Thursday, April 15, 2010

Celebrating My Bday..

Today is the best day I think for this week..
Celebrating my Bday for 18th..
Thanks for Irfan, Syed, Azeera, Wan, Haiqal, Mus, Hudha,
Man and E-bal, Pn Raeshah, and Pn Zarinah..

And don't forgot Pn Raeshah who gave me a Bday cake..
Thank you so much..

I wasn't expecting for any cake actually..
We had fun.. Chit-chatting, laughing and 'lepaking'..

Sorry guys.. Only Mihun Sup..
That was awesome.
Look at the pictures
*for more,go to my wall on facebook*

Gay3.. Azeera controls cute.. jejejejeje.. XDSo kind.. She washed everything.. 'gud' girl..=)Tongkat yg mahal tuh.. =)

Everything was FINE..
Yay!.. I'm happy..
Thanks for those who made this party..

I wanna tell you guys there is no heart feeling inside of me..
I just hope you give me a time to rest a while..
I won't disturb or bother you guys for several weeks in the 1st place..
And I do hope you understand my situation..
Just give me a time in a short while I'll change.
That's my promise..

But please don't blame me on this..
I'll contact you maybe in the middle of May.
I know you guys mad at me for did this.
You don't want it to happen.. So do I..
I don't want it to happen in the 1st place too!

Aku kalau da benci sseorg tu sampai bile2 la aku benci die..
Aku tak tuju kan note ni kt sape2..
And aku tak salah kn sape2..
Aku tak aibkan sape2..
Like I said, Aku xnk aibkan sape2..

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