Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Blessed Life

There are many things that I should be grateful to have these days. I keep looking up to my friends and say that they are so blessed with everything that Allah has showered, you know. But, one thing I failed to realize is that what I have gotten in life. I failed to realize what I have been through, what I have been given and what I have been blessed with.

One thing that I'm so grateful is that now I'm living a good life. I have always loved listening to working people saying " Mewah la gaji aku untuk orang bujang" when I was still a student. You know, how great it would be to have money. It's not only about the money that we have but the stability is what we need. I still remember it clearly, I once asked my lecturer about his pay and he said it is more than enough for a single to live a life.

Well, now I'm living it! And, it's totally worth the time I spent working as an accounts assistant and a part-time tutor that I could save hundreds per month.


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