Monday, September 19, 2016

It'd Kill

Have you ever felt like every thing that you do will never be enough to get recognition but when someone else does it, they get it just the way you do as well?

I know it's a long question but well. We all have gone through a phase when we wanted to be recognized, to be mentioned. Because we believe we deserved it more than any one else. 

Two important things, folks! Maybe what we did is never enough. We should penetrate situations and conditions deeper to be seen by the respective parties. You know boss, friends, lovers or whatever you want to get recognition or attention from. Or maybe, (just maybe) they never care about you. You are like disposal tissues, wipe and need to be thrown away immediately hahahaha. You need to evaluate where you stand.

Second, just don't think about pleasing people at all. You know if you have had it enough before this, why should you try even harder? You will end up feel the way you felt before. So, just stop. You're hurting yourself. You don't deserve that, no one in the world deserves that. You shouldn't feel sad for not getting recognition, you know. I can guarantee you that there are people out there who love you even if you're not pleasing them. 

Just stop! Stop hurting yourself, stop feeling bad for not trying hard. Stop pleasing people. Appreciate them, not please. They are two different things, bringing almost the same meaning. But, different. 

Talking from my experience? Yes, and it's still something that I'm struggling with. 

"Dah tu apa pasal nak nasihat orang?" Eh sebok la kaw! Blog aku, suka aku lah.

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