Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I absolutely have no idea and speechless Russell won
So You Think You Can Dance.
He's good.. I wanna be just like him.
Knowing that you can move is the best feeling ever.
I'm glad he won that.. He deserved it btw.

Then somehow, I've subscribed WWE pay-per-view.
WWE Extreme Rules.
Another victory when Beth Phoenix ( The Glamazon)
won the WWE Women's Champion title.
Owhhh.. I jumped like an idiot and screamed like crazy

when she got 3rd pinned..
At least for 4 months I wanted her to regain the title
from that annoying diva.
The type of match was Extreme Makeover.
Anything goes.. Something like Street Fight..
Beth hold the title last January '09.
It has been over a year to recapture back that precious moments.
Well, at Extreme Rules, Beth Phoenix faced Michelle McCool
in the first-ever Extreme Makeover match and defeated
the arrogant diva with a devastating Glam Slam to capture the gold.

Three times WWE Women's Champion...


Beth performs a devastating Glam Slam on Maryse and takes the count of 3..


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