Friday, December 2, 2011


Hello and Assalamualaikum.

I don't feel like blogging these few days. Huh? I guess you can say "these few months". HEH!

Semester 4 has started about two weeks. As usual, lots of confidence have to be gained as soon as possible to keep me on the track. Classes have gone pretty well too. Just in case you wonder about it or not, who cares? 

PLEASE give me strength, The Almighty.

I feel so fragile and soon to be broken, indeed. 

They might say how fine I am when it comes to making any jokes and making people laugh. One thing never crosses their minds is how hard does it take to cover everything to show that I am okay? Simple. I will never ever try to show sorrows or how miserable my life is. TO THEM.

Rahmat is still Rahmat.
Mamat is still Mamat.
Kebi is still Kebi.

In and out, before and after, start till the end. I'll be forever be this person, as bad ass as I can.

Said, what's the point of sharing something if there's nobody interested to listen?. Especially, problems?. If there is any, they just want to know and listen, but help to solve? Positively zero.

Thanks to my friends who understand me.

Be back about few months. HAH! No, few days. You can count on me, at least now. Or forever not.

Salam. :)

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