Sunday, June 26, 2011

John Morrison And Melina Were In Malaysia

Hello and Assalamualaikum.

Before I get this entry started, please be informed that this is going to be a very long entry with lots of pictures. Please leave if you're not wishing to read and find out that this is not your desired post. Thanks for your cooperation. Okay, let's continue our journey by taking a deep breathe.

Soon after my sister told me that there were WWE Superstars coming to Malaysia. I got to open PGM page for getting to know who're coming. Then, they told me that John Morrison ( JoMo ) and Melina were the superstars. I felt that this opportunity was something that I could never get and yet I better go for it. My family understood me very well and they allowed me to go. Even my mom asked whether it took any cash and she wanted to provide me some. Every mother understands and treat her children awesomely.

Well, last day was one of my exciting day because I finally got the chance to meet and even better, shake hands with JoMo and the lovely WWE Diva, Melina. I went to Sunway Pyramid with my housemates Mirol, Eddie and Zaini by taking train to Kelana Jaya line and bus straight to Sunway. Eddie was so fussy because we're planned to go at 9 a.m. but he was busy with preparing his hair and believe me that he has changed the hairstyle like 5 time. He even took a long bath. I didn't know what he was doing inside! Any guess, anyone?

We reached there at the exact 1 p.m. and we went to customer service counter to ask where's the place of that event. After we're told, I was so grumpy to reach the location. HAHA.. Well, that is me if you want to know. We're so lucky at that time because the place wasn't fully crowded. We still got the chance to have the front view.Basically, I was so shocked! People, if you think that I'm so obsessed, you're wrong. Based on what I've seen, there were multiple of races. There were Malays, Indians and Chinese. Not to be mentioned about ages. I did see parents brought their children and have the opportunity to take pictures. And what the most interesting was the people. I saw there were people who wore WWE T-shirts, brought along their WWE title belts and even wore bandages on hands which has generally worn by superstars.

Then individuals who're managed audiences said that you must purchased anything at Parkson that costing at least RM70 if you wanted to take pictures and sign autograph. I was like really? I didn't have any money because I brought exactly amount that I thought I could survive for the day. Then I got one pass because there were lots of extras. Eddie must be gone crazy asking for one because he wanted to shake hand too. Then, one brother gave us another two passes because he didn't notice that I held one pass on my hand. We looked for Mirol and Zaini. Zaini let Mirol to have the pass so three of us queued for getting their autographs.

They're PGM armies! I am under PGM too but I didn't join them because I had to be with my friends and they have no idea what PGM is. Owh yeah! PGM stands for Peminat Gusti Malaysia. They were chanting " We want JoMo " and I don't find it's overrated. It's so COOL! Sorry for not joining you guys. Sorry guys because I only had one chance to take your picture.

This is the stage where the autograph session is going to be held.

The entrance for both JoMo and Melina. I was the one screamed out loud for seeing them right in front of my eyes. John Morrison looked great as always and Melina looked beautiful. The crowd was too awesome and tremendous because they gave a really huge standing ovation for both of them. I was the one who chanted " JoMo.. JoMo.. JoMo " with people there. What a good moment! It's just that the the one who introduced JoMo needs to learn more about wrestling. When we chanted JoMo, he said " He is John ". We all know it more that just " John ", perv! Learn more.

Furthermore, Melina got great a round of applause too. When they introduced Melina, she did something like dance by shaking her booty. Like she always does on her entrances on live WWE shows. She was so beautiful last day. JoMo took her pictures when she did moves like that. She's awesome and gorgeous in blue.

There were bout 5 people got their chances to ask any questions to JoMo and Melina. This was one of my favorite parts. But the questions that were asking are so lame. Someone asked to JoMo, " what is your favorite move? " What the hell? Can you give him a real question? Something like worthy to know. Somebody asked him what's your favorite Malaysian foods and he answered " Well, I haven't tried so many foods but I like Mee Goreng! " and everybody was like WOAH!

Another part was when a girl asked who're the most competitive wrestlers or something like that. Melina said " Trish Stratus, Mickie James and Beth Phoenix ". Well naturally, it has to be Trish. Annoying, right? Who cares? Trish will always be #1! And said, JoMo's biggest competitors were Sheamus, CM Punk and the one he needs to kick ass was R-Truth. When he said " R-Truth ", everybody was shouted out loud. Yeah! And again, I was one of the people who shouted.

I can't remember another questions because it didn't make any sense in my point of view. Let me tell you, if I had the chance to ask, I will ask Melina what's her thought about our new WWE Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly and I will ask JoMo what's his thought about Andy, the new WWE Tough Enough winner and what did Stone Cold, Booker T, Bill Demot and Trish Stratus see on him. That's the real questions,people. Next time please invite anyone that really loves wrestling to ask. It's just a waste!

See, how long was the queue? It took me about 45 minutes to have their autographs. These people were after me. I had a long queue too before me. It's so amazing to see that I'm not the only wrestling fan here in Malaysia. This was just for people who managed to come. Not to count from other states that wouldn't make their ways to Sunway Pyramid. See, Malays, Chinese and Indians. We are the WWE Universe. Be jealous, people!

Before we got up to the stage, we took pictures of our own. How happy those 3 passes have made Eddie me, and Mirol. Admit one only, believe me or not, it costs RM70. Luckily, I had it for free because I persuaded that sister to give me one. I chased after her to get it. See, how determine I was for getting it. HAHA.

After Eddie knew I got one pass, he asked for another from other person. Quite awhile, one man saw how desperate we were to have passes. He didn't see that I held one pass, he just gave us two more passes. We said thanks and ran to show it to Mirol and Zaini. When Zaini let it to Mirol, I grabbed his hand and ran for queuing up. What I can remember was I ran with enjoying tears dropped on the floor. HAHA..

The autograph session took place. See who's on the picture. A girl! See, even girls were taking pictures and asking for autographs. This shows how WWE has influenced people in Malaysia. Boys, girls, men, and women didn't want to miss this huge moment.

We're tired for standing just like that waiting for our turns, Eddie with his priceless attitude, borrowed the belt from PGM armies there. Thanks guys for giving the chance to take pictures. I so appreciate it. Well, the WWE Tag Team Championship belt is on his shoulder. The question mark who's his partner? HAHA.

These two photos were snapped by Eddie. He was the only one who had camera. So, for safety precautions for it, he'd taken our pictures. Melina was so beautiful and Eddie kept telling me that she looked like a Malay. I said maybe because she's mixed. Not really a white woman is what I know about her. She's bilingual for both Spanish and English. No wonder her real name is Melina Perez. I hoped I could talk to her but security won't allow you to take much time. So, I just shook her hand and went to have JoMo sign. I even couldn't manage to take a picture with her. What a waste!

Maybe my first and last shaking Morrison's hand. I asked him to sign both paper and magazine that I bought when I was in semester 2. I was so lucky bought that magazine and I had absolutely no imagination that he would be signing it. At least I have something to show how much I love him as a performer in WWE. About his hand? Woww! That hand was huge. He's shaken my hand like he's crumpling a paper and it tasted good to shake hands which had punched John Cena's face! I hate Cena. Basically, I don't hate but he'd always be in the spotlight makes me feel that I'm so not with him. And I want that hand to slap R-Truth's face after he makes his return to WWE. JoMo is out of action now due to injury. He'll be back soon.

One lucky butt head! Mirol enjoyed his moment so much. I guess so.

As the rudeness applied by the security guards, it resulted with Eddie's frustration. Eddie has to take his picture with JoMo on his own because Mirol and I already stepped down from the stage  respecting the rules made by them. I can't be mad like hell because they just followed what have been told by them. Besides, there were many people who queued and wanted to meet JoMo and Melina.

When the session has finished, they gave their thoughts and last expressions toward Malaysians. Melina said that how can she can forget this huge celebration with great fans along the time they have here in Malaysia. She said " Look at this " while wavering her hands on the air. Everybody gave Melina special applause! JoMo convinced that he will ask Vince McMahon to have the WWE World Tour in Malaysia soon. He claimed that Malaysia is a great country with special people. Lastly, they said it simultaneously " Thank you TV3 and thank you Malaysia ". I shouted out loud! What? That's me. I was being myself.

When they got escorted, everybody was chasing them to shake hands and whatsoever. I did it too. HAHAHA.. When I asked Eddie to have a video, unfortunately his camera was out. But I had a very beautiful day yesterday.

Lots of my friends asked me to blog about it. At the first place, I did think want to blog about it then I didn't feel like blogging about it. When they forced me to, I think I had no choice except blog about it. I hope you guys satisfy and ratify this post/entry because it's hard to share about something that's long. I had so very much to say but to make sure it won't be boring is the challenge for any blogger in this world. Trust to ask them if you don't believe me.

JoMo said that he didn't think that wrestling is so barbaric for kids to learn. There are plenty of games nowadays are using weapons and everything to kill. So, don't point wrestling how children can be bad or whatever. Melina said that the moves that are performed by superstars are interesting and something that WWE Universe wants to see.

I hate to say this but WWE is part of my life. I love the show, I enjoy the show and I stand the show. So, if you have a problem with it, please hold it because I never touch or even want to know about your interest. Don't insult my interest if I'm not insulting yours!

These are just another photos. Thanks for reading.
Salam and see you on the next post.


  1. Awesome post.....!
    I enjoyed it....:)
    Hidup PGM

  2. WWE M'sia FanJune 27, 2011 at 6:36 PM

    Thnx 4 sharing this wonderful info....!
    I was a bit disappointed for not able to be thr, seriously its a big lost 4 not being thr as a great wwe fan....!
    Anyway Morrison & Melina really rocks....

  3. Nice Pic...
    Good Job....
    Ur article is so awesome...
    Keep it up....:)

  4. Wow i didnt expect to see more WWE fans in Malaysia....!
    Its great to see Malaysians showing their huge support for WWE superstars/Morrison&Melina...!
    The article is also great...!
    Thnx 4 sharing....

  5. Thanks you guys.. yes, I am a Malaysian WWE fan. I support WWE forever. Thanks for saying my article is great. I shared what's supposed to be sharing. In fact, I'm satisfied you guys love it. Thanks again. Much respect for it.

  6. Hidup PGM! Wrestling rulezzz...