Saturday, March 8, 2014

Live Blogging: 10 months transformation.


Live blogging is created by me to let you know that I am updating this blog by using a phone. Not once in my life I updated my blog using a smart phone. Live blogging also indicates short updates, certainly it would keep me posting more entries for my loyal fans. Muahh i love you oll! :)

Short update.

Within these 10 months, I want to achieve few goals.

1. Being able to learn more about Islam and any perspectives related to it.
2. Having a great shape of body. I am getting fat now that is for sure.
3. Being selected into Dean's List section.
4. Celebrating the 5th anniversary of this blog.

I don't know if you notice it or not but 10 months from now is the end of this year. So basically, 2 more semesters for me to bring my A game and put a lot of effort into it. Last semester was like a trial. First time entering into a university and fighting for letting myself to be able to tip toe during the studies. So, starting from this semester onwards, I guess I should know how it will go and how am I going to live as well.

And this year would be the 5th anniversary of my blog. I am glad that this blog runs beautifully. I should tell you now that I had plenty of entries drafted. I have the idea but I guess what makes me keep them from posting is that I hate the writings that I made. It is so lame and can be placed in the trash can immediately.

What about my body? This is really getting out of hand. I should lose weight. About this particular goal, I don't want to talk because I will be updating it every month if I had the time.

Til then, goodbye.

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