Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life Changing

December 2010 would be the most unforgettable year for my family as we had our first brother's wedding. I love to have any kind of ceremony but I do not want to complain about the negatives. For sure big ceremonies like this really took me crazy. It was so hard to be described as I had waded a lot kind of mood. I just want to share with you one thing that took me nuts!

On the ceremony eve, everything went wrong. Every each and everyone in my house got their own temper. And of course I had too. I went to shop to buy something then my other brother called me and asked me to buy this, to buy that. I said I did not have enough money and he said som
ething which is really makes no sense. " Ahh! Kau ni apa pun tak boleh". To make you not confuse, he was saying like I am lazy. Then I yelled. " Kepala otak kau!". Everybody was looking at me at that moment. Omg! HAHA. Nice to be remembered. =D

The best part was when there was a very fat guy who'd laid his fat over his stomach came to my house and asked for a letter from MPS to look at its permission and gave us the right to block the road. He said he is our neighbor who stayed nearby but I swear to God that I have never ever seen his stomach before. I mean face. HAHA. So, everybody in my house went crazy and taught him a lesson.

My sister said " Kawasan ni under DBKL bukannye MPS. Tu lah tak pernah nak ambil tahu".
My brother-in-law said " Bagi surat kat si PRIHATIN ni supaya dia lebih PRIHATIN lain kali".
and so much more. HAHA.
Maybe he was driving over and did not want to make a U-turn. I do not know.

Let us have a look at this tremendous moment.

Attending to bride's house.

Woah! Look at their flowergirls. They're cute. Emm NOT! Hey, they're fantast
ic you know. Emm NOT! HAHAHA.

First time ever I did the menabur bunga rampai. I don't know the name. I'm guessing. HAHA. It's not really
necessary for me did that because I am not married yet. It's proverbial for those who are married. But it was fun! Heh.

My first time on VIP's table. Yea. I looked fat so shut the hell up! Foods were amazing. I ate so MUCH. Shut up again.

My big happy family.

Sunday, December 5th 2010.

My house or supposed to say the bridegroom's house.

Pelamin Pengantin. I said "pelamin" not "kelamin". Excuse me. HAHA.

And this time was their arrival to Selayang. Look at the flowergirls. AWESOME! HAHA.

Once again.. My family. :)

May Allah bless these two young people and give His guidance. Amin.

Sorry for the less talk. I do not feel like blogging as I always do.


  1. eh, muka kau nampak lain lah.

    budak kolej siapa yang datang?

  2. Bkn lain la ecah.. Tp gemuk kan? Xde sape2 pun..

  3. kau nampak macam alien yang turun ke bumi untuk makan nasi minyak ^_^

  4. sbb tu la aku da mkin genuk.. yee.. xpercaya jumpe sem 2 nnt ek..