Friday, August 23, 2013

Random Rant

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If you noticed my previous post, I put a picture and I guess you may know what and how big of an impact that drama had influenced us, especially those who loved F4.

It started when there were claims confirming that Meteor Shower was going to star in our sky. To be honest, I was one of the people who wanted to see it. I went outside of my house, waited for a few minutes and it got really scary, I got chills so I went back inside. Basically, I just read those updates on Twitter. Still nothing big happened, it was not published in the newspaper or any electronic devices so I want to have my few minutes back. Why? Because I was bitten by the mosquitoes and I was scared (though I made it so) looking at the sky.

Okay, now back to the reason why I uploaded the picture at the first place. As I mentioned before, it all started with these meteor shower claims. Then just the day after, I came to notice that I had a complete set of season 1 and season 2 of Meteor Garden. I remember in the year of 2002, my sister had to pay a lot of money buying these 2 seasons. I just thought that I should watch it again, you know just for pleasuring myself since I am about to continue my studies after this, 15 days away!

The main point I am blogging right now is not to blab about the drama. If you miss the story and casts especially the boys, I would lend you.

Then I google-d to know the "progeny" of their careers now. Then, there was a link addressing me to their reunion early this year, to be more specific, Chinese New Year celebration. It tore me up to see they united after all these years pursuing their own interests. 

I may not have a firm grasp on sensing the perfect bonding of a relationship among friends but when I watched the video, I had this one feeling, a feeling I could not describe. All I know is why can't I ever have to feel it? 

Ah! mengada lah pulak aku ini.

I strongly recommend you guys to watch it. Just for fun, dwelling back on our past memories. But please do not get carried away like me. Muahaha..

I just want to express my opinion about friendship. Given to observe theirs makes me want to make a good call about friendship soon. All you have to do is waiting for the next post to come. 

Owh! you know what they say, Imma give ya real good!

And I thought of selecting Mandarin as third language subject in my degree studies. What do you think about it? The truth is I want to choose other language i.e Arab, Korean, French etc instead of Mandarin but I guess there is no room since we live in Malaysia and I know it is not a must but somehow I feel like I am obligated to take it. It is okay, nothing to lose!

2013 F4's reunion.

I think I have a problem scaling the size of the pictures. Maybe because I haven't been blogging for a quite long time. And my writing, I should develop its skill. It takes time, InsyaAllah I'll improve my writing. Well, I am a novice blogger to say the least. :P

See you soon! Salam.
0628 a.m. :)

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