Saturday, November 10, 2012


First and for most. :) Salam.

I am currently on diet, the same, exact thing I'll be doing for every semester break.

Before I get started, it seems to me that I have to tell you guys something regarding "to". Okay, here goes nothing. After using "to", you have to put the root words, basically. Yes, if you are using right sentences, you can use regardless of "-ing". For example, "I want to eat". It's correct. There's no chance of saying "I want to eating"! And  if you're smart to use "to", you'd get to differ when and how to use it. Example, "I'd kill when it comes to eating". See the difference? If you do, you're good!

Back to my story.

Alhamdulillah. I think the cat is out of the bag. Yes, I have been officially promoted to the Dean's list section.

 I have waited for so long to be on the list at least once. I keep praying and praying and now the time has come. After 5 semesters of hardworking and effort, Alhamdulillah, Allah listened to my doa and granted it. I keep praying five time a day so that I can convey my wishes to Allah. After that, I let Allah do the rest.

One of my goals in life is that I really want make my family proud. And if I can get that, a big part of my life is already a success.

Talk about this, I have always been fascinated to grab the Dean's list. It is a lie if anyone says that they never have wanted it. To make it short, I am glad to have it and I will try harder for the upcoming semester. Alhamdulillah again, this is going to be my last semester. I hope everything is shifting on the right track.


I don't know how to express my feelings then without any warning, I personally believe that blog is the best place.

I don't like to grieve myself but I should probably start dreaming the impossibilities. Maybe it will turn out to be reality. As what I have storied above, I know it was impossible for me to grab the Dean's but what the hell? I got it with tons of prayers. Allah listens, trust me! *I know I shouldn't put what the hell over there at the first place.*

So, there are impossible things I have been dreaming lately.

First, I have sent an instant message to Miss Sarah to convince her to remain me in the same class. I also had mentioned that it is not my intention to sure that I will be in Section 1 because the result that I got blaaa.. blaaa.. blaaa.. but at some point, you just have got to go and state what you want if you see it best for your own and future. And lucky me, she seems to give me a green light. Now, my time to convey this wish to Allah.

The main reason, no others as big as this reason is because I hate competitive class. I know you guys may think that competition is good whatsoever but I really am comfortable now to stay in this class. 

She also replied "InsyaAllah, I tak tukar". yahooooooo!

So, I hope it is a success.

Second, this is a larger than life of big impossible too. I plan to go to Australia or UK to continue my studies after I complete my diploma. I told my mother about this, since having a scholarship is a big NO for me. At least you need to score CGPA of 3.4 but it seems to me that I have a slight problem of it. What to do? I suggested to apply for loan like I did for diploma. They (my family) seem okay about it.

Then I came across of thinking that it may cost a lot of money.

They told me "Duit boleh cari. Kau belajar saja". I bawled my eyes out!

They made me strength to go abroad by saying that they cannot send me but will be there when I am about to graduate etc. You know what? That makes me so excited to study abroad. But you know they say that every cloud has a silver lining. And if it is not happening, then I should not give up and continue here in Malaysia. 

Plus, it is not easy. The procedures, examinations must be tough. Like I said, I dream the impossibilities. If it happens, I will go for it. 

By the way, I got the Dean's List by a tiny margin. That is why I don't want it to be exposed to everybody. I know somehow, somewhere, someone MIGHT say this "Alaaaaaaaa, maybe it was a fluke he got the Dean's". Well, I talk and they talk. I do not know, maybe.

Okay, I think it is enough. Till then, Assalamualaikum. See you soon...

P/S : And Siti Aisyah Zainal, please remind me to belanja you anything you want at Komasa. I already made a promise to myself if I get an A for BEL313, I need to belanja you since you helped me printing the articles. You remember, don't you?


  1. All I want is doa and friendly reminders that wake me up whenever I fall asleep.