Monday, May 24, 2010

Mukesh a.k.a Makesh

Sorry about the title. I just feel want to take that as my
recent post.
Mukesh.. Mukesh.. Mukesh..
This guy is good but something is going wrong with him actually.
What I've noticed about him is freaking retarded although sometimes
he is quite matured.
Want to see his silly face? Wait la..
Lets talk about him first and make some points..

Facts Of Mukesh!..

1. His name is Mukeshmahen Vivoganantha. Woww!!.. I don't even have any idea
how to pronounce his name sometimes.

2. I still remember he was saying ' It's going to be the end of the world'..
Considered the skies getting darker during we're Form 2.. Stupid isn't?

3. He is one of my friends who will always repeat my nickname 'KEBI'
like a gazillion time at any place and at any time.

4. Proud to be called as 'Keling'.. Retard!

5. He can't stop laughing if you make any stupid jokes. Trust me. He will laugh
until he can't laugh anymore. I've been watched a video somewhere.
He gone nuts. HAHAHA.. =D

6. Recently, he gave me a message and I just pretending not to recognize
him.. Guess what? He mencarut at me. And I was like LOL..
Padan muke ko.. HAHAHA..

7. Yeah.. With his stupid jokes really made my day. His jokes are stupid
for sure but it's something we've been through in our life. For example,
he told us on Facebook that he treated Nazira. That's funny because

he showed off how gentleman he is ( stupid ) and somehow
in positively, he cares about friendship ( good ). I'm just guessing.
I don't know if he thought exactly like myself.

8. He called me CACAT because I can't walk due to my injury.
I can walk now, Mukesh.. I'm not CACAT anymore.

That's it. For you guys which want to know him, you really need to
be prepared otherwise you're going nuts. I can say he's one of my best indian
buddy although sometimes I say this way to him in my mind..

" Stupid you!.. Go die in a tragic death piece of shit"

Sorry Mukesh but you deserve it sometimes.. ;D
And sorry I took your picture without permission..
Sorry sangat2..
I'm making this post specially for you. Seriously..

Look at his face.. HAHAHA.. Funny isn't?
Well, you decide la...


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