Saturday, October 30, 2010

I am Down

Over a month I did not update this blog. Do you want my lame excuses? HAHAHA..

Even if the sky is falling DOWN.
- Jay Sean
Remember those walls I built. Well,baby they're tumbling DOWN.
- Beyonce
Please don't give in. I won't let you DOWN.
- Adam Lambert
Get DOWN, get DOWN. And move it all around.
- Backstreet Boys

It took me years a day to find those lyrics. Well, I am down now without no doubt. Serious thought I am ailing now simultaneously with down. HAHA.. Kinda funny, right? I love problems and the way I solve it. Not saying that I like it but it is funny.

When I come across with any problem, no matter what first thing comes up on my mind is that something that need to be thanked. For example, I am going to say “ Ouh.. Okay! Thanks Allah, this is my problem and I am going to solve it” But always not at the last point of the problem. There are thousands of pending problems in my pocket. I drab in it perhaps. I also could not find the answer.

As I stated I like problems are not because I had messed up things but I did sometimes. HAHAHA. No seriously, even though I said it did not mean that I am mean. I preferred it as storylines in my life. My fate and my storylines are the things that made my life. I stand here now because I had embraced my problems even there are still hiding in my pocket some.

The major thing is I do not know the techniques. Yes, I have some techniques in my mind but lame one. So, I need to know the techniques so that I can apply them to solve all of my problems. Did you own your techniques and wanted to share with me? Please! I heard some of you said “ Just pretend stupid “ but that was not what I want.

I already messed up many things through 2010 and made people heartbreaking. I apologize and hope so that we still can be like we used to. If you read this and know that this post is for you, please forgive me. I know you do read my blog.

All of us have gone through this. It is our storylines and fates in life. Just thank to Allah on what we have got and keep praying for the next thing chases behind our back. Take, embrace and stand.



  1. teach me you technique. I want to solve my problem peacefully. *i hope*

  2. yea. well everyone has problem(s) right? seriously I'm sick with few of my college friends.

  3. here is the things.. just text me of u do have any problems.. okay?