Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tempted To Say II

Hello and Assalamualaikum to everyone who's reading my not-so-hot blog. Well, I guess you can say that because I have no idea how to make an introduction this is a lame blog. Wait, you think my blog is awesome? Thank you very much. Lots of pleasure to hear that.

Before I get this entry started, I would like you to click on this to view Tempted To Say. And to make things clear, this is going to be a long post. If you don't wish to continue, well I guess leave this blog is the best thing you can do. (Y)

For this very entry, I am so fascinated to talk about my class for this semester. There are so many rants I want to share with you guys ( not only my classmates but also my friends who're there always supporting my blog ) about my Section 6.

First thing first, I want my classmates to ratify what I'm going to write.I have decided to make about 3 parts. It may be turned to be a sarcasm but who knows if you get tickled by them. It depends on you because all I wanted to give to you is a satisfaction. ;-)

1st Part - My thoughts.
2nd Part - My freaking-damn-hot classmates.
3nd Part - Appreciation segment.

So, let us have the first part going, shall we?

My first thought getting to this Section 6.

1. For at the beginning, I was SO okay to be in Section 6. Then, I came to realize that I'd be placing with superb students made me a little bit nauseous. To be honest, I was afraid like hell and thought if I couldn't do my best, I will ruin my life.

2. Yes, I did think about submitting for other sections. When I met someone who supposed to be met, that someone gave me a tedious nagging. I just wanted to change my section and not to hear her grandmother's stories.

3. I got into the first class and it was a bloody hell quiet class I have entered in my entire life. I was so lucky to have at least 6 former classmates to back up my scariness. I bare in my mind that everything takes time so I was like okay, maybe it's our first day and literally it will happen like this. The whole week classes slaughtered me.

4. Then, everything turned to be like usual. Yes, that's what it supposed to be happening.


Okay, before you get yawned, let us have our second part and it's long. Yes, it is but I will let you know my thought about you guys. So, enjoy it. I'll be introducing to you boys and follows by girls.

Shiraz ( I will keep it until my Part 3 ). Afiq is likely funny and sarcastic. He's so unstable when I had any discussion with him. He used to call me Mamat Bieber quite sometimes and I'm not proud of it. But all of us noticed that he's kind. Faiz, the funniest classmate for Section 6. Do you guys agree? Although sometimes it didn't make sense but he kept trying to make us laugh. I have to admit because sometimes I laughed my ass out. Saiful is one of my former classmates. He's so smart for my point of origin but the good thing about him is he is so humble and down to earth. He never has any intention to show off and I like that. Nabil is a quiet person. He will talk if you talk to him first. It's just me or you guys think the same way too?

The other boys are Amad, Aiman, Pitek and Mirol. Amad, the most superb Kelantanese I've ever seen. His accent is so AWESOME especially when he speaks English.You guys have to hear it. Aiman is the one who would sit next to me in all classes. He professed that he is from UK. That's so funny when I know and we all know that he's not. What a self-professed person! Pitek seems to be a nice guy but he is not. Lately, he became weird and scolded me for good. Oh God, can I slap your face for good? He's kind though. Mirol is my classmate and housemate. I'm getting bored to see his face like 24/7. I love the way he woke up and looked frantic in the class. So enthusiastic!

They're my former classmates. Aisyah, AJ, Kak Farah and Nisha. Aisya is the one I look up to when I get caught with troubles or whatsoever. Not everything but she knows lots of my problems. AJ is also my former classmate. It's super nice to have her because it would be easy for me preferring any questions regarding to accountancy subject. And she's closed to me. Kak Farah is a smart girl. She's even matured so she has to take care of us. You want her number? Sadly I didn't have it. Nisha is a die-hard Kpop fan. She is so in love with it. I don't have any good reason for it. As usual, she would always keep silence in the class.

Next are Dede, Eikha and Afiqah Akhir. Afiqah Akhir is a girl with her smile like 24/7. Sometimes, I can't get the idea what she's smiling for. But she's kind and no one can't doubt about it. Dede Farahin is a confident girl. It's hard for me to applause anyone which is good in English but she has it. She has what it takes and I am not surprised to see her as a well-exposed speaker one day. Eikha is a lively talkative person. All you could her in classes as she made lively situation. Well, lively talkative person equals to lively situation. It's good actually for me as I'm not the first one who needed to start the conversation.

Other girls are Faa, Rizana, Fiqa and Sara. Faa is one of the members that helped me a lot. I'm so thankful to have her for this semester. We studied and learned together. I hope it pays off. Rizana is also one of the members too. If she wants something, she will go for it. I like her determination because she knows what she wants and chases after it. And thanks to Nina ( Zana's friend ) who helped a bit for account. Fiqa Azmi is quite funny when she took my past years questions and went nowhere. She has her own way for achieving something. What I saw if she studied, she would give a 100%. Her passion to learn is what I think the best. Sara is a distinctive girl. I laughed with her so hard when we made a joke about something related and based on accountancy. For example, " Ouh, I think this building should be revalued ". It's fun.

Fatin is accompanied by Nadiah and Nadiah is accompanied by Fatin. Both of them have played as well-laughter in our class. You have to meet them for only one day. I beg you guys will throw up and lick it back. I don't know what's wrong with both of them. Can anyone explain to me? * Oh really? They've got extra adrenaline? No wonder! HAHA *

Last are Pujah, Nurul and Fyrah. Three of them is mute girls. They didn't even open their mouths in the class. Pujah is a silent person. But one thing you never know is she's so talkative which anyone could ever imagine. Yes, you should give a try. Never hear she laughs because it will blow you up. Nurul is also a silent girl. Sometimes in the class, we heard someone's laughing and she was Nurul. I was like " Ouh! The rattle of her. ". Fyrah, she seems to be a nice girl because she doesn't talk much. If she could talk like usual, it will be unusual I think.


Shiraz has wished to be in my blog. Well, like I said, you wanted to be in the spotlight and I promised you'll have it. That's why I have this part just for you. So Shiraz, your wish is granted.

He's our leader for this whole semester. He helped all of his friends especially someone like me who needed help for subjects that I afraid to embrace in the first place. He has a very good combination of kind and smart. He has an aura and he's charismatic too ( Okay, I lied about this ).

No, but seriously he has done his best to help anyone. What I like about him is that he knows how to make friend and tickle anyone with everything. He's so determined to get anything that he wants in his life. What else? Determination, supportive, charismatic, down to earth, and etc.

And one more thing, you will be amazed if you hear he speaks in English. He's so freaking darn awesome as he could imitate Britain's, USA's and Australia's accents. YOU ARE SO GOING TO AMAZE! When the first time I heard it, I was like ohh God, he's awesome.

Shiraz, after all while there may well be many fish in the proverbial sea, only some of them are worth catching and others should be thrown back in immediately. Just take good experiences along with you and leave the bad ones. Hope you understand and just be strong in way you are now. We all will be praying for you. Anything that happens, remember that Allah has a good reason for it.

And I had your photo copyrighted because afraid someone might take it and do negative things. Yeah! Gay, over-the-hill girls that take your picture and do whatever they want. So, I get it copyrighted.

That's. Please do not hesitate to inform me whether you like it or not. And sorry if this entry is not your desired post. 



  1. over-the-hill description.

    hee. no lah.
    i love the way you described the class. most of them are true:)

    nice one.

  2. hahahah.. thanks aisya.. these are my thoughts.. i love when you guys ratified it.. =D

  3. i am dayyum speechless man. seriously. i didnt expect that. you know i was laughing when i asked you to put my pic. hahaha. anyhow, thanks alot buddy. you're awesome ;)

  4. shirazz, hahaha.. never thought you will be putting any comments here.. hahahha.. but your face was serious man. i could see it. heh. now u speechless kan? i know i'm awesome. YOU TOO. hahhaa.. thanks for dropping by chap! hope you enjoy with this. =D

  5. dudee... no special tribute utk aku KAH??? mcm neh lah ORG SIAM!!

  6. HAHAHA.. special tribute for you? I dont have your gambar la, UK!