Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dizzy Dizzy and Dizzy...

Now I know how hard it is to get an offer for further study.
Really exhausted. Have to apply this and that.
Search, online and look up for education fair.
I'm applying for UPU and Polytechnic.
Hope can get one of it.

And about 2 or 3 days before, I've been thinking
to get in back to Parkson.
I really hope for part timer only.
If there is no part timer, I have to take a full timer which means
would I be back at Parkson? No, thank you..
But I am desperate for money right now.
I've got a lot of plan in my mind.
Kinda cool huh?!..

Plus, I thought it will be just ashamed if I'm working there.
What would people says?
"Owh, look at that boy.. Extremely desperate.."

Well.. Excuse me!!..
My executive wanted and offered me to continue working there.
I just thinking about that only.
I'm not sure whether wanna take it or not.
But yeah badly desperate..

I haven't decide yet.
Just asking and trying to get my responds on Facebook.
Full timer ke? 12 hours of working..
Wasting my time.. I have many things to look after.
My cats, nephews, niece, and many more..
My Farmville also don't forget.

We will see how it goes..
Am I going to accept this?
Just pray for an empty space for part timer.

I need paracetamols.. Damn dizzy..



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