Sunday, May 4, 2014



Actually I have decided to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of my blog which happens to be on 1st August 2014. The thing that I wanted to do last year but I did not do because maybe I had no enough channels to let my friends know that it has been many years and my blog is still strong. Strongly alive! Since I have an Instagram account so this may be a great channel for me to celebrate my blog as well as to let my new friends know that I am a blogger and writing is one of the things that I really love doing and I am truly passion about.

On every Saturday, I will be posting a print-screened picture or any pictures I have uploaded in this very blog. Since I know there would be no one to read the entry, I will just have to write a little bit of what the entry is all about, what the main gist that I wanted to tell whenever I posted entries etc.

You know, I have selected few of my entries to share on the next Saturdays. As I read back all the entries, actually, I am quite surprised and amazed with my writings. How I have developed my writing skills, how they have evolved, how I have changed as an individual. And honestly I think, my vocab and grammar are getting so much better.

When I started to blog in English, I didn't care what people might say. I just wanted to write and luckily, I knew Mustaain and Anis because they always read books, novels, maybe any English materials. When I read their blogs, I got the adrenaline rush to be one of them. And of course it has been a habit of mine to be a copycat and do whatever they did. So, I started spending many Ringgit to buy novels, I read a lot of books and it brought me the place where I am now. There were times when I asked my friends "What do you think about my English?" They always supported me, always gave me honest opinions. That's what friends do, right? 

As I looked around for entries to share, I read my writings, I realize how big of an impact reading books has made me. Unfortunately for me, I am not be able to write like that anymore. It is just that it has been many years I didn't read English novels, almost 3 years to be exact. Of course, my grammar is getting better because I learn it over time. But my biggest concern is vocabulary, whether I want to improve or is it okay for me to slightly know a small part of English language. And honest to God, I didn't understand some of the words I wrote a few years ago. I need to start fresh la after this. Maybe it has been many years like I said before.

Besides, there are a lot of entries too I really feel like deleting them for good. But I keep saying to myself to let them be, I believe that, that was past of me and it may act as a sense for me to abstain myself from doing or posting ever again like those demonic and maniacal alike entries in the history of hahahaha. They say "people grow up" and apparently, I grew up too. 

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