Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Cannot Abide All People

Sometimes winning does not always mean that we are on the top but it could mean that we are doing better on what we have done before. Praised be to Allah I'd had released my tension a bit on what I waded through. Okay! Enough for some emotional feelings and keep smiling all the way. Owh! I am a faker now.

Seriously I do not know how to abide most people and that is sad. For some reasons, somehow I need to know after all. How exactly we can abide someone? I cannot find the answer and if you do, congrats!. I did some research by myself, again that is sad and I found the way to learn it. Something like we were walked on tiptoes when get surrounded by tall people. Are you willing to walk on tiptoes? If you do, it is just a futile because you aren't tall after that. All you get are humiliations because you are the one who humiliates your own self.

I am not saying that it is too easy to satisfy or tolerate with everybody. It comes to an abrupt way. Quite time now, I feel dead and I keep motivating myself not to dwell in the past otherwise I will be regretting it. I abstain myself before do anything that really makes no sense and the result is YES I FAILED! What a shock isn't it? HAHAHA..

I am afraid of one thing and sure it is when people get me wrong and say that I am alienated everybody from someone else. A researcher has found that actually the one who feels that himself/herself is being alienate is not because of others' curse or whatsoever but because of oneself. So, that is why I am afraid to be labelled as a backstabber. If you really know me I think you never thought of that I guess. HAHAHA.. And by the way, that researcher was me. TMTH isn't it? HAHAHA..

Honestly I abhor everybody that comes to me and blames me with shits all the time. This statement indicates to NOBODY. Please do not get me wrong. I am sicked and tired live with full of craps. The one who is going to suffer is myself, my body, my soul, my everything so please I am begging you to stop end this. Just want to let you know, I also abhor racism. HAHAHA.

This is so TRUE.

Somehow, I found this song was bawled my eyes. Try to read this lyric and you will find it as good.

Masihkah ada sekelumit belas?
Mengemis kasihMu, Tuhan
Untukku berpaut dan bersandar
Aku di sinikan tetap terus mencuba
Untuk peroleh cintaMu
Walau ranjaunya menusuk pedih.

How is that?


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eid Mubarak

Finally we reach once again Eid Mubarak. We have been fasting over a month now and this time is our time to celebrate our victory. Yea. Only for those who were fasting completely. Opps. Sorry girls. HAHAHA. Just joke because I know you were not fasting for some reasons. Chill okay! HEHEHE.

On this time, I want to apologise if I have done any mistake towards you. I did not mean to hurt you. Yes maybe I did in some circumstances but it could be I did it on purpose. Arghhh. Whatever it is, I AM SORRY. Hope you will accept my apology in any way you like to. I really regret it.
Okay, finished phase 1. Now I want to share with you on what I have got las
t week. HEHEHE. It was really freaking awesome. I did not expect of getting those but I got it somehow. Seriously because I thought in college life, I would never seen this 'transaction' ever again. But still typical of human. I think it indicates more to girls. HAHAHA. Please forgive me.

Want to see it. HAHAHA. You better wish for it because I'm not going to show to you. KIHKIHKIH. I will show to you. And please forgive me once again. ( Does this post is an apology post ). HAHAHA. Okay okay. Let us get this straight. The thing is I have got Eid Mubarak cards from two girls in my class.

I felt good so bad on that day. I thought they held me for a while just wanted to ask
something or made any plan during holiday but what I was expected did not right. Yea. Thank you very much for giving me those cards. It really made my day and made me happy.

Nice isn't it? HAHAHA. Ehh, wait a second dude. Do you see something? Let us zoom for more clear statement in this picture.

It's TRISH! It's TRISH!. Thanks for made me more happier than ever. It seems like everybody knows that I am the Trish Stratus #1 fan. HAHAHA. Well, Trish rules. Whoa! To keep things save, I won't tell you who gave me these cards because they did not know that I am blogging about this. I keep it silent. :p

Last, I just want to wish Happy Eid Ul-Fitr guys. May Allah bless you in all you do along the days on Hari Raya.
Enjoy it with your family and seek for their forgiveness.

Once again I am asking for your apology and remember that yang baik datang dari Allah s.w.t. dan yang buruk datang dari aku. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.