Monday, March 14, 2011

Shouldn't Be That Way

I am sorry for keeping my blog not updated. As usual, I was busy with my college stuff and what's more about my life. Okay, here's the thing. I do not want to spend lots of my time to this entry. I considered that I have a speaking test for tomorrow and need to prepare for it. I'll be reading whatever sources regarding to any topic so that I can get the ideas what and how I'm going to speak for tomorrow.

I have gone a lot of things for this week which I don't want to touch about it. I just want to get something straight. I only have my blog to share with you which I think can release my tension a bit. I still need friends though but now I keep it to myself.

I don't to share what the problem was but I just want anybody, mark my word ANYBODY. Which means I am not talking to you ( I know you will read this ) because you will always try to find my guilty so that you can spread it away. That is what EVERYBODY's thoughts.

What I try to make it clear is that I don't like you to make up stories if I don't ever touch about yours. It's just there are no stories to be made about me. Plus, I don't even care about it or should I say, I don't give a damn about it. It is a futile for you. YES IT IS!

I am sorry if I have done something bad to you. But hey, at least I have guts to try back it up what I have done. You? I didn't see anything. Yea! I didn't see anything. Is that the way you want to back up your mistakes? I guess not.

I'm not mad but I just don't like the way you treated me. You have said that how much of jackass you want to be back like usual but what effort have you applied? Asked for apology? No. Tried to talk like usual? No. Picked up phone when I called? No. IT'S NOTHING!

Can you see the differences between you and myself? All you wanted to have is for me begging with sweet words so that we'll be back like usual? I would have never said that. Drunk or sober.

I called you and what you have said? "I don't want to talk to you again"? Is this the way you want to ask for an apology? Are you fucking kidding me? Is this I supposed to have when I tried my hardest to get things normal? Haha.. I feel like I am fooling myself. SERIOUSLY.

Well, you can have whatever ways that you wanted to have. As long as I don't want to hear you badmouth about me again. If I heard something, I will definitely slap your face. This ain't joke because I think there is no thing to laugh at. You have chosen this shit so lets have it.

I tried my best to get rid of my anger but this is unacceptable.

Let us end this entry now. I have got life to live here. So, I don't have any of my time to be wasted with someone like you.

I'm sorry for using vulgarities in this post. I think this is the best way you to learn a lesson. It's not just for me. It's for everyone that has put their hatred on you. Just change yourself and that's better.

Sorry again for publishing it in my blog. You are the one who posted it on FB first. I AM SO SORRY. And to all readers also, just imagine how suffer myself put my effort and hardest to have things on the right track. Yes, I should be ashamed of myself also but like I said, I have backed up what my mistakes were.



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