Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5 Science 3

5 SC 3 is the most exciting class that i ever had..
This class is so huge... Tremendous..
We've been through a lot..
Happiness.. Sadness.. Tears.. Joys..

My friends... My teachers..
I do not know how to describe 5 Sc 3 students..

But sometimes my mind kept thinking about
wanna make an alumni..
Maybe 2 or 3 years away..
Kinda cool huh???..
If that could happen.. Woww..
It is just a dream come true..
Try to imagine right now..
" 5 Science 3 Alumni"
I am amazed.. :)

We went anywhere as a team..
FRIM... Open Houses... Jamuan Kelas...
Canopy Walkway...
It was simply freaking awesome..

Here are some pics of us...

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