Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm Back and Exhausted

Sunday, June 19th. I went to Putrajaya completing some points before going to college. I am not satisfied being there because a lot of places haven't explored yet. Putrajaya is one of the most outstanding cities in Malaysia. While my father went to make his new Sijil Kelahiran, I walked to somewhere, took some pictures and trust me no one I saw. I just love the unique buildings, beautiful mosques, lovely roads and empty streets. I bet you can even sleep on the roads because it looks like a haunted city exactly the movie House Of Wax ( you need to watch them) no one there. The only sound you can hear is that Azan during prayers time.

About 4 mosques I had noticed but I only went for one. I don't know what it's name but somebody call it as "Masjid Besi". Yeah, maybe cause I didn't see any window but I did see some pools inside of it. Plus, I had my jemaah Zohor Prayer with them and it WAS awesome! Wait and see these pictures.

I walked from this point. Can you see the path? Of course you do. HAHAHA

First time I saw an escalator in mosque. Pity la.

Place to take Wudu'

See how it works. Amazing!

Pools inside it. I am amazed!

Prayer Hall. It was bigger than what you have seen here. In front it has a view of Putrajaya Lakes. So, our Kiblah is right away to lake. It was cool!

HAHAHA.. I started at the beginning and now I was inside it breathed hardly. Cute! HAHAHA..

The best part was when I took this picture and left my watch. HAHAHA.. I wasn't sad at all but I was happy for at least I have something to remember this hilarious incident! Semoga orang yang dapat jam aku tu gunekan dia dengan baik. Aku halalkan. HAHAHA.. It was FUN..

I arrived home about 2p.m. and really exhausted. Then 9.30p.m. , My family and I went to JJ Kepong to watch Toy Story 3. Interesting movie and I really wanted to watch this because my first cinema debut was Toy Story 1. I almost cried watching this and this is serious.Andy is going to college and they need to separate at the end of the story. I think this one will be the finale. I reached home about 1.15a.m. and updated this post. That's it. I am tired and my mee sedap waits for me.

My nieces ( Sasha, Shamin, Nana ).


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