Monday, June 7, 2010

June ( Friends )

Last post was something good to take it as a motivation in our life. Not tried to show-off what I've got but that helps us. I'm sure some of you remembered at least one of the quotes I've posted last 3 weeks I think but if you didn't, HAHAHA is the thing that I can say. Just don't take my precious quote will do. Hmm.. JUNE.. I'm trying to figure out what is the best about this month or just simply 6. There's nothing special for now but I have no idea what comes next. So, instead of nothing I would like to look around me and find out what is exactly to indicate the word of friends. No. I can't figure it out. I admit it I don't really care what type of friends I've got. Just to be honest I can't stereotype people or I don't even know how to. But I think that doesn't matter as long as I've stepped my foot far away from their bad stuffs or attitudes.

About a week I will be stepping into college world. Last night, I've sipped my drink and thought how excited am I to be a student once again. For now it is but I can't expect what will happen next. I'll try my best to get whatever spaces need to be completed. As a matter of fact, my sister said that she couldn't describe how much she wanted me to get out from this house. Maybe she was messing around or joking with myself because I know that she's the one who misses me when I'm going after all. HAHAHA. Here is the thing(s), I don't know anyone(that freaks me out) in my college. How am i going to embrace in the first day? It's hard and funny
though. I can tell you it's going to be HILARIOUS.

Somehow, I'd asked my friends how hard accountancy could be and rated it for me. It was 6. Yepp. He said '6' because he doesn't have any interest in account. That calmed me for just a second then he said if I don't get it right(for example 1 little mistake) everything goes wrong. WOOHOO.. I will definitely try my best then. I didn't know why I'd chose accountancy in the first place. Then I came up for 1 reason to prove how I am so with accountancy. Because my Math result were better than science subjects. Proven! But Account and Math are still completely different between each other though. Arghhh.. I will still learn accountancy no matter what. Like I said I will try to complete any spaces. I hope so.

Just moment ago, I'd watched a video on youtube. Clip from Creed (My Sacrifice) and confused a bit. Here are some of the lyrics "Hello my friends we meet again" and " It feels so good to reunite". Owh.. I'm so in love with this and thought how good to reunite with my friends. I take it as a FRIENDSHIP song but Hey! Guess what? It's about God and Religious thingy. I read out all comments in that video. So, what does "Hello my friends we meet again" or "It feels so good to reunite" mean? For all these years I never knew about it at all. More than 7 years in running and I still love this song. Don't know why because I have no specific answer for it. Yeahh! Creed rocks.. HAHAHA.

Friends again? Let's finish this one. I have a lot of friends and good friends and some "best punye" friends. I won't tell you where is your place. Because sometimes we think that he/she is the best on what he/she does.
Then when it comes to jealousy, you won't be able forget it. Like my teacher stated that we can forgive anybody but forget what they'd done? Nahhh.. Never. Pain/jealous/mad/heart-breaking will always be itself. No one will forget unless he/she has no heart. I've been hurt by someone which has no heart or heartless in generally and I'd accepted that and forgive that person but I will never forget it. That was so not about love for sure. HAHAHA. Considered I've a little wild gossip with Nurul Hudha. We are just friend after all. Nothing much. Say no for "in a relationship" status. Take note, Irfan. HAHAHA. I'm sorry, Eimei for including you. This is our(includes Hudha) secret forever. =p

I decide to do something new after this. Let us try our best to be "the best there was, the best there is, the best there will ever be". Just hope we all are still contacting. Maybe quite complicated to meet after this. My pray goes to you. I'm done for this post and will be updating soon.Tuned!

-Off to Masjid for Maghrib prayer. Salam. ( I'd debuted to Masjid last Friday for Jumaat prayer and it was awesome).


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