Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Like The Way It Goes

Assalamualaikum and praise be to Allah we could meet for this entry. (Y)

I have finished read The Night Of The Solstice novel. Woah! It took me about 3 months for finishing that novel. I am glad I have done now. It was a long long story to understand. What to expect? Fantasy novels are always like that.

What I did was open my heart, my mind and my everything just wanted to follow the story-telling. I need to open my eyes widely so that I can imagine how the story goes. And sometimes, I did think how ridiculous the story is just because the imagination is too over-the-hill. HAHA.

Let I give you a bit story line for this novel ( Synopsis ).

Morgana Shee is a sorceress and sole guardian of the secret of the mirrors, the gateways to the parallel universe of the Wildworld, where legends come to life. But Morgana has been betrayed and imprisoned, while the evil sorcerer, Cadel Forge, threatens to escape from the Wildworld and conquer Earth.

Morgana’s familiar, a magical fox, embarks on a rescue mission, seeking out four special children to help save her mistress. Armed only with courage and determination, the four siblings – Claudia, Alys, Charles and Janie – must find their way through the last surviving paasageway to the Wildworld. But the crossing is only open for a single night during the Winter Solstice and time is running out...

As soon as I read the synopsis of this book, it fascinated me and I immediately wanted to read it. I love fantasy love or magical love and I didn't find myself disappointed by this attempt from L.J. Smith which is obviously she is one of the best writers ever.

The only part of the story I didn’t enjoy so much was the big battle scene near the end. There’s usually a big battle near the end in these sorts of stories so it wasn’t a big surprise when the confrontation began. What bothers me though is my lack of concentration whenever a battle arises and suddenly I find myself skipping paragraphs, reading the words but not actually taking in the story. It meant that I didn’t fully understand what had happened to all the characters but luckily Smith put in enough references to the battle for me to pick up all the important details later in the story.

And the only part that I did think brilliant was when the youngest sister, Claudia found out that they had been cheated by Thia Pendrial. They thought Morgana was asking them to go home instead of being there at WorldWild but it wasn't Morgana. This part located at Alys' class when Claudia whispered to call Alys but everyone could hear it.

"Alys, her feet were too big. Remember when we saw the footprints in the secret room? And they were so little? But the lady we met was as tall as Daddy. How could she have feet that small? "

She's actually not Morgana but appeared like her. She's Thia Pendriel. So, I was like are you kidding me? ( with abusive words ).

And for me, what I enjoyed and thought how good was the serpent in the novel. Usually serpent is like very fierce and big like a monster but not in this. It was so small and had wings ( correct me if I was wrong ). Oh my! I love this book.

Sometime I just read the words without knowing where the story happened. For example in Morgana's room, in WorldWild, in castle and even their own house. I'm completely not like reading it until the end. My mistakes were read it without noticing where did I stop. Then, when I was about to read it, I lost the page and get confused whether I have read it or not.

I did learn new words in this novel which I am going to apply them in
my life. Now I know how long it takes for us to learn languages especially not our own language. Woa! It was a long journey to get it finished. Reading novels could help me for enhancing my vocab.

This novel sequels to The Heart of Valour. I'll be reading it soon but I didn't buy it yet. I have seen it at Popular but I don't think that it sequels to this novel.

4 stars for The Night of The Solstice.

Currently, I am reading Hush Hush. It's a romantic novel and I bought it just wanted to know whether I can get along with romantic or not.

While everybody's busy studying ECO162 for the quiz, I am busy reading this. HAHA. I will read my microeconomics tomorrow and this is not a bullshit.

See you on the next entry, Insya Allah.
Have a nice day.
Happy Holidays and Happy Chinese New Year.

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