Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Resignation From Parkson Grand

For those yg nampak aku..
You thought you might saw me..
Yes.. I'm working at Parkson..
But it was then.. This is now..
I'm not currently working at Parkson..

It's been awhile and my mind kept thinking
about resignation.. Hahahaha..
Don't know why...
It is so hard to make a most historical decision
in my life.. ;)
Maybe this time would be a perfect time for
getting my license..

I have been working with many great staffs, supervisors
and my executive..
I can't forget all the memories that you all gave me..
It will be such a great pleasure to work with all of you

Riduan,Raimi,Awang,Syafiq,Kak Parvin,Wandi,Faiz,Rahmat,Azleen
and many more..

Kak Mala,Ms Low,Kak Ellma, Kak Azira, Kak Nad..

By the way.. Gonna miss you all so much..

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