Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kaki Aku Patah

Last Monday around 8 a.m. I met accident.
I was about to send my mom to her office.
Before that, my mom asked

Mom : Adik, minyak moto ade tak?
Aku : Hmm.. Meh la orang gi isi dulu..

Right after filled the fuel, I drove back my house to
take my mom and send her..
Suddenly, 1 old car got into my lane and smacked me out..
Woww.. I feel flying..
Just can't imagine the way I fell down..
I was so lucky my brother's friend saw what had happened..
He scolded that Chinese old man which I think 55-60 years of age..
Then he went to my house to call my brother..
My brother came and helped me..
Same goes with my mother..

Mom : Ya Allah , adik..

I was in pain.. I couldn't think anything..
Except felt all the pains all over my body..
That old man wanna take me to the side of the road..

I said to him

Aku : No! Don't touch me!
Old Man : Ala.. Cikit aje..
Aku : wtf?

My mom asked him to bring me to the clinic..
I can't walk at all..
Yeah.. Scars for sure.. Bruises and all that things..
Got injection also on my butt..
What's so funny?

I said to my mom

Aku : I thought my leg broke..
Mom : No la.. Just a little bit..
Aku : Yes, it is..

I told my mother that my leg's broken and she said it's not. I knew it right away because it felt exactly the same when I had a broken hand in standard 1. So, we decided to go to Hospital Selayang. This was fun because this one medical assistant wanted me to take off my shirt and I said to her. "Yang patah kaki, kenapa nak kena bukak baju?" Hahaha..

Then, went to Hospital Selayang..
Please! Move away.. Emergency case.. Haha..
I have to take out my shirt and pants.. ;)
Doctor wanna check la..
Hmm.. Actually shirt only..
He checked all my bones..
What? Radius, Pelvic Girdle, Humerus, and many more..
Once again, X-ray-ing.. haha..

My leg covered with bandages and cements..
But only for several days..
Next monday I need to go to Klinik Tulang for a fully coverage..
It takes 2 months to heal..
I will be updating my blog soon for latest news of my leg..
Stay tuned..


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