Monday, July 18, 2011

The Awesomeness

 Hello and Assalamualaikum there. :)

Well, there are reasons why I didn't update my blog like a month. But I don't think you guys want to hear about it or even hear me to start my nagging all over again. I'm blogging today just want to tell you guys that I've watched Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows Part 2 which came to my intention to update about it. Just read it will you do.

I've waited so long for this movie to release. And I'm pretty sure that all of you have been waiting too. For watching it once makes me feel that I don't get satisfied. I need to watch it over and over again to get the satisfaction of it. It took 2 hours and 10 minutes but I just can't get enough of it. Maybe I was looking every single part of it and by that, I didn't notice time passed by just like that.

As usual, before I came to watch this part of Harry Potter 7 ( HP7 ), I need to recall back my memory about what had happened for the first part. I did some research and surfed internet to have it back in my mind. Literally, I had it back and it made me look forward to watch the second part of HP7. It fascinated me with everything. Its story telling, actions, thrills and many more that I just couldn't describe.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 1 was a bit slow-paced story telling as Harry, Ron and Hermoine were still trying to know what friendship is all about, their lack of confidence and whatnot. The most touchable scene was when Dobby died because of Harry Potter. My family cried and bawled for it. I can't lie because I did feel the same way too. Furthermore, hilarious scenes were everywhere. But, there were also parts that showed exactly what will happen next.

Whereas HP7 part 2 is the endless battle between Harry and Voldemort. It does have a fun opening action scene where the trio attempts to steal a horcrux from the goblin bank Gringotts, but it wasn’t quite as thrilling as I expected. But they have the point to turn me on as Hermoine changed her appearance and imitated Bellatrix Lestrange! And with all the dragon inside that bank with golds started to produce itself when it get shaken was pretty good way to tell how great this story is.

This movie covers battles all over the time. The battles are paced so that you really start getting wrapped up in the action, but when matters become too heavy, someone cuts in with a joke or a beloved character can get their shining moment.  And when it's time to break away from the action entirely for serious drama, the transition is never jarring. Every place, time and scene we've gotten the chance to see actions ( the battles ). It came to my mind sometimes how much the cost? HAHA. Believe me, you'll be thinking the same but who cares? Everybody loves it and it brings profits and satisfaction.

This is one of my favorite parts as the Professor McGonagall spells something to have protection on Hogwarts and says " I have waited so long to say that spell " which makes everybody laugh inside there. Why I found it's hilarious because she was like wanting that kind of situation to happen and she says it with full of enthusiasm. Trust me. HAHA.. That spell lasts no longer when Voldemort uses his power to break the spell. Hogwarts is fulled with sorcerers at that time.

The ending part is great too. It happens 19 years ahead when Harry has a son named Albus Severus Potter. The combination between Dumbledore and Snape. His son is so worried for getting into Slytherin. No matter how, once your dad is Harry Potter, you'll be as great as he was. And I so love the 9 3/4 station. So cool.

I would choose this movie over Fast Five or anything else. I, Muhammad Rahmat, give a solid 9 out of 10 to Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. HAHA..

This movie deserves more than an A-, its an A++++++, A- is being modest. This film was spectacular, not just the best Potter film, but a brilliant film all together. Both parts complement each other, but this is indeed the rich half. I hope this movie gets its hands on some awards, it would be nice. Every performance, set piece, moment, just everything, was perfect!

Even some of you might say that " Mamat, you get it perfect because you watch it 3D kot ". I didn't watch 3D. Yeah! but seeing as the movie as also D, 3D should be nothing to bitch about, at least half the critics out there thought the 3D was alright. This movie is just awesome. Please la, how many time I should be saying 'awesome'? Gosh!

I don't read its book because my level of English is not there. I am still a naive novice who needs to learn more. I know they can't fit the whole book into the movie but on what I've watched is a bunch of greatness of the story!

I would like to mention my personal favorites in the movie. Except the three main characters Harry, Ron and Hermoine. Well, they'd always be at the top

-Bellatrix Lestrange.
(One of Voldemort’s most loyal, trusted, and fearsome followers, whom Voldemort freed from Azkaban prison. She is the sister of Narcissa Malfoy and aunt to both Draco Malfoy and Nymphadora Tonks.) I don't even know how and why I love Lestrange. I don't love her but it's just something that's cool about her maybe it's her dressed-up or even her psychotic character.

- Neville Longbottom
(A student in Harry’s class, who for most of the series has been a pathetic weakling, unable to remember his lessons or perform magic properly). Wow! There's so many that I like about this guy in the movie. I don't know he can be so brave. The bravery and toughness of Longbottom is what I like even Voldemort laughs when he hears the " Longbottom ". You know what I mean.

- Molly Weasley
(Ron Weasley’s mother, the formidable matriarch of the large Weasley family, a family of pureblood wizards). First thing, i don't know that Ron"s mother could actually fight because all I've seen in Harry Potter movies is she only knows how to cook and make clothes to her children. One more thing, when she calls Lestrange a bitch, it just turns me on, baby! HAHA..

-Luna Lovegood
(A classmate of Harry’s who belongs to Ravenclaw House. Like other Ravenclaws, Luna is highly intelligent and perceptive, but also rather dreamy and otherworldly. She is a devoted friend of Harry, Ron, and Hermione and a member of Dumbledore’s Army, the outlawed Hogwarts club of Dumbledore loyalists).Well, she is just pretty. That's it!

- Minerva McGonagall
(A professor at Hogwarts, and head of Gryffindor House. A stiff-backed, proper schoolmistress, she is loyal to Harry, Dumbledore, and Hogwarts, and possessed of great courage). I love her courage and when she gives her support to Potter, she seems like really love and protect him from any circumstances. And the way she controls Hogwarts from being attacked is perfectly amazing.

- Severus Snape
(The man who killed Dumbledore, and a professor at Hogwarts, who later becomes headmaster. Before killing Dumbledore, Snape had been both a member of Dumbledore’s Order of the Phoenix and one of Voldemort’s Death Eaters. Dumbledore steadfastly believed Snape to be spying for him against Voldemort, and Voldemort believed Snape to be his spy against Dumbledore. Though numerous members of the Order and the Death Eaters suspect Snape of being a traitor to their respective causes, Snape’s true loyalties are a mystery throughout most of the series). Snape would always be one of the best character ever. I've watched Snape in other movie but it was epic fail. The mysterious character suits him so much! I just love the flashback about what actually happened to himself and Harry's mother. Awesome!

All the images credit to deamon.

That's it. Thanks for reading and see you soon.
Bye and Salam.


  1. Luna Lovegood and Snape hah ! loving it

  2. aku nak tengok. tp macam malas sebab dah banyak tertinggal cte dy. hahah