Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things To Be Revealed Part 2/2

The last part I think. Or maybe. It depends if there is something need
to be revealed..
I can say is this maybe the best revealing segment EVER!
Should I or should not reveal this.
I have to because some of my friends knew about. So, PLEASE PREPARE
with plastic bag, paper bag whatsoever la.
You are about to LOL.
And I'm pretty sure you guys won't make friends with me ever again.
And, and, and.. 100% guaranteed about it.
Fuhh.. I've been thinking about it and I really want to
show to all of you who I am in the last few years.

In my Formspring.me

tell me more about you interest in dancing late night with other two of your members like you did in the video:D mamat mamat. HAHAHA" - anonymous.

"WTH?? who are u?.. come on.. no way man.. agrhhh.. OMG!!! who told u about that? dude......." - myself.

Somehow, anyone will notice about this. The conclusion is there's nothing to hide no more..

-Sorry for a very very low quality of video-

What now? You're laughing at me.. Guess what?
But I admit it.. Kinda gross here..
Myself wearing short pants with dark shirt.
See this on youtube also. HAHAHA.
Silly moves ever. Hey but at least I have guts..
You have guts to do like this?
Nahh.. No.

Round of applause and standing ovation for me.



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