Saturday, December 11, 2010


I have got my result for last semester and I was not expected to get a such like that. Do I need to tell you how my result is? Sure I won't. :)

To be honest, I could not sleep waiting for the result. I have tried by but I failed. I don't know how to describe my feeling. My friends from Polytechnic and IIC have got 3.0 and above. So, I kept telling myself that I have ruined my entire life. And so told myself "biar pointer rendah, jangan kena repeat!".

I opened my email before I went to mosque for Subuh prayer and yet did not receive any mail from UiTM. As you know that Subuh prayer on Fridays is quite different compared to any day. My heart was beating so fast. I do not know why because it seems like something is bothering me.

I walked home then opened my email again. Owh! The result was in. I was expecting to get at least 2.7 for CGPA but then I scrolled mouse and found that my CGPA was 3.0++ . My mom looked at me then I told her about this. She smiled and asked me to keep up the good work and maintain like this. HEH.

Everybody asked me what subjects did I score and get As but they had given me the answers. HAHA.

" Owh. Must be this and this right? ".
" Don't tell me because I knew it ".
" I know already! ".

So, I think you can guess too. ;P


Okay! I just want to share with you what I did before found out my result.

I kept telling myself I was in an eerie moment. So, maybe I need to do the good things and leave the bad ones. Was that a good tactic to follow so that my result will be blessed by Allah? NO it's not. We must leave that not only for here but hereafter. That's more important.

It's so TRUE to pray as much as we can. Not only when we're dread then we need to pray. That's totally a piece of crap! Alhamdulillah. I never stopped to convey my wishes to Allah. It's worthy and satisfying.

I also sang Maher Zain's song called Insya Allah like a gazillion time. Especially these two verses really make me feel so free.

Don't despair and never loose hope.
Cause Allah is always by your side.


Turn to Allah
He's never far away.
Put your trust in Him
Raise your hand and pray.

Nice, right?

Alhamdulillah and I can't wait for next semester.