Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Biarlah Jadi Rahsia Aku dan Allah

 What I can tell you guys is there are a few of my good friends were approaching me last week asking for prayers on behalf. I have always liked the idea how you really want something out of life and find your closest friends to help you out. You believe in the power of Allah, you know He is going to make it easy and provide a way out for you. But, you need other individuals to make a doa for you as well. People that you can trust and that you know will try their best to help you out. I call it double effort! :D

I was approached by 2 of my buddies a couple of days ago. One, asking for doa and advises on relationship. Another one, asking for doa in need to strengthen his iman.

I never failed to make doas for many of my closest friends to the extent I realise that I forgot about my own family. If they came to the point in a conversation where they said “Mat, nanti kau solat. Doakan pasal aku jugak”

I was like, “Wallahi, nama kau selalu aku sebut dalam doa aku”

Boys, in the name of Allah. You don’t have to ask me to make a doa for you. If you had shared you problems with me, I feel obligated to make one for you. That’s just me. 

I wish I could just tell you guys “Bro, chill. I had and will always pray for you”

And don’t tell me prayers didn’t work. Let me share with you a story. One of the mentioned boys above texted me and asked about Solat Dhuha and I shared everything that I know about the prayer. I started to ask him what is it about this that you really wanted to know about Dhuha? Then, we got to discuss our shortcomings about the importance of Salah.

I know him so well! We grew up together, we literally spent most of our youth time hanging out, playing together. We did come to a point when things were difficult for us to grasp. We had our own easy and hard time to embrace life, we didn’t even cross paths for years to be completely honest.

We decided to meet after almost 3 years. Alhamdulillah, there’s nothing bigger than His blessing. The crazy thing about it is we clicked! It felt like it was yesterday since the last time we ever bumped into each other. 

Since it’s been awhile, of course some changes of the way he reacted I started to notice. You know, what he used to do, what he never did, or what he did when I was away from his life. 

But, I don’t want to make a big deal out of it. We’re all adults now. 

Honest to Allah, aku berdoa. And I’d always pray to Allah so that you would perform your prayers. When he asked me “Kau nanti solat, doakan untuk aku sekali, Mat”. 

It took me a few minutes to reply. I wanted to say to him that “Yes, I mention your name whenever I make a doa after salah so that you perform your prayers”

But, I don’t want to. I’m afraid it will lose its meaning. Allah listens to my prayers and for that, it has become one of the biggest blessings I have ever gotten in mu life.  

I thank Allah for this. Don’t tell me prayers didn’t work. It’s just a matter of time that He sends His revelation and mercy to His servants. 

Biarlah jadi rahsia aku dengan Allah.

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