Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Say What?

Hello and Assalamualaikum, people.

First thing first, I am sorry for not updating my blog like so long. What? Yes, I know I am breaking my promise. Seems like I am not good in keeping promise. It has been a week, isn't it? But who cares? HAHA.

I do not want to be over-the-hill or whatsoever but I have received lots of compliments said that I am a good person. My mouth could say " Yes, indeed! I am one of the kind " but deep down inside, only Allah knows the real me. Thing to say that I am not that good or that bad. D you want to see how bad I am? This post will show you the real me if you are talking something trash.

So, I shall be giving you the event of some people talking to me and what I would say deep down inside. Do not be touched because it is just me. See what kind of man I am.

1. Opinion
Everybody has made mistakes, right? " Mamat, you're always making mistakes! " Yes, I've made mistakes, you've made mistakes. Even your parents made mistake for not using birth control!
See, how good I am?. How sweet is that? Listen and get the idea of it. People tend to do mistakes. We all have made mistakes. So, we do not have any point to put someone on his or her place when he or she makes mistakes. Normal people do make mistakes. At least, if you've found something equally guilty then you're deserved to blame or even get that person suspended. Get the idea now, do you?

2. Act
Ohh My Goodness! I love it and I am pretty good in acting though, people. Take note of that so that  you won't get caught soon :). My best part is when I act like smiling but it is all fake! The truth is I do not even believe I can do that. You know something, man? There are times I think that something stands for its privileges! But thanks for you for making it gross, worst or even eerie. I cannot blame you because you've your own way to be on the spotlight. And you know what? There were times I said it silently to you and it sounds like this " I don't even care if you're Britney Spears or Lady Gaga, NOBODY is gonna take my spotlight. Okay? " LOL. I feel the mamatfaction ( satisfaction ) ya know? Cause I know that I joked about it.

3. Talk
Gosh! I love to lie to people especially when someone lies to me first. I do not mind if you want to lie something to my face but please lie something that makes sense or something that has its own proof. Please do not lie something which I think as hard as shit to believe or ratify. Do you clear up a little bit? No? I give an example. You lied to me that you've never taken flight. And one day without any reason you told me that you've been to Romania. Don't tell me you've taken cruise to go there ( your little lie called Romania )? And can you define something for me? That something is " epic fail "? LOL! Come on, get over yourself already and stop lying. For your information, I am quite good at lying too. How's that?

4. Self-proclaimed
This thing I like the most. I want you to profess any thing you want in front of me and I would wonder and like to see what are the reactions if you notice how bad ass I can be a self-proclaimed person. I can profess so many things! You can ask my housemates if you really want to know. They are annoyed sometimes for hearing I'd been over-the-hill and talk trash. I did it on purpose and reason because they made themselves and proclaimed how good they were. Now, they feel the mamatfaction of me! ( Even though I hate over-the-hill and a self-professed person, I can't run the fact that sometimes I'd love to be like that.). It is just me, the real me!

For me, it has several points why some people acted like that and it depends on the individuals why he or she acts such that. They must have their own points. Maybe they want to get attention or even like me who wants nobody to take my spotlights. LOL. Just kidding. I don't mind if you want to take my spotlight, I really don't. Just take it. I know some of you must be puking to hear I am saying about spotlight because who am I, right? What a self-professed person? HAH!

And about that "mamatfaction", I think it's cool because I want to have my own trademark. Can I get one, please? See, how desperate I am.

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Before I get this entry ended, do you feel the mamatfaction? HAHA! TMTH isn't it? Too much to handle.
See you soon before the greatest month ever, Ramadhan! <3. Salam.