Friday, February 21, 2014

Degree Results 1.0


Last few years, I kept posting several entries about my results for diploma final examinations. And hey, what a better idea to keep 'em going for degree as well! Hahaha. Before I let you guys to know my results, I just have one thing to say.

Alhamdulillah. You know what, I feel so grateful for this semester's result. I truly am! Because I did not give it all out when I answered the question papers. I was so afraid of the outcomes. I did realize that once I entered into a university, the pressure was real, the pain was undeniable, being alongside with smart people killed and it forced me to bring my A game every time I had to present myself.

Where did it go? Confidence, I need you.
I used to be talkative in most classes, be known, let everyone fear for my presence. Yes, there were times when,

Lecturer: Miss bagi markah yang highest dulu.
Classmates: Rahmat.. Rahmat.. Rahmat..

I am not saying that I was good back then but that happened. I certainly, cannot expect that would happen again during my degree studies but I kind of hoping, but why? Please let me know the answer.

I scored 4A's, 3B's and a C. 

First, BEL492.
I already knew at the beginning that I would score this subject no matter what. Anyone that knows anything at all about me would know why is this subject easy for me to score. When I heard about this subject, I said to myself "This is your thing! Go for it!". First presentation was good, I managed to get 33/40. When it came to the second one, I thought I did bad. But when my lecturer, Prof Din decided to comment on our performance, how well we did, she asked everyone the same question over and over again. "You think you did better first or second?". Given to understand that I was so anxious on the second assessment, I replied to her, "the first one". "No, you did better on second. You did Short-term Decision Making. Your introduction was good, your points were very good in fact I gave you full marks for your points. Okay, but you can still improve, huh? Don't be too satisfied with that." She certainly meant that my marks were better than first one! I recorded it. I can listen it to you guys if you don't believe me. :P And Alhamdulillah, aced it with an A.

Second, CTU553.
I had so much respect for Prof Asma' Ali. What I love about her was her unwavering relationship. No one could hate this professor. You know, the first class, most of us were so afraid to enter into her classes because she has this undeniable looks that makes you feel like "Okay, don't be mad at me!". Just a moment when she opened her mouth, she was so hilarious. Ya Allah, trust me! We laughed, we talked, we shared our opinions towards religious matters. I mean, what about ethnic relations had nothing to do with religious matters but we were so proud to be taught by her. And it was so special to be able to work and learn so much from her. And please trust me, she was so so so hilarious during our final class. Good sense of humor, I liked it. Thank you, Ustazah for giving me an A and 2 Cloudnines, you always made your classes so much fun.

Third, PSA420.
Madam Razinah oh Madam Razinah. The best public sector accounting lecturer ever. She made me love to score my paper. The way she taught was absolutely simple, and working. We even got to finish all the syllabus earlier that what had stated in the course outline and we actually got what she taught. Make no mistakes about it, she taught us on her terms. She knew what she was doing. You know, there were 3 classes combined for her class, the best thing was when were trying to get noisy, she regularly said "Okay, diam sekejap" and it went that way for several time, for a while. She said the words then she laughed. How were we supposed to diam when she laughed? Hahahaha. Thank you for an A as well, madam. I love public sector accounting now because of you. You made it simple. Thank you! :)

Fourth, MGT543.
Dr. Pau, one of my personal favorites lecturers. She assigned our teams/group members, and because of that I was be able to know a lot of people from different classes. Lucky me, I was paired with two girls who were not from my class. I tell you something, if she had us to choose our own team members, I would have never got the chance to know and work with different people with different backgrounds. It was awkward at the beginning but we managed to get through all the assessments well. To be honest, since I was working with the girls, I had gone to Kolej Melati (girls' hostel) to discuss our project together for quite sometimes. About the class, it was like diploma years all over again. If you came late to the class, you were going to entertain all the classmates. You would have to sing, act and story tell if that is okay. Anything, as long as it is entertaining. Seorang tak datang, satu kumpulan kena. I was once coming late and I did not want to sing, nooo, oh hell noooo! I told them few stories of mine and they enjoyed it. Only that matters to me. Thank you, Dr Pau for forcing us, challenging us to adapt with new friends, environment and giving me an A.

I think that's enough. I used to update my results only and not to brag about these things. Hahahahaha. Whatever it is, I am so thankful for the result that I had. It made me realize how to prove and mend myself next time. About my pointer, I must say that it is a good start for my degree. I hope to have more for upcoming semesters. Doa aku Allah selalu dengar, itu yang rasa macam nak nangis itu. Alhamdulillah for the result. Semoga terus sukses pada masa akan datang.

Berpuasa Nazar, hari pertama.

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