Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Things To Be Revealed Part 1/2

First post..


1. Most Popular


The combination between Keli and B*bi..
KEli + b*BI = KEBI..
It came from 1 of my friend.. Mohd Fikrie who was my ex classmate
in 2007.. 3A2..

Then after that it became famous.. I was known as KEBI until now!
5 sc 2 2009 students like Satpal, Mukesh, Zulafiq love to call me as Kebi
instead of Rahmat or Mamat..
The question is WHY? Why Kebi?
Hahaha.. My father loves fishing and in front of my house
there is a river or a huge drain or a nasty drain..
And guess what? My dad will always get a lot of catfish.. Hehehe..
There it goes for Keli.. For B*bi, I don't know because I have no
idea about that.. I saw he was drawing something during class lessons.
Then he shouted out loud and said
"Look here.. New animal was found.. KEBI"

I looked at the picture he drawn and I was like HAHA without
noticing that the picture indicated to me..
Since that time, my friends started call me KEBI..
The most famous nickname I ever had..

2. Given by My Mom

- Chowalit-

My mom said that I've got same curly hair with her former
schoolmate. Hahaha.. And his name is Chowalit.
Kinda siamese right? Hahaha.. What to expect?
My mom isn't malay..
Back to Chowalit here.. My mom said, his hair looks more softer
than me but more curly than myself..
Even my brother sets my name as Chowalit in his contact on
phone.. Well, as long as it makes sense and doesn't hurt my
feelings.. I don't care..
Actually I don't want to tell this but it needs to be revealed..

3. Childhood

- Tangela-

Look at the picture and you can figure it out by yourself..

Can figure or not?..

Who's that Pokemon?

-It's Tangela.. =D

I don't need to explain about this..
- What's Tangela?
-Why Tangela?
-Which part of my body looks like it?

You can figure it out by yourself..

Lastly.. Ingat tau.. Ni rahsia kite.. Jgn cite kt org lain..
Ni rahsia kite berdua je..


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