Sunday, November 21, 2010

Might Be...

Last few weeks, my friend ( not literally mine but my friend's ) had lost both of his mom and dad. Emotionally he did not lose in the nick of time for both of them but in a week time. That was so tragic for me because if there is only one who passes away, I might not be bothered but if there are two, I may be sucked up! But, I am impressed with his taking about this.

Last night I had a conversation with him. It was never my intention to hurt or make him feel bad. I was asking how did he take when his father passed away then two days later his mom also had passed away. He stated to me that he did not want to show his sympathetic to others but he could feel the lost. So whatever it is, life goes on.

You know what? If I were him, I am going to be sickened and stricken for my entire life. I just can not take it. Sure it is really hard feeling to see my parents are buried on the same day or the same week. This is not really a hope but I do not want it happens like that. Considered that I am quite fragile thing that can be broken anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

But sometimes I think, even when you have paid enough, been pulled apart or been held up, a very single memory faces of luck. We can not expect anything because the one who triggers it is Allah and we can not change the fates with our lost. For some reasons, Allah tests us in many ways and it depends on our faith and strength.

And yeah! Maybe he gave me the ideas how am I going to embrace it if it might happen to me. But I am too naive to apply them when that day comes. In generally, we need to accept it though as a storyline and continue our journey of life. Life is too short to have regrets so it needs to yearn for an end to the pains for this tragedy.

Whether you are a naive novice or seasoned expert, you must be strong for a raise opportunity to explore, learn and grow. However, some people see taking this as hard work. A quest for explore, learn and grow are not an easy task.

It is super duper fine to see excitements or amusements sparkle from his face after what he has been through. Even sometimes he may think about that but I do not think that he needs to show to other people what he thinks or what he feels. So, the pains should be covered by sincere smiles. He imitates his friends so that everybody knows that he is in a well good condition.

And for you my new friend, after all while there may well be many fish in the proverbial sea, only some of them are worth catching and others should be thrown back in immediately. Just take good memories along with you and leave the bad ones. Hope you understand and just be strong in way you are now.

" Death is just another path, one that we all must take " - Gandalf.

May your parents are always in Allah's blessed.
Al- Fatihah.

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  1. Ya Allah. I don't know how I'll reach if I were him. gth dia bc doa byk2 bg kat family dia. dia nk nanges, nangeslah puas2. nti lega la sikit. pape pun gth dia hidup mesti diteruskan n sentiasa ingat Allah kalau dia ade masalah. :)