Saturday, November 27, 2010

Charming Lah Sangat!

Woah! It seems like I really don't have much time to update this very lame blog. HAHA.. It is just another silly excuse because anyone who owns a blog knows that sometimes we are losing ideas what we want to share. So, we will talk crap!

It is so hard to find our own self-confident. Even teenagers nowadays or better way to say is NOW really blow me up. You really think that you are charming, aren't you? What a pathetic human beings you are and stop being horrible applying shit into your life.

For boys, please stop acting cool because you are killing me and making me puke. Stop be proud on what you have got. Just stop telling people how cool you are or how much you can be so that cool. If you are honest by convincing your weaknesses are way better and get very huge credits rather than be the most unprofessional super duper dumb donkey LIAR.

For girls, please do not be too moron. There are 3 situations. Let I show you.

1. When I smile at her then she says " Ouh! He is nice smiling to everyone ".
2. When I smile at her then she says " Ouh! He thinks he is too hot to smile at me ".
3. When I smile at her then she says " Ouh! He tries to seduce me ".

What the hell is wrong with you? Tell me now and I want your answer right in my face. You think that you are too hot to look? I smile at you because I do the same to every single person and it does not mean that I am falling in love with you. Only a retard would think that way and if you do think as well, that means you are RETARD!

This post shows me angry right? Seriously I am not. I do not like the way of thinking from them. But not all of them thought like this. Only for certain people which is wanker for boys and fake for girls. If you think that you are not wanker or fake, it takes you no pain.

Yes sometimes I did say to my friends like I am the most good looking boy but not in a serious way like you have done it to a girl. Yes, you have done it to A GIRL ( I mean a real girl ). I hate too girlish girls. I just want to slap her face when she's looking at boys. Something like her ass has been on fire.

I am not saying that I am perfect but for God's sake please! It is for your own good. You may think that you've done it to make others laugh but no because you are just humiliating yourself. So, I will forever and ever and ever and ever say no to over-the-hill people. Go get a life and grow up!

Most people fail in life because they major in minor things.
- Anthony Robbins



  1. "ouh, he tries to seduce me.."

    hahaaa. Mat, kau marah kat sape ni ....

  2. sape2 je la yg terase n pnah wat kt aku mcm tu.. HAHA..

  3. nak try seduce ko blh? mhuahahaha

  4. HAHA.. jgn nk jadi gila la hudha.. bkn ko mmg wife no 4 aku ke? HEH.