Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All Grown Up..

Backstreet Boys are an American vocal group..
The band consisted of AJ, Howie D, Brian, Nick and Kevin.
But Kevin left the group in 2006 to pursue other interests.
Okay.. I grown up with all of their songs.
I mean who doesn't know BSB?
And all songs are awesome.
Tell me about it.

*Larger Than Life
*Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

Fuhh.. I started to hear their songs when I was in standard 3.
Until now I still scream out loud when sing their songs..
Hehehe.. And of course after that I'll get something from
my mother la..
I've got many songs of BSB..
In my phone, laptop..
Not to include all the video clips ( Music & Live Concert)
A thousand of it.

I love the lyrics.
Extremely fantastic.

"Now 2 years gone, nothing's been won. I can't take it back.
What done is done". ( The Call )

-Reminds me about SPM result.. =D

"Am I original?. Am I the Only One?. Am I sexual?.
Am I everything you need?. You better rock your body now".
( Everybody )

-Hmm.. Just Nice! haha..

"There's nowhere to run. I have no place to go.
Surrender my heart,body and soul.
How can it be you're asking me to feel the things you never show".
( Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely )

-Outstanding.. ;(

"Go on and pull me under. Cover me with dreams, yeah.
Love me mouth to mouth now. You know I can't resist.
Cause you're the air that I breathe". ( Drowning )

- Love me mouth to mouth now? *confused*

"I tried to go on like I never knew you. I'm awake but my
world is half asleep. I prayed for this heart to be unbroken.
But without you all I'm going to be is incomplete".
( Incomplete )

-It's about love but I considered it about friendship. :)

A. J. McLean, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough

Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely ( LIVE )

Interesting in this video.

-Spectacle woman " to make a cornflake "? ( 0:58 )
- Red shirt girl " will be DAWN " LOL.. ( 1:56)
-Was that mom and daughter hugging? (2:14)
-Hands move.. ( 2:32-2:40)
-Over-rated girls (3:06)
- This was nice.. Long sleeve girl.. hehehe (3:16)
-More over-rated girls.. (3:25)
-Kinda 18sx Old Women.. PORNO. (3:29)

=) Tell me what do you feel.. hahaha

p.s. I'm straight.. :))

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