it takes for us to learn languages especially not our own language. Woa! It was a long journey to get it finished. Reading novels could help me for enhancing my vocab.

This novel sequels to The Heart of Valour. I'll be reading it soon but I didn't buy it yet. I have seen it at Popular but I don't think that it sequels to this novel.

4 stars for The Night of The Solstice.

Currently, I am reading Hush Hush. It's a romantic novel and I bought it just wanted to know whether I can get along with romantic or not.

While everybody's busy studying ECO162 for the quiz, I am busy reading this. HAHA. I will read my microeconomics tomorrow and this is not a bullshit.

See you on the next entry, Insya Allah.
Have a nice day.
Happy Holidays and Happy Chinese New Year.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Does Respect Mean?

Assalamualaikum and praised be to Allah we could still meet for this entry.

Refer to the title above. I really thought that respect is just a word or something which does not have really exact meaning. I have totally mistaken about that. Respect is not just a word but it has millions of meaning in it.

If you want to ask me what word that I hate the most ( Yes, you won't be asking me and that's the point. HAHA ) and I would say it is RESPECT. I don't know because I never felt that way before. Now, it is one of the point I am turning back when anyone talks or mentions about it.

I turn back not because that I am rude or whatsoever la but now it tends to be the worst nightmare of my life. Serious thought, in fact I hate it because of certain reasons. For then respect meant everything for me. But now, it's useless.

One might wonders why I said that way? Did I ever want respect? Did I respect nobody?. It is tough to answer that kind of questions though. No, I respect everyone ( if you deserved to be respected ) no matter I will respect you in kind of ways.

The story begins here why I hate the word of respect.

I have been robbed! Should I be using vulgarities? Yes, but not in this entry. I have been robbed by a Malay guy. It's ashamed because he stated that he respects Malays and never have any intention to devastate Malays. How pathetic he was?

Okay, that's why I don't get along with ' RESPECT '. I was familiar with it but now it becomes a sarcasm for me to hear. I don't why because I have no specific answer for it. The thing is, it bothered me since I was robbed end of December '10.

I will be respecting you if you are deserved to have my respect but according to that story, I won't respect you if you behave such that way.

The opposite thing goes when if you respect me, just never mention it in front of me. Just show your respect will do. If you say " Mat, aku respect kau ". Ouh, I WOULD NOT BELIEVE IN YOU! This is so serious. It'd been my enemy since that.

I might leave you like that if you say that. And again, I don't know why. It might be a trauma or a paranoia to me. Just show your respect will do.Yes, it will do.

I'll be leaving you till this. See you on next entry. For the followers, I'll be following you back if I have time. I am quite busy now because of entering college ( again same reason, somebody please kill me. HAHA ). Thank you for following me.

Salam and may Allah bless you.
Have a nice day! =D

" I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me. All I ask that you respect me as a human being "
- Jackie Robinson.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum. Praised be to Allah we can still meet for this entry. (Y)

It's 1 in the midnight and I just couldn't sleep. I'll be having my Microeconomics class at 8 o'clock and yet I didn't sleep. Classes are going pretty good since I thought it was never happened. I need to keep remembering myself that everything takes time.

Last day, I have spoken in front of the class for speaking. I don't know why I was so afraid when I did that. It's so weird because I never thought of getting this emotion though. Maybe this was a new air for me and I have to keep myself breathing.

I woke at 10 and rushed to go to college. I had classes started at 11. Honestly, I didn't prepare anything for my speaking. At last, in Statistics class my mind has gone everywhere looking for ideas about what I'm going to talk in my English class.I came for a topic. " People I hate the most ". How's that? I only took 3 characteristics for this and share it to everybody.

3 People I hate the most. ( I won't be mentioning the examples that I gave so that nobody will get hurt ).

First, a self-profess people. If you think that you're competent in ways, good enough to look at, have capabilities, or competitive, just stay in the way you are. But, if you don't. Please don't act like one. Otherwise, it's you who're going to humiliate your own self.

Second, a people who makes fun of me. Last-last post I have got it clear how you need to know there's a very thin line between making jokes and making fun of certain people.

" In case you did not notice, I'm not laughing ".
" You did notice I'm laughing is all the matters ".

The intonation goes like this.

" Kau ada nampak aku gelak ke? "
" Kau nampak aku gelak dah lah "

What the heck? I beg you to differ it.

Third, a over-the-hill people. I really don't like it especially girls out there. Please la. You don't even know how much I was puking when I saw you. The worst part is when they got see oh-so-hot boys. That such attitude lasts only for less than 3 days and nobody would bear with it. I bet you on this.

( All of that were just the idea what I was saying. Not exactly at all ).

I thought that's going to be a very lame story telling but I have got quite response from my classmates. Everybody was laughing so hard to see my reactions when I told them about my experiences. It was very good feelings though. HAHA.

I started with " A self-profess people " and everybody was like " PROFESS? PROFESS? ". I don't know how to explain what PROFESS is and Miss Shazni continued with " Self- proclaim ". Yea! That solved all the confusions. HAHA.

And I want to be a bit self-profess or self-proclaim here. I LOVE THE WAY I CLOSED MY SPEAKING!

I said ( This is so TRUE ).

" Despite all of these 3 I hate the most. Self-profess, Making fun of people, and Over-the-hill. Unfortunately I have to say that I have been self-professed, I have made fun of people, and I have been over-the-hill. The question mark is ' Do we realize that we are all of it? ' ".

Then, I went back to my place without saying Thank You. That was so rude. HAHA. Got a big round of applause too. Just kidding. Just a big clap and it's enough for me because I wasn't prepared anything.

I remembered how Miss was saying that I told something which I don't like and it reflects back to myself and all of us. It's just a good message to share with all of my classmates. So, I think I made it for this task.

Long Live Mamat. HAHAHA.

May Allah bless you and see on the next entry.
Salam and have a nice day!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Okay2 Lah

Ting Tang! Assalamualaikum.

Woa! Entering semester 2 was just quite good enough. I'm not saying that I don't like it but it was quite okay. Or maybe I was just entering it less than a week and I didn't feel like over-the-hill.

I feel so stressed when I entered Section 6. Serious thought, I felt a bit anxious because that class was dead! I was planning to submit for other section but I couldn't. It's so weird for me if lecturers make jokes and my classmates didn't laugh.

I remembered on my FAR150 ( Financial Accounting II ) class on last Thursday. My lecturer made a very tremendous joke and I was the one who laughing so hard. Then, everybody was looking at me. Ohh come on! She made the most precious jokes and of course I'll be laughing. Everybody seemed like afraid to laugh. What la?

On last week, I have made my decision to switch section and I didn't make it because it's hard to anybody in only Section 6 to do that. I don't know why but it has stated by our UiTM organization. So, I was like " Ohh, okay ". Actually it's really a heartbroken.

The reasons were every time they asked me what was my section and I answered " Section 6 ", they were like ;
" Woa! DL class ".
" Smart boy boleh lah ".
" Giler lah kau ".

The thing is, you never know how do I feel in that class. I am stressed when I don't even talkative like before. I need to laugh in classes. Nevertheless, I really really have to tiptoe to understand on what lecturers have taught so that I'm not get kicked ass by anybody. This feeling you never know and I wish you to have it in future.

Getting to this class makes me losing my confidence like 100%. Why do I say like that? It's because everybody has got their golden mind and apply them like 100%. I was never nervous when do the talking. Maybe yes sometimes but in this class, presentations make me feel like puking.

I just hope I can get to live my soul here.

But, I do have several people who have given me their support and made me feel like I have to stay in this class. Amirul ( my housemate ), Aisyah and AJ ( former classmates ). Thank you for always standing by my side and giving me strength to stand still.

I have started my classes. I know everybody was pieced with timetables. Chill la if you want to get satisfied with your results. Apparently, I wasn't too because every day got to prepare from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Yes, every single day. Not for Fridays. HAHA..

I hate the feeling when I started comparing this lecture with my past lecture. For me, it's unfair. But, it's the common thing when us do comparing. But hey, my Microeconomics lecturer's awesome. And I think, I start to fall in love with that subject. I need to love business like seriously.

Last, Aisyah. You did think about to change section, did you? Answer me. HAHAHA. No la. I understand because not only us wanted to switch. A bunch of them. And thank you for mentioning my name in your blog. Even you did small-font it. I feel like flying. HAHAHA. Just kidding.

Hope I can be more confident.

May Allah bless you guys and have a nice day!.
Salam. See you on the next entry.