Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Nature

For here, I just want to talk about natural that comes and produces inside of me. I used to have a lifestyle which is narrowly different with my friends. Not to mention that I'm a better or weird person but that's the truth. I lived in a lonely night life. You'd never know it for every now and then.

I'd rather do anything that satisfies myself. If you don't care about me, don't put blame on yourself because I don't care about you either. I know that's sarcastic but sometimes we need to stand up for ourselves to pursue and get whatever that we've dreamed to have.

Besides of that, I'm not a type of person who will always get anything that I wanted to be or have. I have tried and failed but I backed up what I said. If you think that you will be forever failure, you have totally mistaken because if you tried and failed, it's called the process of learning. If you never failed, then you have never tried a new thing in your life.

I'm getting confused between two things ;
- Do the right thing and,
- Do things right.

It's slight different between these words. I don't have any ability to differ it ( I beg you to differ ). To be honest, I took it from management book. HAHA. Okay, let's get it solved! Do the right thing means it's concerned with the end of things with effectively. Do things right means it's concerned with getting something done. I'd prefer do things right rather than the other one.

About myself dwelling in the lone lonely night, you would never want to know it because it's lame. Try to ask me any kind of things and I'd answer with no sense. But one thing for sure, I love to make people laugh. Even though I know how stupid my jokes are but it's good somehow to see they laugh.

I never share my sadness to anyone. What I mean is freaking darn sadness la not just a bit sad like losing your cat or whatsoever related with it. I'd never to instead because it's just a big futile for showing that and no response from the others. You are pathetic as payback. People's living now in a busy world so they don't have time to be spent with you.

That's the fact or reality when someone who closes to you couldn't bear to stand beside and what's more to hear what you're going to talk. It happens frequently if you are the one who will cry so hard and can't be considered with small matters.

What you need to do is just open your heart, just like you open your legs ( is this a negative thinking? I don't think so ). HAHA..

See you later. Bye2!


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