Friday, March 2, 2012

Just Do Not Cross The Line!

Hi and Assalamualaikum.
Wow, it has really been awhile we haven't met each other. Like who cares? No one reads my blog. :/

Happy March, people. :)

Now, back to my title. 

This semester has been a really great Roller Coaster for me. The ups and downs are just well being good and frustrating. There are lots of tickled moments and worst nightmares to be adapted. But, for someone like me, I really have no idea where is the right time to adapt things that I have been through though. This is a thing that I hate the most when I have to think and choose the perfect time. THAT ONE TIME!.

I really want to talk about all the frustrations that I had for this semester. I had a lot, I mean A LOT of frustrations. You guys might think that I shouldn't be posting about this at the first place but it's just too much to handle. 

I would not mention any name or what had happened here and that is my promise. I just want to emphasize what I had this pass weeks or months or whatsoever.

It hurts me when everybody did not want to show at least a little bit of commitment. Was it hard for you so that you would have to sacrifice your life to give me just a small commitment? What hurts more when I was the only one who busted my ass off like hell to think, clarify, find, choose, message, inform, run, everything to get something done? Really people?

I got my mood swing. I even did not talk that much, I did not eat that much, and I did not sleep that much because of thinking about everything. I swear to God, I just prepared for any consequences to come. I even had a backup for anything to come!

Now I'm going to talk some trash. You better listen.

I mean come on! What makes you dominate? Certain people, have their destiny to disrespect me! But the worst of them all is all of you people. You seem to have a short memory, forgetting who I am and what I've done! All of the sacrifices I have made, whether tearing everything out of my knees, whether having blood and tears! But I have been abused every single time by you idiots! All sacrifices I made,I have been inspired and have tried my best to perform.

So, you're going to make my job very easy to forget about all of you people. That would be our last time cooperate in a team. I am sick and tired of being used! Enough is enough. I hate it when I was the only one who cared. 

What inspired me? My housemates. I was so lucky to have friends that can inspire me and be there for me whenever needed. They said that I was too kind. Yeah, literally, I go with them and figuratively, I am still the same. But I've changed now because next semester, I will never let you to be in my team. Ouchh, kinda hurt?

It took years for me to think about this. But there's nothing to bitch about at the moment.

I do not think that I'm giving up.

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  1. Mat, orang itu akan baca tak? :D